Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hi, Everyone!

Sorry for the late post, but time seems to be slipping away so quickly...and the fact that Nov. 1 is the first Wednesday of the month make this IWSG post so much earlier than usual.

I hope you are all doing well... I've missed the community terribly, but like has hit me with another bout of arthritis in my shoulders and wrists which makes typing and computer work painful.

I haven't had an attack this bad in almost a decade. I thought it was gone forever, but like so many other illnesses that go into remission, they can, and often do come back to plague us... just like bad reviews. LOL... We must grind out teeth and live through the waves of pain.

Good luck to those who have submitted to the IWSG Anthology. I had SOOOOO hoped to submit. I had the perfect story that I had started a few years ago, but I couldn't revisit it at this time. Too many of life's obstacles keep getting in my way. Some day, I hope.

On the positive side, my new place is moving along. The kitchen install started today very late, so it will hopefully be completed on Friday. Then the counter tops next week. SO by next weekend I just may be able to have a functional and GORGEOUS kitchen. I'll post pics soon. This is one of my prettiest kitchen designs. I finally found the right space for me! It only took about three years, lol. Thank you all for supporting me emotionally through my insane journey. The journey to find a place to call home! Once I settle and feel truly comfortable, I just may finally write a story worthy of publishing....Time will tell.

Thank you, Alex, for keeping us all going and for you support and friendship. It is greatly appreciated!

Please visit the other posts by our wonderful members at Alex's site. You just may feel better...

Hugs to you all!!!!!