Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hi All,

Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend. For some odd reason, the summer is still lingering here in Chicago. Temps in the mid 90's is INSANE for this time of year. But from what has been forecasted, the winter is to be a brutally cold one. 

Once again this is the first Wednesday of the month, and that means another post for the IWSG created by Alex J Cavanaugh. By now most of you know what this is, but for those new people who don't, it is a monthly post for writers to vent out their insecurities and for others to lend an invisible helping hand with advice or just plain sympathy.

This month's question is, How to find time to write in your busy day? Now that is a LOADED question and one that hits home....

Personally I haven't written anything substantial in over a year, just  the occasional post, a few intros, and one piece for the WEP. In the grand scheme of things, that is NOTHING. And yes, I am very Insecure about it. Many times I freak about how I have absolutely no interest in writing anything. My mind has been fogged with LIFE. Many of you know I had bought a run down loft in the South Loop of Chicago. A great space that needed so much of my attention and money. I am HAPPY TO SAY, that I FINALLY FINISHED!!!!! Yes, one year and one month. 

I ran out of money, so I had to do the remaining work myself, which included all the trim wood work, hanging glass doors, and painting. Now that it's complete as of two days ago, I thought I'd be ready to JUMP back into writing. 

Sadly, it does't seem that way. Life is still plaguing me. I need to sell my loft. From all the frustration, work, and expense, I ended up hating this place. I thought, since this was a former Children's publishing house for nearly a century, I would feel inspired. I don't. I miss my sweeping views of the park, lake, and city skyline. I've come to realize, I am a totally visual person, and THAT is what inspires me, not old, brick lofts.

SO, I am on the move again. Stressful, yes, but I am relieved too. I want to be creative again and not just with design work. It's getting old for me. I find it funny, the acquaintances OOOO and AAA when they see my place. For me, it's what I do. I'm a professional. And what kind of interior designer would I be, if my place doesn't speak volumes.

Today I plan to hop around and visit the other group members and HOPEFULLY I can learn how they manage their writing time. The only great advice I have for you today is.... visit the other group members.... lol. I honestly wish I had more.

On a POSITIVE NOTE... here are a few before and after pics of my loft. It was QUITE the challenge. LOL