Thursday, March 31, 2011


What a fantastic day yesterday! My HP blogfest was a HOOT! You all went way out for this and the entries were FANTASTIC!

For those of you who missed it yesterday, just scroll down and read my entry and then hop over to the others. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

After reading and enjoying each entry, THE most popular girl at Hogwarts is .... Singing frogs please....


It seems a whopping twelve people had chosen Luna to be their BFF! And that was out of 34 entries. You go LUNA! Keep wearing those Spectrum Spectras! I think that's what they're called.

I came across some very wonderful entries, and even one from Heather Gardner brought a tear to my eye. If I had to choose a few favorites, which believe me is very difficult because they were all so awesome. But Donea Lee's, Fred and George is beautifully/comically written, Roland's Dumbledore and Snape, what can I say? another masterpiece, and, of course, Heather's letter to her child.

Now I MUST mention my favorite and UNIQUE couplings ... and believe me I was SHOCKED by a few, especially PK Hrenzo.... you naughty girl, you... GRAB and GOYLE?  Yes, everyone you ARE reading right.

Snape/Arthur Weasley from Nancy Williams ... could you picture Snape? Snape/Lupin from Deniz ... again, could you picture this? Tonks and Charley Weasley from the "Tart"...very interesting trio. Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater from Marie Reardon..hmmmm. Cedric and Hannah from Heather. BUT my ALL time favorite....

LUNA AND MOANING MYTLE!  from Chippy. Now that's an interesting choice.

Of course, there were other couplings like Fred and George(4), Luna and Hermione(5)( in Gina C's case she inhabit Cho's body), Luna and Collin Crevy(2), Dennis and Collin Crevy, Ginny and Luna, Dumbledore and Snape, Bell and Spinnet, Arthur and Molly, Neville and Luna(3), Ron and Luna, (boy Luna gets around), Sirius and James, Lupin and Tonks, and Harry and Hermione. I think that's all of them. I might have missed one.

Surprisingly only on person chose Harry and that was Susan Forbes. Funny how Harry or even Ron(another lonely one choice) are not popular with all of you.

Well thank you all for joining in on the fun. Now I must get ready for the more serious A-Z Challenge.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Happy Saturday! Here is your official invite to my Harry Potter Blogfest. Our favorite "Tart," Hart Johnson has picked the theme for this event.

It's quite simple. All you have to do is choose which two characters would be YOUR best mates at Hogwarts. You can use any student characters from any book. 

Could it be Luna and Ginny? 

Or, perhaps Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet? 

There a dozens of wonderful characters to pick. 

How about Lavender Brown and Parvarti Patil?

Or, maybe you like the Weasleys.... Could you imagine having Fred and George as your best mates? Hmmm. Maybe I'll take them for me.

After you choose your mates, then, all you have to do is write a fun little piece on why and what kind of trio would you be. It's that easy. 

Have FUN with this. Let's keep it between 300-350 words, so we can all read each others work. Sound COOL? 

What are you waiting for? Sign up on the Linky below. Post your entry on Wednesday, March 30th.

Here is my entry everyone. And don't forget to HOP around to the other participants. HAVE FUN!

My heart races as sweat pours down my face. My round, glassy eyes have trouble focussing on a ragged hat, sitting on a stool. Did I just here my name called? No — wait, yes! A crisp, authoritative voice called my name. Move, Michael! I force my leg to move, but it won’t budge.
I see a flash of red out of the corner of my left eye and immediately another on my right. Two firm grips grabbed each one of my arms. Someone’s trying to move me.
“Oy, Fred, I think this one’s stupefied.”
Am I stupefied? Is that why I can’t move? HELP!
“I believe you’re right, George. Do you know the spell to undo it?”
Please know the spell!
“How would I know the spell, Fred? Didn’t you nick some spells from Bill?
“No, George. I nicked them from Charlie.”
“Well, there you go, Fred, Bill’s the brainy brother, not Charlie. Charlie’s the brawny one.”

