Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Hi All!

This year is flying by and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What a crazy rollercoaster ride of a year. At least it has been for me.  Starting a new life is always difficult, but when you do so in later years, it means so much more. When you are young, you "go with the flow" and let life happen to you. But as you mature into middle age, you think of only planning each and every step very carefully. As we all know, LIFE has a tendency to leave hurdles in our way. You find that you are traveling on much bumpier roads than imagined. But, through it all, one has to persevere. Which leads me to my point...

Like with LIFE, one has to persevere with their writing. I am proof of that! I have been writing for the past decade, and I have yet to be traditionally published. Yes, I have had blurbs, book covers, and essays published, but not any of my novels. That will hopefully change in the forthcoming year. Now that I am on my way to my next level of life, it is time to finish up the manuscript I have been working on for two years. MOMMY KAY will be finished. It is time. We all work at our own pace and putting UNNECESSARY pressure on ourselves to "pump" out a new book every year is just too much. Writing is supposed to be a joyous thing. It is not meant to create stress for ourselves. So if you are in the middle of a manuscript and are frustrated that you have not finished it yet, DON'T. ENJOY the journey... Life is too short and we need to live it. I have lost of few friends this year. They "moved on" way before they should have. Enjoy each day. Slow down and take in your surroundings. Our writing will always be there waiting for us. With each new life experience, your writing will take on a new facet...remember the brilliance of a diamond comes from the many facets that are cut into it.  Just like with amazing and brilliant writing, our life experiences will flow into the facets of each story we write.

My journey has been a very slow one, but I am okay with that. When the time comes for my story to be published it will and when it does, my readers will live my story through my words. That is what wonderful writing is all about!

So take heart, live life, and enjoy the wonders that will unfold before you.

Another holiday season is upon us. Slow down, enjoy the time with your family and friends. When the new year evolves, then start it off fresh with a new spark of life.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! May you all be truly blessed and thankful.

I know I am thankful for the IWSG and for the many people who give their time and talent to continue its success. When Alex first started this group, I was one of the first to join. If you have not already, drop by his blog and sign up...Thank you all in the IWSG, WE love you!