Friday, April 15, 2011


Today is a double dose of excitement. One is we are in the middle of the A-Z challenge AND it is Wendy Tyler Ryan's first Blogiversary! So please head over to her blog and congratulate her on a year of informative and thoughtful posts.

My entry today must include these six words: Misty, Mambo, Moon, Musky, Mongrel, Myth. I hope you enjoy it. And don't forget to hop over to the other entries. You'll find them at Wendy's blog.

From misty waters crashing to an unknown shore, a myth is born. His arrival foretold by the moon goddess, Selene, from many millennia ago.
A mongrel child with locks of ebony wales for his mother’s breast. Danae scoops up her son and nurses him.
The island so foreign to her, looks nothing like the Greek island she was banished from by the hand of father, King Acrisius. 
Sand as white as talcum sweeps the beach under her un-sandaled feet. Top heavy trees with spiky fronds sway in the musky breeze. She searches for any form of life. 
Hours pass and dark shadows play behind her. A heart thumbing music filters through the dense trees. Curious, Danae follows the pulsating beat. Her stomach lurches as she inhales the air perfumed with the scent of unfamiliar foods cooking.
Murmuring voices in a foreign tongue increase in volume with each step she takes. A wave of panic rushes through her not knowing what to expect from these people from another land.
Hiding behind a bush blanketed in bright pink flowers, Danae peeks and her jaw drops. Bare chested men and woman with copper skin dance around an open fire. Multi-colored stripes decorate the male faces and backs with only a small piece of animal skin covering their genitals. 
Females adorned in colored beads and feathers clothed by a similar animal skin, shriek, “Mambo!” in high-pitched voices. The beat speeds, and Danae watches with eyes wide.
Perseus cries out loud, startling Danae. She screams. Heads turn and the music stops. Snatching spears the males rush toward her. She screams again.
In an instant a spear is at her throat. She quiets as the largest examines her with penetrating eyes. He lowers his weapon and touches her cascading curly hair. His hand wanders to her shoulder and down the folds of her toga. He lifts the fabric exposing her alabaster legs. The other males mumble. He gently lowers it back down.
From behind him, a female approaches speaking. He turns to face her. She points to the child. He nods and backs away. Danae breathes for the first time in minutes. 
The female steps in front of her. She taps her naked breast. “Chiwoi.” She repeats the gesture and word. 
Danae stokes her son’s head. “Per-se-us.” Locking her sapphire eyes on the ebony ones before her. She taps herself. “Dan-ae.”
Chiwoi smiles. “Per-se-us ... Dan-ae.”
Danae smiles and nods. 
Chiwoi signals her to follow. Danae does so reluctantly. A moment later she is presented with food. Grateful Danae bows her head. She places Perseus on a woven mat next to her and sits beside him.
As the years go by, Perseus learns from the natives in this foreign land and develops into a fierce warrior. He fulfills his destiny as Champion for Jaffa defeating Medusa and the Kraken. He wins the hand of the princess Andromeda and becomes a constellation in the heavens forever.


  1. This was riveting!! I love the opening line. Great job. So sorry I missed this challenge. I love stuff like this. :)

  2. *Smiling*

    Once again, so visual. I want to be there!

  3. Ooh, got tense there for a bit. You do a marvelous job of building a while world that goes on and on with just these snippets.

  4. Very detailed with good images and a strong moment to write about. I enjoyed the read. Thanks for posting.

  5. Awesome job!

    I must point out something that made me laugh out loud though.
    'Snatching pears the males rush toward her."
    What a difference a tiny 's' makes!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Very good. I could definitely see this one too. Really great writing Michael! ;-)

  7. You always write to amaze. and this time was no different. Great work.

  8. Gjo Michael! This was great. I love mythology. The story of Danae and Perseus was the first I ever read.

    Thanks for entering the fest.

  9. I love the opening line, too. More great stuff, Michael.

    Happy Friday! It's wine o'clock in London right now. *slurp*

  10. Great first line!

    This was a fantastic read.

  11. Hi,

    Lovely Michael, and beautifully crafted scene-setting! ;)


  12. I loved the names in this piece. :)

  13. Oh, I loved your story--great piece! I love Perseus' story anyway--the original Clash of the Titans is a favorite... but I've never heard a detailed telling of this piece. Nice!

  14. What a great re-telling of Perseus's begining. It was truly riveting. Great job as always, Roland

  15. Very vivid imagery. I enjoyed your retold myth!

  16. I saw that Wendy had hit a milestone today! And there's no way I could've written a short piece for every day of the Challenge. And all of yours have been great.

  17. An atmospheric myth indeed. Such wonderful evocative images. Totally enjoyed it.

  18. Wanted to stop by and wish you a happy and productive weekend, Michael!

  19. THis is a great story. I enjoyed the use of the words and the imagery used. I look forward to following your blog.

  20. Michael, you did not disappoint. I was mesmerized. :-) That first sentence was wonderful. Brought me in and I didn't want to leave. :-)

  21. Strong characterization for such a short piece; nicely done.

  22. Hey Michael, Greetings from The Farm - I finally made it to you! And I'm glad I did too. Nice to meet you.

    Your 'Follow' button doesn't load right now, but I will be back.

    Life on The Farm

  23. Beautifully rich in atmosphere and imagery.

  24. way cool. Have a good weekend Michael.


  25. Beautiful story. Liked the lyrical language.

  26. Fabulous opening line and great imagery throughout. Way to use those 'M' words, Michael!

  27. Great story! Full of great images - absolutely lovely.
    Have a great weekend. By the way - read your ABNA excerpt entry - WOW! That is some seriously powerful writing. The characters were so unique. I really hope to read more soon :)

  28. M is for Marvelous, oh, and Michael! Nicely written excerpt and I got nervous there for a moment in the middle. I love the tale of Perseus. Enjoyed it!

  29. Great job, Michael. Your use of the "m" words was fantastic! have a great weekend.

  30. A real treat for a Challenge entry. Not fair but luscious!

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  31. Great job. I love your imagery and your use of language. Just wonderful. :)

    East for Green Eyes