Why are you talking about your family? I can’t move.
“Who could tell, George, with all the brother’s we have. I’m lucky to know you.”
A rigid woman approaches me. Boy, she looks mad. But, maybe she can help me.
“What’s going on here? What have you done to this student?” 
“George ... what have we done to this student?”
“Nothing professor,” chimed Fred and George. “But we think he’s been petrified.”
A pair of dark beady eyes meet my pale blue ones. A crooked smile forms on her thin lips. “Get me Professor Snape at once,” she said to the boys.
The echoes of tapping footsteps bounces all around me. A moment later they return with a man. His sour face and greasy black hair turn my stomach. Gross.
Professor Snape we have a student who is terrified. Would you administer the calming draught to him please.
He furrows his brow as he reaches into his black robes and pulls out a small vial. Not a glint of light penetrates his fathomless black eyes. 
“I can only imagine how terrified he’ll be in my potions glass. I better keep a few gallons of this handy.” 
If I could shiver, I would’ve.
My lips part and I choke down the liquid. Fluttering my eyelids I can feel myself again.
“You two. Escort him to the stool and make sure he’s all right.
Two freckle faces smile at me as the three of us go to the sorting hat.
And that my friends is how Fred and George Weasley became my best mates. I hope you enjoyed my entry. Please hop over to the others. I know there will be many excellent ones.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi, Everyone,

A super short post today. I just wanted to thank all of you for yesterday's comments. They were AWESOME. It's incredible what all of us talented people are putting up with just to be heard .... and, of course published.

I felt the love yesterday and I want to let you all know how much I appreciate it! You all ROCK!

Don't forget to post for the HP blogfest tomorrow.... I am SO looking forward to reading everyone's choices for their BFF at Hogwart's.

If you haven't signed you there is still plenty of time. Just click on to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and you will be magically whisked away to Mr. Linky.

Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for being part of our amazing community.

Your blogging buddy,


Monday, March 28, 2011


Writing is subjective. We've all heard it, but living with the frustration can be taxing at times. This past week had me thinking about this a lot. Between not moving to the next round of ABNA because of sexual content(which was perhaps a tad stronger than PG) and not making the semi-finals in another contest because of "correct" grammar choices the judges didn't like, I really felt the sting.

Most of the time, it rushes of my back, and I move on, determined to polish my writing until it's blinding. BUT, in some cases, it has nothing to do with polishing; it's just subjective. Reader/judges/agents/publishers like what they like, and there is nothing we can do about it. We ARE at their mercy. I'm the type of person to look at the positive side of adverse situations. This whole experience was a good lesson for me. As I have been reading on many blogs this week, one word comes to mind PERSEVERANCE. If you don't have it, you might as well close up your laptop and call it a day.

That and determination will get an author published. Only the truly lucky, and yes, I mean lucky, hit a home run on the first hit. How many published books have you read that aren't up to par? How many amazing stories, like ours, don't see the light of day? We all know the answers to those questions.

So, for now, my advice to all of my blogger friends ... DON'T GIVE UP! Keep plugging away and get your work to agents and publishers. The law of averages will catch up, and you will see your work published. It's all in the persistence.

Have a pleasant Monday, everyone. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello everyone. Yesterday was quite the exciting day for me. I spent most of the day at the MAGIC KINGDOM in Disney World. Although that was wonderful, it wasn't the highlight of my day. Last night at approximately 8:00 pm I met Christy from erica and chrisy's blog in front of Jellyrolls piano bar on the Disney Boardwalk.

Of course, she knew me from my pic, but I didn't know what she looked like until Erica came to the rescue and sent me a pic of her and her husband, Nathan.

I saw them both walking toward me and I knew her instantly and waved. I felt like I was meeting a dear friend. We have chatted on the blog and through emails for months, and know we wetre meeting face to face. How cool is that!

We hugged and Christy introduced me to her hubby. Such a sweet guy. He was prepared for the constant writing chatter. While we talked endlessly, he bopped to the dueling piano music. A great time was had by all.

By Midnight we were both hoarse and stepped outside into the cool breezes skipping across the lake. Another hug and a bit more talk and I was on my way back to my hotel. This was such a magical evening.

To tired to shoot Erica an email last night(she introduced me to Christy), the first thing I found this morning in my inbox was from Erica and I quote, "So??" Why isn't anyone telling me if you guys met or not? :)" The first thing I did was write Erica an email. LOL.

Bloggers, if you ever get the chance to meet, do it! You will forge and even stronger friendship when you can place a face and a voice with you blogger buddy.

