Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well, we finally made it to the end of the A-Z Challenge. 26 post in 30 days was quite the challenge for sure. I hope you all enjoyed my flash fiction stories as much as I had writing them. I must admit it was taxing at times. Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I appreciate and admire you all.

I would also like to thank you for the WONDERFUL birthday wishes! You guys ROCK! I had a great day in Epcot and the weather was perfect. And now for my final Z post. This one should be easy to guess, but many probably never knew the story from the beginning. I know I didn't until I did the research. I hope you all have an incredible weekend. I will see you all on Monday.

The heavens swirled, the oceans churned, and the winds carried messages across the globe of Mother Earth’s new born child: a deity of tremendous power. 
Cronus bent the Titans to his will and reigned over Earth with a iron fist.
Gala foresaw a shift in power. She informed her son. “Beware, a child of yours will over power you and become ruler Olympus.”
Cronus’ wife, Rhea bore her first child, Hestia, whom Cronus swallowed whole. “No child of mine will over rule me!” he bellowed.
Distraught over the lose of her child, Rhea seduced her husband and vowed to protect her unborn child. Powerless against his tyranny, Cronus devoured Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. 
In desperation, Rhea concocts a potion and bedded with her husband. Unknown to him she bore the child in secret.
Raised by a loyal nymph, the baby grew up to become a strong and powerful god. He returned to mount Olympus and confronted his father. With one swift switch of his blade, he cut open his father’s stomach and released his siblings.
Now powerless, Cronus’ son released all his father had imprisoned, The GIgantes, Cyclopes, Hecatonchires, and all Cronus’ siblings. 
With his new found allies and acquired knowledge of creating lightning bolts, He waged war on the remaining Titans. 
Overthrown, He banished the them to Tarturus to be punished for eternity guarded by the Gigantes. Because of his strong alliance to Cronus, He singled Atlas out  to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders forever.
Zeus crowned himself king of Olympus and the lord of the sky, and then delegated to his brothers Poseidon and Hades, rule of the oceans and the Underworld.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Today I step over to another decade in my life. I have learned many many things over the course of my like and I hope to learn even more in my remaining years. If we don't keep learning and growing we will become stale and obsolete. So my advice to all of you my wonderful blogging friends, keep your minds and hearts open, so we can all grow together.

As promised in yesterdays' post I have a scrumptious birthday cake for all of you to partake in. There is enough plenty for everyone and even seconds so did in! You will not gain an once! Happy birthday to my fellow Taurus' and for the others who share my birthday. I know of at least four others. I also have another charming flash fiction piece for you. Take a piece of cake and I hope you enjoy reading it as you are munching. Only one more A-Z post left.... 

Here's you piece!

Moist, humid air surrounds a treeless lake where a delicate fairy plants the tiniest of seeds into the fertile ground. Bright sunlight illuminates the platinum in her hair. She flutters to another spot a few feet away from the first and plants another seed.
She looks up in wonder at the sheer expanse of the shimmering water. “Why me?” Her eyes dart across the water. “This is such a monumental task for one little fairy,” she squeaks.
As brilliant orange, pink, magenta, and indigo streaks the sky, the fairy smoothes her hand over the final seed. “Until tomorrow.” She wipes her dirty hands on her muddy tunic and buzzes toward her home in the tropical forest located a few miles away.
Hours later, a band of light pierces the sky as the tiny fairy lands at the edge of the lake. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out an ancient reed punched with five holes.
“Oh Mother Earth please except my song,

My kind has played this reed so long.

For it is a fairy’s destiny,

My heart is humbled as you can see.”

She lifts the reed and plays a high-pitched tune. Over and over the melody never falters as one by one each seed sprouts a fine emerald stem.

Upon each minute the sprout grows strong and thickens with a dark, gnarly bark. Wooden fingers stretch to the sun as thousands of bright emerald leaves pop into sight.
A proud smile crosses her face, and with the last blow, bright, lemon-yellow petals twist and curl into a star. She drops the reed back into her pocket and inhales a cleansing breath. An intoxicating aroma, similar to Jasmine, wafts through the trees.
A buzzing sound echoes across the lake. The fairy watches with determination as her mentor approaches. She inspects every bark, branch, and petal. With a motherly smile, she flits over to the little fairy.
“My dear, no Ylang Ylang tree grove has ever looked or smelled sweeter. You pass!” 

