Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello, everyone.

So nice to see that we have made it to the end of April in one piece. WE lived through another challenge. Alex and the gang did an amazing job of keeping us motivated. I know I certainly slipped a few times, grouping two posts into one.

But thankfully today I am on time and am thrilled to be able to go back to posting a few times a week. Now I will have the time to catch up with all of you, so please leave those posts handy... I am sure MANY of us will still be visiting the A-Zers we've missed. I know I will!

For the final challenge, I am back to a FF piece. The mystery is not of the host, but of the place that begins with the last letter of our alphabet ... the "Z." I actually love the look of this letter. It's graceful and balanced.

But before reading this last piece, I would like to reveal the answers from my last post. Yes, Rachel Morgan guessed my "X" person right away. Many of you knew it was Luna's father, but couldn't remember Xenophelius' name. Understandably so...

An all of you new "Y" was for youth. Ah, so many of you are young... enjoy it while you can, it will sweep by you in the blink of an eye. I still don't know where the last twenty years have gone. Thankfully all of you keep me young at heart and keeping the passion for life is something that will always keep a bright glint in my tired eyes.

One of my favorite lines in UNDER THE TUSCAN MOON, was told by a former beauty and actress. She referred to Fellini who stated "Always keep your childlike enthusiasm..." or something to that effect. I know I do, especially when visiting the theme parks here in Orlando... I am a bigger kid than the kids are. I run around like a maniac getting in as much as I can.

Once more, I would like to thank Alex and ALL the Ninjas and friends who have visited my blog throughout this challenge. You are the best! I hope to visit all my new friends and join your blogs. I have a quiet few days ahead after today, so catching up while sunny by the pool is my plan...

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.... See you tomorrow for the answer to today's post.

A soft growl escapes my lips as I alone hunt through this tropical splendor. Once, many of my kind enjoyed this intoxicating and lush group of islands. Now, I am the last; few know about my whereabouts. Although there are rumors. Always rumors.
Out of the corner of my eye, a glimpse a of black, red and white streaks within the tree tops. 
Ah, those monkeys are more trouble than they’re worth. Come to think of it they’re not that tasty either.
Cinnamon and clove perfumes the air as I continue to look for prey. So much has changed in the past century. I was a mere cub when my grandfather told stories of the richness of this land.
Many types of humans have ruled here. Many of the natives were slaves, bought and sold not so long ago. That’s when plantations dotted the landscape. We ate well then, but they are scarce now, replaced by huge manufacturing plants. 
So much beauty gone with the winds ...

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone.

Man, AM I supper late for this post. I know I haven't been the best blogger for this Challenge, and I know I haven't visited so many of you. I am almost too embarrassed to apologize, but I will again, and I hope you can all forgive me.

This coming week I will have a few days of free time, so I will make me biggest effort to redeem myself and visit you.

I am thankful for all my friends for taking the time out of their busy schedules to visit me here. So now I WANT to do the same. 

As for the "W" post, the correct answer is The WiLLOWS, an enchanted willow tree grove heavily featured in my first novel.

Today I have "X" and "Y" grouped together. The "X" riddle is an obscure character in a beloved series. I hope you enjoy it.

My daughter, an interesting young woman, is loved by many the reader. It astonishes me. Her mother died in an unfortunate accident, leaving me to care for our daughter when she was only nine-years-old.
I taught her most of my beliefs, which many feel are not worthy of the paper I print them upon. Yes, I am known as a what most would say, a KOOK.
But thankfully, she is like her mother: sweet, kind, and lovely, But, alas, she does have a bit of me in her too.
We live in a small village hours away from London. Perhaps you have heard of it: Ottery St. Catchpole, located in Devon England along the Otter River. It is a mixed area. Our immediate neighbors are of our kind, but there are others who live there too.
Well, it is getting late, and I do need to check the presses. My current edition of the Quibbler should be quite ready for delivery...

For the "Y" post, I changed the format and just went with an observation type riddle. Sometimes my emotions have a mind of their own...
One thing preys upon my mind this weekend. Something that many of us are obsessed with IT... me included. I often wonder why. Television and radio commercials are saturated with anything and everything to help us maintain IT.

We spend billions of dollars a year to obtain IT But again, why? In the generations before us, people just accepted who they were and went about there business. Each day focused on family, friends, and making a living, waiting for the time to retire and enjoy life.
What’s even more ironic, the people who have IT waste it. We are all guilty of this, it is part of ITS curse. By now I am sure you know what IT is. Perhaps, some day, we will learn to grow old gracefully. 
HA! not me, I am going to put up THE biggest fight... LOL.
Thank you all so much for sticking by me this month. I had the hardest time keeping up with daily posts. Last year my life wasn't as hectic and I had the time to write and visit many of you. So even though I did the posts, I failed by not visiting. Sorry everyone. I will do my best to make it up to you.