Since I am all magical and in Disney World, how appropriate for me to enter into yet another blogfest. This one hosted by Tessa and Laura. "The Nature of Magic Blogfest." Be sure to hop over to their blogs for the other entries. Mine is from an excerpt from my first novel, Amber and the Whispering Willows.

Nine years later, on the outskirts of Helmsdale, a short distance away from NYC, a young girl  lay in a meadow edged by a willow tree grove. 
Her home, a little white house with evergreen shutters, was located not too far away from Helmsdale’s finest mansions.
Gazing at her beloved willows, a wave of tranquility washed over her. The graceful curves of the cascading yellow-green tendrils stroked the earth. The arch that formed between them beckoned her.
Spring flowers soaked up the sun as she stepped toward the willow trees. 
Streamer-like leaves tickled her as she passed through the entrance. The filtered sun created dancing shadows across the path that lead deeper into the Willows. Amber beamed. 
She strolled toward her usual spot and arrived just steps away from a quiet pond; her favorite place on earth. She picked a purple coneflower, one of thousands of wildflowers that blanketed the pond’s edge. Sitting down upon a flat rock, she noticed the subtle shades of lavender and purple surrounding the dark iridescent orangey-red center of the cone. 
The glistening pond looked just like emerald green glass. She gazed into the pond’s depths as several monarch butterflies landed on her shoulder. How beautiful! Even in the reflection she couldn’t help but notice the bright orange and black colors printed on their wings. 
Another joined their little group; its electric blue markings flashed brightly with each flutter of its wings. It inched its way closer to her before flying away. She sensed it wanted something, but couldn’t understand what it might be.     
The hummingbirds arrived a moment later, circled and landed on her outstretched arm. They twittered with delight as she spoke to them. This young girl had a special gift; she could communicate with the creatures of the Willows. 
She waited for her favorite to arrive.  
As if by magic, a large, shiny, pitch-black rabbit with oversized ears appeared from the patch of wildflowers just to the left of the rock. This was no ordinary rabbit, not only because of his unusual size and color, but because of his eyes of black opalescence.     
“Hi, Jasper!”  
He hopped next to her. She reached down and played with his silky fur between her fingers. All her frustrations melted away as she told him her inner most feelings. 
With each glimmer of his eyes, she knew he understood. 
The sun sank low in the western sky. Sadly, she waved goodbye to her friends.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Welcome everyone to a special Florida edition of Earthly Angels. Something happened to me the other day that I must share with all of you. So next week I will post your comments over the past few weeks.

The beach townhouse that I am privileged to reside at is owned by a very special friend. My parents and Sabrina's parents were best friends. 

I was one-year-old toddling around when my mom answered the door. Sabrina's mom had just moved in and knew another toddler was romping about (very THIN ceilings). Since she had a three-year-old (Sabrina at the time) and pregnant, she decided to introduce herself. They were the best of friends from that moment on. So Sabrina and I are like first cousins.

On Wednesday she had asked me to do her a favor and take her to the bank. She didn't feel like riding her motorcycle. Surprising, she doesn't fit the biker-babe at all. She's refined, cultured, and beautiful. Anyway we stopped off at my favorite fast food place. I LOVE burgers and I craved a BK. Of course, Sabrina just had an iced tea and rolled her eyes.

I relished my burger, fries, and shake, (BAD MICHAEL! My last hurrah... It's grilled chicken and salad now.)

We jumped into my car and had a leisurely ride to the bank about twenty-five minutes. In the parking lot of the credit union, Sabrina shrieks and I nearly jump out of my skin.

"What the —"

"Where's my purse." She frantically looks for it under the her seat and then the back seat. No purse. 

She left it at the BK.  I had to hand it to her, after the initial shock, she remained relatively calm for a woman int this position. Not only did she have thousand of dollars in checks to deposit she had over three hundred in cash. Not to mention credit cards, etc.

Her silence unnerved me. I remembered an EA story I had posted a few months ago, so I tell her about a person from Wyoming found a wallet loaded with cash and credit cards. This person sent the wallet back intact to AUSTRALIA.

She glared at me. "This is Florida, not Wyoming."