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Happy X day everyone. This letter by far is the most challenging. With only two more posts left of the challenge the difficulty level rises. But first, I would like to thank Brooke Busse for hosting interviews with our group from Rach's Crusader challenge all month. Today she is featuring me.... blushing.... So if you have a chance hop over to paper mountain.

I would also like to invite all of you to my birthday bash tomorrow featuring DE-LI-CI-OUS virtual cake. How fun that  Y will be featured on my birthdaY.... other memorable events tomorrow. Kate and Williams wedding AND the final shuttle launch at the Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Plus I'd like to wish Happy Birthday to all the Taurus' this month!

I hope you enjoy another mythical entry.

A fine mist caresses a mountain spring as a lonely nymph’s voice coasts on zephyr winds. Orchids, wisteria, and birds of paradise soak in Orseis’ melodic tones.
Approaching on a glistening white stallion, the king of Phthia pulls the reins and slows to a stop. He cups his ear, listening to the captivating siren.
Off in the distance shimmering light glistens on emerald leaves. He dismounts, weaving his way on foot. Peaking behind a mighty oak, the vision overpowers him. A creature of exquisite beauty locked her violet eyes on his.  Blinded, he passed out, falling onto the hard ground.
Orseis giggled and dances over to the unconscious king. Waving her delicate arm, an opalescent mist envelops them and she kisses him on the lips. Their bodies glow in rapture. 
For the first time in the northern Greek province of Thessaly a king was born: Xuthus, King of the Peloponnesus.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We are down to the final posts of the A-Z challenge. I would like to thank all my loyal friends old and new. You have been wonderful commenting with such blog love and affection. I just want you ALL to know just how much I appreciate it.

Here is another intriguing excerpt from my first novel. I hope you all enjoy it. At the end is another a debut illustration from the book...  

An unexpected icy wind blew. The hummingbirds took flight and disappeared. Amber shivered, weakening and feeling faint. What’s happening? Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something flutter — it was the strange electric blue monarch. 

“This is the second time you watched me. What do you want?” 

The butterfly beat its wings. It spun with lightning speed and came to an abrupt stop. A little fairy with electric blue hair and wings faced her, smiling.Amber stared in shock.

“Aaaamberrrr,” the fairy breathed, and then she buzzed off in a flash of blue. 

Amber shook her head not believing what had just happened. She still felt a bit queasy. Did I just see a real fairy? 

Something rustled beside her within the wild flowers. Two black opalescent eyes sparkled. 

“Jasper! I’m so happy to see you.” 

He hopped onto the rock next to her.

“Oh, Jasper, I’ve got to tell you how crazy it’s been these past few weeks.” She told him about Nina and Mrs. Landau’s gifts and about the time the gale force wind blew up the ballet studio. 

Jasper raised his long ears; he almost looked as if he was smiling. 

Amber told him about her dream. His eyes grew large. Anger appeared in them and it frightened her. He lowered his ears and flashed his eyes.

“Jasper, a few minutes before you arrived, an icy wind blew and then this butterfly turned into a fairy. Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

He jumped off the rock and viewed his reflection in the pond. Jasper signaled Amber to join him. It looked like it always did, like clear emerald glass. Amber peered into the pond. A woman’s crystal blue eyes reflected back at her and she smiled. 

Amber almost fainted. 

After regaining her strength, Amber glanced at the woman and realized without a doubt that the beautiful woman had to be her mom.

“Jasper, I don’t understand. What’s happening?” 

The water rippled, returning Amber’s reflection. “Please don’t go!” Amber pleaded. 

“In time,” whispered  through the trees on invisible wings.

“In time?” she muttered. She looked at Jasper, searching for answers. She didn’t know what to make of it.

Amber sat for a few moments and collected her thoughts. Why did my mom appear in the pond and not in person? I don’t understand.

Jasper nudged her. Out of habit, she stroked his fur. Its softness felt soothing, she wanted to stay longer, but it was time to go.  

Amber found herself in front of her house, but didn’t remember walking home. As she stepped up the drive, tears flowed down her cheeks. It’s time for some answers.

