Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi, All,

So sorry I missed the IWSG on Wednesday, but I have been in a whirlwind lately! In the past three weeks my life has turned upside down, BUT in a good way!

I FINALLY have a contract on my condo and close on the 21st! YAY! It took over six months but I finally found the right buyer who absolutely loves my place. SO as you all can imagine I have been frantically packing, searching for a new place to live, and doing ALL THE PAPER WORK needed to accomplish these two major tasks. Plus working on a huge design project for a client I had signed in late September.

I must remain in Chicago for another year to finish all my work, but thankfully I found an AMAZING apt, just steps away from my former condo. SO I'm still in my familiar neighborhood but it will be a whole new experience. I will be residing on the 17th floor in a Mies Van der Rohe building with a panoramic view of Lincoln Park, Lake Michigan, and Downtown Chicago. The view is heart stopping from the wall of ceiling to floor windows facing south! Stunning barely describes it. I'll post pics as soon as I can.

I am currently in NY looking for my FUTURE condo now. Real estate is going up, so I need to find something affordable quickly, because by next year it will get too expensive for me. Sadly I can't afford the city, but I found a very cool space in Scarsdale NY, a story book town just 33 minutes from downtown NYC by train. It's a great space that is currently a doctor's office. I'll be converting it into a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath. You know how I LOVE  a good challenge.

I know most of you know I love Florida, especially in the winter, but I am from NYC and it is home for me. It's time to return home. PLUS all the publishers are here and I know for my writing and Interior design work, this is a better option for me. The town I'll be moving to eventually is very affluent. I already have two projects for the future. People I have met on my stay here who have residences that need sprucing up.

I have plans to escape to Florida over Thanksgiving for ten days to do the new Diagon Alley, etc. I've had a tough few years and now it's time for me to act like a KID again. LOL. I'll definitely post pics when I'm there.

I hope to visit all of you soon. I am currently in a Starbucks because my brother's place in NY doesn't have wireless, and I don't like his computer... old and slow. I need my Macbook. LOL.

I hope all of you are doing well!

I'll be driving back to Chicago on Wednesday morning. SO, I should be able to catch up with all of you over the weekend. Thankfully most of my packing is done. I just have the walk in closet to tackle. The movers are coming on Mon. the 17th to move me to my new home. That's when I'll be crazed again, setting up the new place and filling the holes, touching up the paint, and cleaning my condo for the new owner. I want to leave it perfect for her since she doesn't plan on painting. I did paint a few years ago, so it is in good shape. BUT, I still have to make it presentable. I am a perfectionist after all. I know you all can relate to that. LOL.

I miss you all terribly and I wanted to make sure everything was set before I told you all my news. This is the happiest I've been in a very long time. Now I just need that contract for my novel to make life really perfect!

In Time...