Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Hi All,

Time has flown by faster than afternoon thunderstorms in Florida! Sorry I missed last month, I remembered the day after posting day and decided to just wait until this month. 

Thankfully Alex let's us skip a month every now and then. Thank you, Alex. And thanks to all the AMAZING people who contribute their valuable time to the IWSG! Give yourselves a great big hand! "Applause!" For those of you who wish to join our membership, please drop over to Alex's site to sign up! 

As we ALL know, life always seems to get in the way. I have been putting off writing the remaining chapters of MOMMY KAY for over a month now. I often wonder why the procrastination. Yes, life has certainly reared its ugly head at me. But FINALLY the repair work was complete on my condo TODAY...YAY! What a long drama it was from hiring lawyers, spending tons of money, and the final outcome was I had to go through my own insurance company to have the repairs done, EVEN AFTER they entered my unit illegally (without my permission). For all of you condo owners out there, look at your DOCS... they get away with EVERYTHING. Even if the work was ordered by them and their people damage the inside of your unit, YOU are responsible. Bogus, but sadly true. I learned the hard way.

Now back to writing. I know I've discussed this before, but how do we get back into writing with such a time lapse? I know the usual answers, re-read the manuscript, jump right in with both feet, don't think about it, just write... easier said than done. What do you do, when you really lost interest in the ms? I ADORNED every moment writing about MK, but now that I have to continue the story, which limits MK's involvement, now focusing on the daughter's life, I find it mundane and not very fun. MK's life was a whirlwind, and the daughter's focuses more on her drama's dealing with failed marriages and raising her handicapped daughter as a single mother. Yes, this is important writing as well, but it's not fun. How does a writer get over this kind of slump? 

I know I will get into it once I begin again, but taking that first step is sooooo difficult. I wish there was an easy solution. Someone, please have one! LOL. We ALL want to know....

So that's where I'm at this month. Hopefully I'll have more exciting news for you next month, but this one is my insecure month...