Amber viewing her mother for the first time... another of my chapter illustrations for Amber and the Whispering Willows.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi all,

A little late getting back from a family Easter on the west coast of Florida. So today's post is a bit later. I'm sorry I haven't been around. My cousin doesn't have roaming internet service in her house. Today I am hoping to play catch up this morning. Here is a Vivacious tale.

Inhaling the final breath, a tattered woman released a high C note from her slim throat and shattered a wine glass which sat upon an occupied table. The supper club owner waved her off stage with an agitated gesture.
“No. No. We ‘ave no use for a soprano singer ‘ere.” He cleared the broken glass from his plate and continued to eat his lunch.
She lowered her head and dragged herself off stage. As she opened the door, a damp wind ripped into her from the rainy streets of Paris. Not quite remembering the last meal she ate, the starved woman walked the lonely streets block after block. Her meager coat absorbing each drop falling from the sky.
Upon entering at a sooty, broken down building, she barely climbed the six flights of stairs to her room. With a shaky hand, she pulled out a large, brass key, opened the creaky wooden door, and collapsed onto the bed.
A cockroach the size of a half-eaten breadstick scurried across her chest. Shrieking, “I have had enough of this!” she scooped up the crunchy insect,
Staggering out the door with little hope for her plan, she managed to get down he stairs and walk to the nearest bistro.
The wafting aroma of beef bourgeon overpowered her senses as the host escorted her to a linen-clothed table for two. She ordered a glass of red wine to calm her nerves. A whirlwind of activity buzzed around her as the waiter placed the wine on the table and waited to take her order.
After a deep sip, “Le boeuf bourgeon, si vous plait,” escaped her lips.
“Qui, Mademoiselle. Tout suite!” He raced away.
She stared around the room and glanced at the handsome middle-aged man a few tables away. He lifted his glass of wine to her and smiled. She blushed and lowered her eyes. Still smiling, he stood and stepped over to her.
“May I join you, Mademoiselle?” I heard your beautiful voice and Chez Lui earlier today.”
She looked up with widened eyes.
“I just happen to be waiting to speak with Monsieur Lui as you auditioned.”
“Oh, I see. Very well, please sit down Monsieur?”
“Todd. But, please call me Toddy ... everyone does.” He took the seat across from her. 
The waiter arrived, placing the entree in front of her. Toddy nostrils flared. “It smells delicious.” He locked his eyes on hers. “May I be so forward as to ask you something?” 
She nodded.
“When I saw you this afternoon, it looked as if you were down to your last franc, How on earth can you afford this place?”
After swallowing her first bite, she paled. “I can’t. But I have a plan.”  She smirked and explained about the little friend she had in her purse. “Just as my salad is served, I will drop it in.”
Toddy laughed. “That’s the oldest trick in the book. Do you really think you can get away with it?”
“This is no ordinary bug, I assure you.” She caught him eyeing her dinner. “Are you hungry?”
He blushed, then nodded. 
“Please, by my guest. Order anything you wish. I highly recommend the boeuf bourgeon. Garcon!”
“Well, if such a charming Mademoiselle is offering to buy me dinner, I would like to know her name.”
She beamed. “Victoria. Victoria Grant.” 
Well friends this is the beginning of the incredibly funny and charming story Victor Victoria. A woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman in order to make a living in 1930’s Paris. I hope you enjoyed my version. If you haven’t seen this movie, do so, it is HYSTERICAL!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter. Today marks the final week in the A-Z challenge. I for one am happy that this challenge has been such a successful one. Over one thousand of us have maintained the challenge posting exciting and usual entries. Today will be another mysterious mythological hero. I hope you enjoy it.