Breaking all speed limits we made it back to the BK. I barely stopped and Sabrina jumped out of the car.

A minute later, Sabrina exits the BK. With glazed, she looked stared into space as she walked toward me ... with purse in hand.

She opened the door. "The manager found it. Everything is here and she wouldn't accept a reward."

I turned to her. "Go back inside. Get her name and write a letter to BK's corporate office."

She smiled, patted my leg, and stepped back inside.

At least an hour had gone and an honest person found it.

SO, as I always say, there are EA'S around us all. If you have an EA story, please leave it in the comments section or email it to me directly. It pleases me so to post these stories. In the harsh times we live in, it is comforting to know that kind people are still among us.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


For those of you who don't know, March is my least favorite month. In the midwest temperatures can rise and fall 40 degrees in a sixteen hour time frame. Yes, that extreme. Residents of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, certainly can vouch for that.

Luckily this is my second year of escape. I have had the wonderful opportunity to escape the cold, damp, rainy weather of the north for the blue, sunny skies and tranquil warm breezes of Florida. I can't begin to tell you how that soothes the soul.

So much has happened this past month. Lots of new friends who joined my blogging family. For the first time since I've blogged, I've won many exciting books. I was involved in fun new blogfests that I really enjoyed and was able to challenge my writing. This was good practice with the A-Z challenge coming up.

My piers/friends have given me a variety of awards which mean the world to me ... and yes, I do pass them on In Time ... lol.

And the most exciting of all, I had made it through the first pitch of ABNA. No, I wasn't one of the talented few that became a quarter finalist, but two wonderful friends and writer's did: Hart Johnson and Elena Solodow.

Like last year I did learn something from this year's experience, even with good reviews many of us still didn't have the right magic to move on. It's not our time, but there is always something better just around the corner.

So, for once, I enjoyed this crazy month. Of course, we still have another week or so for more unexpected surprises.

This is also the month for tons and I mean tons of blogfests, contests, and meeting new bloggers from around the world. Check out my sidebar for what's still happening. But I would like to highlight a terrific blogger and friend. Tony Benson from Fireside Park is giving away a few amazing books and is shy a few new friends to reach his 200 mark.

If you're not familiar with Tony, hop on over and introduce yourself. He is an exciting fantasy/science fiction writer who makes you feel right a home. He is married to the lovely Margo,  a sweeter person you could never meet. Imagine having two dynamic writers in one household. So make sure you meet the Tony and Margo, you'll be happy that you did.

As a final note on MARCH 30th don't forget to sign up from my HP blogfest. Click onto Ron, Harry, and Hermione on the top left and be whisked away to sign up.

Have a GREAT Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello everyone. This past Friday or leader Rach from Rach Writes ... has issued another challenge. This time we have to create an entry of flash fiction starting with "The goldfish bowl teetered ..."

If we write in our genre, in my case, y/a or m/g fantasy/contemporary, we receive extra credit. Well my entry certainly has a whimsical, yet nasty, combination off all. I hope you are all amused.

The goldfish bowl teetered, splashing water onto Foucault’s whiskers. Inches from his gleaming eyes, the delicate, fan-tailed goldfish multiplied in size. He pricked his ears and twitched his tabby-striped tale.

The golden scales reflected in his eyes smoked grey, and the long elegant fans shrunk to mere paddles. Facing Foucault, jagged teeth smiled back at him.
Startled, Foucault leapt into the air. The fish propelled itself, opened its mouth and swallowed him hole. It landed in the bowl an elegant goldfish once more.
“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.”
Bubbles formed on top of the bowl as the goldfish snickered.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



This fantastic award was given to me by a very special lady, Donna Hole. For those of you who don't know Donna you should drop by her blog. She is a excellent writer and is always willing to help others. Her passion shows in everything she writes and natural style is a pleasure to read. Thank you, Donna. This means a great deal to me because we are on this journey together.

There are other special bloggers who have traveled with and learned so much from and I feel they deserve this award for their commitment to our awesome community.

Roland Yeomans: He has become such a good friend to me and I have learned so much from his gut wrenching style. Roland writes from his soul.

Ali Cross: What can I say about Ali. Her Ninja army is building every day. She gently nudges all of us to keep on writing and revising while always being close at hand for support and encouragement. Her comments are sincere and caring and she is one of the shiniest diamonds in our crown.

