Thursday, November 21, 2013


HI, All,

Today I am lucky enough to have brief access on the internet and I just wanted to say OLA' to all of you!!!!

This experience so far, has been very enlightening on so many levels and I CAN'T WAIT to share them with you. Like the peaks of this great mountain range, so much has happened, both remarkable highs and incredible lows. The details will be coming next week when I hope to return home.

As we travel through exotic lands we pick up things we wish we hadn't.  I am a bit under the weather these days, but I hope to bounce back with a vengeance. LOL. Nothing serious, so don't worry. I am in good hands.

I am VERY thankful to my buddy's family. They are SO kind and giving. His brother is a doctor... how convenient! One thing I will say about this experience ...

Bogota is a FASCINATING city.  10 MILLION people ... Colonial to modern architecture ... and some of the most INCREDIBLE food you could ever imagine. It amazes me that so many people live here. ON top of a MOUNTAIN RANGE surrounded by more mountains.

AND for those who LOVE coffee .....   YOU can't even imagine. I hope to bring back a suitcase full so that I may share a pound or two with you... I feel a blog hop coming on and there will be a very HAPPY coffee lover!

I miss all of you TERRIBLY!!!!!! I really do feel LOST in a foreign land. I wish I knew more Spanish...

Hugs from your Amigo!


Monday, November 4, 2013


As wisps of wind swirl the falling crystalized snow, the holidays draw closer. Christmas magic ignites the forest glenn.

Sparkling emerald eyes peer through the multi faceted frost. An old family secret with hunger like a ravenous lion gnaws at Ribbon's soul.

A force of unparalleled and breathtaking strength whisks Ribbon into an world of great beauty. A world of mystery. A world of dark magic. THE world of Elves ….

She is followed  …

But, by whom? ...

What does he seek? …

Will Ribbon find the answers?


Will the secret consume her?

Ribbon of Darkness

Decadent Kane

Whoa. Now this has me intrigued. Elves, Dark worlds and a sexy elf. This conjures up all kinds of thoughts. This novella, by author Decadent Kane, does feature erotica, but what a seductive mix. It is written under a penn name by one of our own lovely bloggers, Summer Ross.

Book information:
Ribbon of Darkness is set to release December 13th 2013
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~Summer Ross~
Let's give Summer all the support we can! All the best Summer! Please stop by her blog and wish her well.

Thanks everyone. I hope you all have a great Monday!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Friday all,

Such an exciting time! With all that is happening in our lives with work, family, friends, travel, and of course our beloved writing!

But for many of us, we are stale, oppressed, frustrated, and sad. I know I've personally had some downers this year, but we all must remember to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off. Life is UNPREDICTABLE and FULL of unexpected surprises, both good and bad.

But at times we long for a second chance to go back and correct some the huge mistakes we have made or avoid bad things that have happened to us.

"If only I did ….


If I didn't do …"

So, my question to all of you is … Do you believe in second chances? Is there a time in your life that you want to change?

I'd like to share the story of a frustrated woman who has given up on her life …

For forty years Wilhelmina has nothing but a life time of failed marriages, a job she hates, and an affair with a married man. Slouched in a chair, sipping coffee, she silently prays for an answer.

A bright light blinds her and she is faced with her future self. She offers Wilhelmina a chance to re-do her life, giving her a mission.

Open mouthed and staring in disbelief, Wilhelmina asks her mirror image. "What kind of mission?"

What could possibly be in store for Wilhelmina?

What does she have to do to correct her life?

Time On Her Side

Shelly Arkon

Is this the miracle she hoped for, or, will this lead into a whole new set of problems?

Would you take on this mysterious mission to save yourself?…

Hmm. Interesting thought. But, what a great premise. Shelly really has an exciting premise. Doesn't she?

AND, from today until Nov. 5th, Shelly is kind enough to let us download this intriguing story for FREE!  Thank you SO MUCH Shelly! I wish you all the best with your newest creation!

Here's the link…

Thank you all for dropping by! Please drop by Shelly's blog and wish her well.

Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone! I'm OFF TO BOGOTA, COLOMBIA tomorrow!