I was destined to be a hero and King of Ithaca at my birth. Protected by the the goddess  of wisdom, Athena, I often found solutions to extremely difficult problems. One in particular troubled my people for decades.
I like so many others was in love with the incredibly beautiful, Helen. After her arranged marriage to Menelaus and giving birth to a child, she fell in love with the handsome and charming, Paris, and was whisked away while her husband visited Crete to attend to a funeral amongst other things. 
After a world-wind romance Helen and Paris eventually arriving in Troy, the city fell in love with her including Paris’ father, Priam. 
Upon returning to Sparta, Menelaus learned of his wife’s infidelity and outraged banded all of Helen’s former suitors to rescue her from the clutches of Troy, vowing to kill her. On our treacherous journey to Troy, it was I who had formed the plan. A plan so simple, yet no one believed it could work. After weeks of convincing Menelaus, we began to build.
Scurrying the terrain for trees, the greek heroes and myself constructed a two story-horse under the watchful eyes of Trojans. In several weeks our mission was complete. 
Offered to Priam as a gift to end this decade long war, the un-penetrable gates of Troy finally opened. 
To their utter surprise and shock, we jumped out from the beast’s belly and rescued Helen. Trying so desperately to have his revenge on her, Menelaus could never harm a daughter of Zeus.
I left to travel back home to Ithaca which took another long ten years. I had many adventures on the way back, which have been immortalized in the pages of Homer’s Odyssey. Of course in his works, I was known as Odysseus. But many know me by my more famous Roman name, Ulysses.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Happy Saturday all. Well it's the end of another exciting week in the A-Z challenge. Only one more week and we made it through this years challenge! My entry today is about a legend. Let's see if you can guess who this person is. What a character! I hope you enjoy it.

Dahling. Although I have been long dead, I will never be forgotten. As a senator’s daughter, my creativity was stifled and I was a shadow to my gorgeous older sister, who got all the attention. Could you imagine doing cartwheels just for a pat on the back? 
Well, dahling, luckily by my fifteenth birthday in 1917, I blossomed into a ravishing beauty. My older sister married and I was free. Father dragged me to washington which was so not me. 
Then dahling it happened, I saw an opportunity and I pounced on it. I sent my photo into a magazine contest to win a a part in a movie filming in New York. Could you believe I forgot to put my name and address on the back? Here I am at the local drug store and I see my picture splashed on a magazine cover with the caption “Who is she?” 
Chaperoned by my aunt Louise, I arrived at the Algonquin Hotel in 1918, the only place to be dahling ... where the creme de la creme of actors, artists, and cultural elite meet. 
I wanted to experience everything dahling, and I did! At eighteen auntie took a hike and I moved into an apartment with my friend Bijou Martin. Lord did that girl know how to party. Only the best cocaine and marijuana, not to mention the hundred cigarettes a day I inhaled! I never drank because I promised father I wouldn’t.
I acted as I pleased and said anything to shock people. I remember this one party, dull as doornails and the hostess mentioned the subject of rape. Then I just happen to blurt out that "I was raped in our driveway when I was eleven. You know, dahling, it was a terrible experience because we had all that gravel." You could well imagine how the party picked up then ...
As much as I adored the New York scene, my career just sat there like a dead tortoise. I decided to go to this divine astrologer and she told me, "Your future lies across the water. Go if you have to swim." We, dahling, as luck would have it, I received a telegram from this fabulous London theatre director. He recommended me to play a pivotal role in Gerald Du Maurier’s play THE DANCERS.
London was my future. Toasted all over town my fans chanted the moment I stepped on stage, “Tallulah! Tallulah! Tallulah!”

Friday, April 22, 2011


It's Friday and almost the end of another exciting week of the A-Z challenge. And I can honestly say, it has been a challenge for me. To come up with something that teases the senses is no easy feat each day. So today I asked for a little help from a mysterious creature. I hope you will love him as much as I do. But he is a tad full of himself.

WHAT! I think not ...
Good day humans. 
Please let me introduce you to my sheer awesomeness. Am I not clever to adapt to your lingo although I am millennia old. Actually, I was discovered by the ancient Greeks, but they never saw the real me.
Are you intrigued? I certainly hope so. 
My kind are everywhere. We brought heat in the form of fire to the first humans and taught them how to create it ... which they still need our help, of course. We are responsible for nature’s electricity, explosions, and volcanos.
Although we spend time underground, when we surface we love to flick our tails and dance with the flames.
We stimulate heat, passion, and desire in humans for without our influence the world would be a cold, dark, and unfeeling place. A human who has a close affinity with us is stimulated spiritually and will have great faith and enthusiasm. A fiery personality ... so to speak. We stimulate so many other things as well ....  Drama anyone? Or, how about high aspirations? We push and prod for maximum effect.
Ignore us and you will manifest a lack of faith, distrust everyone, and become the worst possible pessimist. Ebenezer Scrooge ignored us for decades until he saw the light. It took more than a lump of coal to burn a fire under his saggy butt. HA! Oh, I am so witty. 
Yes, I am well aware he’s a fictitious character but the point is still a fabulous one. Don’t you agree? 
By now you must have guessed I am a fire elemental. If not, then you need me more than ever. 
Now I do bear an ever so slight resemblance to an earth creature. You already know that I like to flick my tail. Need another clue? Well, If you insist, just one more. You humans are not the swiftest creatures. For centuries I have been compared to an amphibian with the same name I carry.
AND, if you have been paying attention to today’s letter, you should have guessed.
Yes — it is I, you’re sinewy, sensuous, and sexy friend the Salamander! 