Denise Covey/L'Aussie: She is a pillar of strength in our community. Her Aussie charm oozes out of every one of her posts. She is an excellent writer and friend. She is also one of the many bloggers that has multiple blogs. How does she do it?  (I can barely keep up with one!)

The Critique Sisters Corner: I adore these wonderful ladies. Linda, Heather, and Karlene are ALWAYS giving excellent advice on writing and conferences. I'll be featuring them soon, so look for my interview.  I couldn't even imagine not traveling the road to success with these incredible woman.

Erica and Christy: How could I not include these ladies on my journey? With their funny, sassy, and in Christy's case, sweetly vulnerable charm, these two have it all. The Ericanator stands up for all injustices in the writing world and she was THE person who taught me how to "murder" adverbs and wordy prose. I"ll be meeting Christy later this week, that is if she every leaves the sun and pool long enough to call me. LOL.

Of course there are others I have met along the journey who are wonderful and if I mentioned all of you this post would be two feet long. But you are all in my heart and I wish for you a successful and safe journey to publication.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Thank you all for the great advice I received yesterday. DON'T FORGET to send off you improved first page to Brenda Drake before midnight tonight! From what I've read yesterday the competition is stiff, so make sure you really put a spit shine on that first page.

If you are not aware, tomorrow is the big reveal of the quarter finalists in the ABNA contest. There are many of us who have made it through the pitch round and may be on the chopping block tomorrow. Please, please, please, send out good vibes and wishes to me and our other blogging friends who are in the competition.

If you look to the left in my sidebar there are many fun blogfests and contests you don't want to miss. Mine included. lol. Click onto the badges and you will be "whisked" away to another world.

Crusaders, don't forget you need to post your entry on Rach's blog by Friday. It's a really fun challenge this week and I should have my entry up by Wednesday. 

This has been a very exciting spring so make the most of it!

And now it is time to welcome my seven new friends to my blogging family. I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you.

gbaugniet, Ian, Milo, Knightesshope, Cheree, Lori, and Brooke, Thanks so much for visiting. I hope to see you often.

I also have special thanks to Deirdra for my lovely Fantastic Fantasy award, Talei and Chris for my 6th and 7th Stylish Blogger awards, and to Donna for the the Friends for the journey award. Sometime during this week I will do a formal post, but I just wanted to let you all know how honored and thrilled I am to receive these awards.

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE. May you day be filled with SUNSHINE!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi, everyone. Well this certainly has been a busy week for me. This is my seventh post and fourth Blog Contest this week!

Show me the voice is amazing. Agent Natalie Fischer will be giving several critiques. Brenda Drake is hosting and wants all of us to help each other polish our first 250 words. How awesome is that!

At the latest post your polished excerpt to Brenda @ with contest in the subject line, no later than 12 AM eastern on March 22nd. So you have all day Sunday and Monday to get it perfected! Don't be late. This is something you don't want to miss! There is still time to enter so sign up on Brenda's site here. Oh, this must be an excerpt from you COMPLETE ms: any genre.

I would also like to wish Brenda A wonderful Birthday! I know it's not until the 22nd, but it is the weekend before the big day .... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENDA!!!!!

My entry is from my newest novel The Blinded Gardener. If you'd like to read more check out my top ABNA link.

Name: Michael Di Gesu

Title: The Blinded Gardener

Genre: Y/A Contemporary
Chapter One

Meeting Danny changed the only life I knew: a breathing punching bag.
Once again, I found myself at a new school; the third in two years. It sucked having a dad in the military. 
The final bell rang. Alone, I wandered the hall until I heard someone approach from behind me. I turned and spotted a blonde guy walking up the center of the hallway. He seemed unaware of me. Long bangs fell over his eyes as he loped past me with a kind of natural ease.
Maybe he can help me out? “Hey, dude. Could you tell me how to get to room 305?”
A slight curl formed on his lips as he faced me. He tossed his head. Platinum fringe shifted to the side and revealed freakish blue eyes that stared at me unfocused.