As a final note, I'd like to wish ALL THE TAURUS' Happy Birthday... I am celebrating mine here today in Orlando Florida... Some friends are coming over this afternoon to visit me while I am at my timeshare. It should be a fun day. The weather is brightly sunny and hot... my favorite.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hi, everyone,

Happy Thursday. As the week sweeps towards another end, our challenge goes along with it. We only have a few more days to reach our goal. YAY!

I am glad you all appreciated the intensity of my post yesterday. Child abuse is something that is very much apart of the world we live in ... sad really. But the more aware people are the more it can be stopped.

Alex, buddy... sorry to say you were incorrect with Vengeance, Donna Hole hit it correct with Violence. But I must admit Vengeance is quite appropriate as well.

Today's post is also an excerpt, but from my M/G novel. Magical, lyrical, and oh so full of fantasy. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks again everyone for sticking with me throughout this challenge. I really appreciate all your comments and friendship!

Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow.

On the outskirts of Helmsdale, a short distance away from NYC, a young girl  lay in a meadow edged by a sunlit tree grove. 
Her home, a little white house with evergreen shutters, was located not too far away from Helmsdale’s finest mansions.
Gazing at her beloved site, a wave of tranquility washed over her. The graceful curves of the cascading yellow-green tendrils stroked the earth. The arch that formed between them beckoned her.
Spring flowers soaked up the sun as she stepped toward the two largest trees. 
Streamer-like leaves tickled her as she passed through the entrance. The filtered light created dancing shadows across the path that lead deeper into the grove. Amber beamed. 
She strolled toward her usual spot and arrived just steps away from a quiet pond; her favorite place on earth. She picked a purple coneflower, one of thousands of wildflowers that blanketed the pond’s edge. Sitting down upon a flat rock, she noticed the subtle shades of lavender and purple surrounding the dark iridescent orangey-red center of the cone. 
The glistening pond looked just like emerald green glass. She gazed into the pond’s depths as several monarch butterflies landed on her shoulder. How beautiful! Even in the reflection she couldn’t help but notice the bright orange and black colors printed on their wings. 
Another joined their little group; its electric blue markings flashed brightly with each flutter of its wings. It inched its way closer to her before flying away. She sensed it wanted something, but couldn’t understand what it might be.     
The hummingbirds arrived a moment later, circled and landed on her outstretched arm. They twittered with delight as she spoke to them.
She waited for her favorite to arrive.  
As if by magic, a large, shiny, pitch-black rabbit with oversized ears appeared from the patch of wildflowers just to the left of the rock. This was no ordinary rabbit, not only because of his unusual size and color, but because of his eyes of black opalescence. 

This charming place has a name... It does begin with W, and it is part of the title... no peaking. lol. Here is a hint "The W-----s."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Good morning all,

First, I'd like to welcome all me new friends. I hope to say hi to all of you personally this weekend, when I play catch up for the millionth time. Thanks everyone for your amazing patience.

I hope you are having a good week so far. Another insane week here in sunny Florida, but I am barely managing to keep up. How do you all do it? Write, family, work, play? Not enough hours in the day for me. I guess we all feel that way at times.

Anyway. Yesterday's post was a true mystery, but one of you did get quite close. Carrie with undergarment. I must admit I though of that first, but then as I continued with the story, I changed my mind to "Undressed."

Today's post is an excerpt from my latest novel, currently out on query. It represents the tone of my book and the kind of world many of us unfortunately have endure. Just listen to the news and it will give you a good idea ... sadly.( Ooo, lots of adverbs today... bad Michael.)

This one should be a very easy one to guess. I hope it doesn't upset too many of you. I know it upset me as I wrote the scene.

Have a great day everyone and I hope all is well in your world.

The simple act of moving the sheets tired my strained muscles. I pulled myself out of bed and threw on some shorts and dragged the chair back to my desk. 

Blazing sunlight blinded me as I entered the hall. Dad appeared out of nowhere and held up hair clippers. 

No! He’s not? 


Shit. He is. 

Dad, my hair isn’t long. Please, Sir. Don’t do this.” 

He grabbed me by the hair and yanked me into the bathroom. “If you hair was short enough I wouldn’t be able to do this. Would I?” he sneered. “We can make this easy or hard? Your choice.” He pushed me down on the toilet bowl.

Yeah, like I ever have a choice, you son of a bitch. 

