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Here you will find custom-designed covers and blurbs specific for your story. I hope you will consider me for your next project. I use original photographs and illustrations some are my own.

Thanks and enjoy!

The Guardians of Iceland by author, Heidi Herman, is a complete illustrated book. I designed and illustrated the cover along with seventeen additional black and white illustrations: one for each story.  If you would like to see the examples of the interior illustrations please click on my link: My Illustrations.

The next is a collection I designed for the author, Yolanda Renee'. I designed five covers for her with a common background for her detective series.

      Julie Flanders's book 

Locomotive wheels screech to a halt. Potters Creek, Alaska is nothing more than a small camp set up alongside the tracks. A weathered sign dominates the scene. 

The Turnagain Arm Saloon 


Only one passenger remains and exits.

The early afternoon full moon peaks through a shimmering snowfall as a shadow cast over each split rail. The wind howls, sweeping the cloak of a hooded figure. He follows   the tracks toward the distant saloon. A hulking man crunches through the snow, attracting his attention. 

Calling out to him in a foreign accent, the townsman stops in mid-step. The stranger catches up and engages him. 


The man disappears under the stranger’s cloak. 

Blood drips from his lips, and he wipes the remaining trickles from his mouth. After disposing of the body, the mysterious figure continues on his journey. He glides through the snow as if on a sleigh, leaving no footprints behind.

*          *          *          *          *

Within a short period, he convinces Vasyl, the owner of the saloon, to hire him. Aleksei charms everyone he meets. But soon mistrust enters every tense line on Vasyl’s face as others disappear, and his wife falls under Aleksei’s spell.

The classic game of cat and mouse continues, but who will win?

Is a mere mortal any match for Aleksei?

A spark ignites within Alexei after yet another of Vasyl’s attempts to disgrace him.

This man knows of me. He must be a witch. Aleksei laughs. You are no match for me or my plan.

A Poetic Collection compiled by Julie Kemp Pick and Susan Flett Swiderski

I also illustrated this book first but the author's loved this photograph

Just for fun, here it is...

Kim Van Sickler's debut novel

Julie Flanders' second novel

A brilliant flash of light transcends through time.

Another freezes a cloaked figure within a frame of salty mist as waves crash against a rocky shore. Her harrowing expression shadows the beacon to a pinprick. 

By the next blaze, she is gone. Only the lighthouse remains.

Hannah’s eyes blink in step with each heartbeat. Images of her deceased parents and Martha’s Vineyard explode like firecrackers inside her mind.

She shakes her head. 

For weeks this eerie woman dressed in nineteenth-century garb has been haunting my webcam, but tonight she stared into my soul. 

Why? ...

Who is she? ...

Casting aside months of research on historic lighthouses, Hannah drives to the coast and boards a ferry. 

What is the strange connection she has to this mysterious woman suspended in time?

Hannah finds out. 

But, it’s not at all what she expects ...

Hannah unravels a century-old murder.

For Julie's first book, POLAR NIGHT, I also wrote the blurb...

At noon the sun awakens as rural Dalton highway is painted on the arctic, Alaskan horizon. Silhouetted against the burning haze, a haunted asylum pierces the never-ending sky.

A woman screams.

A silken voice and a powerful grip to the throat persuade her silence. His classic, Russian features, not unlike the minted image of Czar Nicolas II, remains frozen in time. “Please do not disappoint me like the others, my darling.”

The doorbell chimes. He releases his hold and caresses her cheek. “Natasha,” escapes his lips as he ascends the creaky wooden stairs. A calm hand opens the door. The glistening snow on the front porch pales against Aleksei’s skin and charming smile. 

The callused hand of detective, Danny Fitzpatrick, flashes a search warrant. His puffy, bloodshot eyes lock onto Aleksei’s ...

The young woman cries out, but only Aleksei hears. They will never find you, my dear. This beaten and hung-over man does not have a clue.

Hours later, the detective crosses the threshold and shudders as if encased in a block of ice. The sun drops to sleep and an eerie shadow creeps alongside him. He shakes his head.

Aleksei watches from the peephole. You feel my immortal essence ... do you not.  A forceful hand bolts the door. Aleksei probes his elongating eyeteeth. 

It is time for a new plan ...

For Siv Ottem's debut novel I illustrated the front and back covers


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