“I’m heading that way.” His deep voice held a trace of a southern accent. He turned and continued his long strides. 
I envied his height: well over six feet and me a few inches under. 
I rushed to catch up to him. 
“What’s your name?” His hand overshot the bannister. Swiping again he made contact and then climbed the stairs.
At the top, he hung a right and grazed his shoulder on the wall. “Damn it,” he muttered. 
He coasted down the hall and stopped midway. “Here you are.” He faced me and lowered his head. By the way, I’m Danny.” He turned and walked away,
I shook my head and wondered. What’s his deal?

I hoped you enjoyed this excerpt. I would appreciate any suggestions for improvements. Thanks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Happy Saturday! Here is your official invite to my Harry Potter Blogfest. Our favorite "Tart," Hart Johnson has picked the theme for this event.

It's quite simple. All you have to do is choose which two characters would be YOUR best mates at Hogwarts. You can use any student characters from any book. 

Could it be Luna and Ginny? 

Or, perhaps Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet? 

There a dozens of wonderful characters to pick. 

How about Lavender Brown and Parvarti Patil?

Or, maybe you like the Weasleys.... Could you imagine having Fred and George as your best mates? Hmmm. Maybe I'll take them for me.

After you choose your mates, then, all you have to do is write a fun little piece on why and what kind of trio would you be. It's that easy. 

Have FUN with this. Let's keep it between 300-350 words, so we can all read each others work. Sound COOL? 

What are you waiting for? Sign up on the Linky below. Post your entry on Wednesday, March 30th.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!

*             *            *            *            *             *            *

Do you have that Y/A or M/G two line pitch perfected? Hop over tho YATOPIA The Teen Lit Haven for an awesome contest.... Heres the link: enter ... Don't miss out!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone. As you know Fridays are now EARTHLY ANGELS DAY! So if you are a new friend, welcome to my weekly post. Earthly Angels are people who come into our lives and show us a true kindness. They are the good Samaritans who are among us.

Today I am featuring a very special lady. One of our favorite blogger friends posted this on his blog a while back and I remembered it and wanted to feature Roland Yeoman's Earthly Angel, Sandra Thrasher.

Roland says: 

"There are so many people who were and are beacons in my life. But one stands out like a lighthouse on a desolate, storm-tossed shore ... my best friend, Sandra Thrasher.

We all find ourselves in the dreaded Valley of the Shadow at some point in our lives.

I lived there for a short time. It only felt like an eternity.

My mother was dying in the hospital. My book store was dying, too. I had walking pneumonia. Three times someone poured sugar in my gas tank in the Mall parking lot.

Three cars gone. I was reduced to walking to my home, the hospital, and to my Mall store on foot in the worst December in Louisiana memory.

My mother died one lonely night as I sat coughing by her bedside.

I had no money to bury her. No insurance company would cover Mother in her last years with her bad heart.

Poetically, an ice storm shut down the entire city the next day. I sat in a frozen world in my dark, powerless home, shivering and coughing and crying.

I felt as alone as if I were prisoner in a frozen Hell.

There was a knock on my door. Sandra Thrasher. My best friend and fellow Mall store owner was on the porch. Think Bette Midler with pepper and salt hair. She walked in, hugged me, and whispered,

"You're not alone."

From that moment on, I wasn't.

Hurting financially herself, she still used her last untouched credit card to take care of my mother's arrangements. She dragged me to the doctor and got the medicine I could not afford. She gave me a used car.

And though it took long months, she taught me to laugh again.

She led me through the Valley of the Shadow. I shall forever be in the debt of Sandra Thrasher, my best friend, who showed me what wonders one caring heart can accomplish in the life of another person.

She was the wind beneath my bruised wings ..."

Sandra truly is one in a million. Thank you, Roland for sharing you story with us.

DO you know of an Earthly Angel? I most certainly want to know and so do my blogger friends. Please leave your story in the comments or email me directly.

*             *              *              *                *                *  

Now on to the blogfest. I heard from Hart Johnson and she came up with a brilliant idea for my HP blogfest.

Are you ready? I know all you HP freaks are on the edge of your seat....

Which two characters would you want for your BFF, AND what kind of  trio would you be? Isn't this GREAT! Thank you Ms. Tart for your nakedness that brought on this blogfest! Have your entry posted on Wednesday March 30th. We need something fun for HUMP day!

Who will be the first to enter after me ...