My blotched red face reflected back at me as I watched the devil sheer my crown of glory. Waves of dark brown hit the floor. In two minutes the mutilation ended. Only a five o’clock shadow remained on my skull. 

“Now you look like a son of mine.” His mouth curled into a sinister smile. “Clean this up. Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

I’m not your son. No dad would humiliate and torment his kid this way. 

I scooped up the remnants of my former glory, lifted the toilet seat and flushed. My hazel eyes turned emerald under heavy black brows, never a good sign. How I wanted to crack his skull or carve him like a turkey. The thought sparked a glint in my eye

But how to do it and not get caught? Snap out of it Aidan. You’re not a killer. Yeah, but this is self defense.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hi, all,

I hope you are having a wonderful day today. For the "U"post I created something a bit different. Very unlike me, so I hope you enjoy it.

Now today's word will not come easy. Just think a moment before answering. It's quite obvious, once you know what it is ...

I would also like to congratulate a wonderful blogger friend, Hart, the Watery Tart, on her cozy novel, which has now been released. All the best Hart!

Have a great day everyone!

A silky garment slips off the shoulder of a curvy silhouetted figure. A low moan escapes, echoing across the room.
A smile crosses her lips. Slowly ... ever so slowly, she glides toward the heavy breathing, a shiny object glints in her right hand.
A scent of perspiration and cologne lingers as she approaches. The rustling of a sheet and the squeak of a bedspring sends a chill down her back like a breath of ice sweeping through an abandoned field.
A twist of her slender shoulder arches her back. Time to move in for the kill ... 


Monday, April 23, 2012


Hi, everyone,

A late post today, but I hope you all enjoy it just the same. It is now officially spring, and Florida is ablaze with an array of the most beautiful flowers blooming in the bright sunshine and swaying to the balmy breezes.

I would also like to wish all the spring babies a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many of my close blogger friends are having birthdays now and in May ... you know who you are. If you were born in the spring let me know... I love to meet and congratulate fellow spring babies. My birthday is coming quite soon. This Sunday in fact. YAY... No post! LOL. That is the best birthday present I can think of .... sorry Alex. LOL.

So I am dedicating my post today to all spring babies, young and old.

This F/F piece does have a 'T" theme. Let's see if you can guess what it is. It should be quite simple for the spring babies....

Thanks again all for being so patient with me during my crazy schedule. I appreciate it and I would also like to WELCOME ALL my new friends who joined me this week. I will get to you eventually.

I would also like to send out a special thank you to Alex Cavanaugh for his kind words about me in his post today.

See you all tomorrow.

On the breath of spring, with the ides of march long gone, a baby bull comes forth. Bright-eyed and full of life, he takes stands on shaky legs. 
As he stumbles, each new step brings strength and confidence. 
Day after day, life challenges him, toughing his skin. But he is gentle, caring, and kind, and sees beauty with every turn. 
He wears his heart on his shoulder for everyone to see, leaving him vulnerable. With each new onslaught, he grows more powerful and anger often blinds him.
But through it all, he keeps his head high, determined to meet every obstacle in his path  with integrity and passion, until his time in the sun comes to an end.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hi All,

I am so glad that we have such wonderful support for a friend Alex... Thanks for your wonderful comments from yesterday's post.

Stephanie had the correct answer, yes, my "Q" was for Quasar. They are truly astonishing phenomenons. Isn't this photo awesome? (photo courtesy of NASA)

I you must have guessed, I did fall behind a bit. I posted both "R" and "S" today so that you have two full days to enjoy them, which I hope you do.

My first piece holds a major place in my heart. This other phenomenon is a literary one and I dedicate this FF piece to all of us who are obsessed with this series.

I was murdered by an admirer centuries ago, I still haunt the very place that was most unhappy to me. 
He, also haunts the castle, but wears a badge of shame for his savage crime. But I am not far from guilt. I am a thief.
Alas, I am ahead of myself and should start my weary tale from the beginning.
Born in an age where my kind had been most feared, two men and two woman dared to create an institute of learning. 
Each searched the lands for children with special gifts. Each taught their knowledge to continue the traditions of our noble craft.
Jealous and naive, I truly hadn’t understood the miracle and committed the most heinous crime. Before I could change my ways, I ceased to exist in human form. Now I walk the halls, watching and know for all of eternity.
Perhaps one day I may forgive myself. Perhaps one day, I will be known by my true identity and not the Grey Lady.  

I was also murdered on the grounds of this castle, quite unexpectedly I assure you. Most perceived me as crass, arrogant, downright nasty, but I didn’t care. From the time I was a child I loved only one. Hers was the only opinion I honestly cared about. Her love or respect I could not keep. So I unselfishly watched over her son. 