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Another exciting challenge for today. The letter R conjures up so many words. What will today's post reveal? You must read and find out. Today's is a bit longer so I hope you enjoy it. 

I just would like to welcome and say a quick hi, to my new friends who joined my blog family this week. They are: Sue, Marjorie, Whitney, Bob, Josh, Vanessa, Marsha, Grandpa, L. G., Heather, Hilary, Melissa, Monti, and Joanna. I can't wait to get to know all of you better.

Sweat pours down a young maiden’s face with each turn of the spinning wheel. She wipes a bead of sweat trickling down her forehead. “This is impossible. My father and his big mouth!” A tear caresses her cheek as it slides down her delicate features.
Late into the night, a funny looking gnome appears before her wearing an impish grin. She jumps back, landing on the stone floor covered in straw. “W-who o-or w-what are you sir?” she asked in higher octave than her normal voice.
Still grinning, the creature, no higher than her knee speaks in a gravely voice. “I am here to help you fair maiden.” He smiles, revealing chipped yellow teeth.
“No one can help me. My task is impossible to achieve,” she said, tears streaming down her pale skin.
“I am capable of anything, Miss. Your necklace for payment, and I will do as you ask.”
Wide eyes stare in disbelief at the horrid creature. “Very well. If you can spin all this straw into gold, I will give you my mother’s necklace. It means everything to me, but my life is more important.”
With nibble fingers he spins the wheel creating gold with each new strand of straw. Her jaw drops and fiery light enters her eyes. “But how?”
Not responding, the gnome continues to spin the wheel at rapid speed and fills the room with gold before daybreak. She hands over the necklace to him and he disappears.
The king visits the maiden and is thrilled at the sight of a room full of gold. He extends his arm and escorts her into another room filled with straw. A moment later, a servant places the spinning wheel and stool next to her. 
“You live for today, my dear. You know what to do.” He exits and locks the door. 
Hours upon hours, she calls out to the magical creature until her voice is hoarse. At midnight a rustling of straw captures her attention. “It’s you noble sir. You have heard my cries.”
“Alas, but I should need payment.” His eyes darted to her hand. “The ring you wear on you left hand whilst do.”
“This treasure is all I have left from my dearly departed mother.” 
“No concern of mine.” He extends his hand and wiggles his gnarled fingers. 
Trembling, she slips the ring off and hands it to him. He pockets it and sits at the wheel, beginning his work. Once more, by daybreak the room is spilling over with glistening gold. He disappears with a knock on the door. Once again, the king beams and escorts her to another straw filled room.
With no other treasure for payment, she collapses and sobs into pungent straw. At midnight the gnome appears. Without a word he begins his work. As the last stand of gold hits the floor, he turns to her. He stares with mischievous black eyes.
“I have nothing left,” she said in a choked voice.
“Your first born will be mine.” He snaps his fingers and is gone.
The king arrives, opens the locked door. Eyes bright, he exclaims, “You, fair maiden shall be my bride.”
Nine months later, the queen gives birth to a bouncing baby girl. At midnight the gnome returns demanding payment.
“Please, I’ll give you all the treasures of the kingdom if you renounce your claim,” she pleads.
He refuses. 
“You must! I’ll do anything?”
With a sinister gleam in his eye, he speaks. “Guess my name. You have three days. I shall return to you each midnight for your answer. If by the third day you guess wrong, she is mine!” 
At the stroke of each midnight there he was. The queen guesses incorrectly for two nights.
On the third day a scout appears before her. “I have found the gnomes dwelling sire. In his rapturous dance of glee, he chorused his name.”
“Yes,” the queen whispers. “Tell me, please.”
“Rumplestiltskin, your highness.”
“Rumplestiltskin ... I have you now."