Yes, I hear the snickers. You dare judge me. I did what I had to do. The end result is clear. Well it should be, IF YOU PAID ATTENTION!
I just realized that although I was sorted into Slytherin House, I share the same initials of our founding father. Hmmm. SS. What were my patents thinking? Well, my mother anyway. My father was a beast and muggle.
At least now you ALL know the truth about me. Like I care really. But it is somewhat satisfying to be heavily featured in one of literature’s most beloved series. If you haven’t read it yet, then I SUGGEST YOU DO! I will be watching.

Well HP fans I home you enjoyed a slice of Hogwarts and my twist on it. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Better late than never I always say. I had all the best intentions to have my "Q" FF posted for late afternoon yesterday, but as we all know things happen, right?

At some point I wanted to have a special post for our best and most loyal blogger buddy, Alex Cavanaugh. Finally an opportunity arose through this challenge for me to write a SCI/FI F/F riddle especially for Alex and ALL my friends who write SCI/FI. THIS is my first attempt at this genre, so I hope you all like it .

I must admit it was a bit easier than I thought. Of course, I trembled slightly as I wrote the first sentence. Then, thankfully it all flowed.

Thanks again, Alex for all your support and FRIENDSHIP. What would our community do without you ...

As you all know, I ask for the answers in the comments. For you SCI/FI writers it should be pretty easy. Remember, it does begin with "Q."

Have a wonderful day everyone. At some point, I hope to add the "R" post that is due for today.... Wish me luck!

Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh, turned toward his reluctant crew; deep frown lines etched in his face. “We have no choice. We must continue on this path.”
“But Captain, you do realize how dangerously close we are coming to it. Death is certain,” said a man whose eyes widened to twice their original size.
“We will continue lieutenant. That is an order.”
“If you are sure, sir.”
The captain nodded with certainty. The lieutenant paled and returned to the controls, pushing multi-colored buttons in a complex sequence. 
Pacing, the captain glanced through the curved window and into the starry galaxy. In the distance, just barely visible, a bright fiery light edged the horizon.
He shook his head. “There is no other alternative,’ he whispered, and then swallowed hard.
A memory of the most astonishing natural phenomenon flashed through his mind like a rocket cutting through the atmosphere.
Could this one be anything like that? What little color drained from his face. God help us if it is ...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yesterday's answer...

Hi all...

Sorry about the late post, I only have the answer to the riddle. I will have my "Q" layer today. I had an unexpected situation pop up and I can' post want I would like on my iPhone...

The answer my alien friend expected?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Good day all,

I hope your week is running smoothly. I'd like to welcome my new friends and I always THRILLED to see my faithful friends who still visit me even though I have been dreadfully lacking visiting them lately. Please forgive me. I am still playing catch up. We have all been there, so I hope you understand. I have missed visiting you all so much and can't wait to find out what you are all up to in your lives.

I should have lots more time next week. So please be patient, I will get around to say hi....

Today's ff/riddle was so much fun to write. I hope you enjoy it. Yesterday's seemed to confuse several of you. Oh, my God was the answer that I revealed to you, the question was WHY has it become such a phenomenon?

My special guest today wants you to guess, so please accommodate him, he can get nasty... LOL. And remember, the answer begins with "P." I shouldn't've said that ...

Have a great day everyone!

Odd creatures; humans. They start their day with an aromatic elixir called coffee of all things. “Liquid energy,” some say. Personally I found it to be mundane and common. I prefer something a bit more tasty.
Rushing throughout the day in attire unbecoming to any self-respecting entity, they seem to accomplish very little. What exactly do they do in those glass and concrete structures all day long?
Wouldn’t it be more constructive to concentrate on the important things in our existence, like survival?
With so much pollution of our air and waters, and the fact there has been little peace between them across the globe, one would think this would be a first priority, right?
Oh, well, simple minds.
But there is one thing I have in common with this race. I do see it in their art, music, and literature. Perhaps this fundamental instinct alone has kept their survival throughout the millennia.
What is this instinct you ask? Well, being the mischievous creature I am, I certainly wouldn’t blurt it out. So you must leave your answer in the comments.
Now, don’t disappoint me. My respect for your kind is already dangling from a fine thread.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OOOOOOooooooo ......

Hi, all,

It's Tuesday and we are now jetting into this new week. I hope you all are doing well. Yesterday was a great day, after power walking on the beach, I took clients shopping for fixtures for their great room remodel, and found AWESOME lighting. I can't wait to post some pics... I will in May, after our A-Z challenge is "O"ver.

Yes, today is "O" and I have a fun riddle for you. I hope you like it. It's a relatively easy one. As always, please leave your answer/ opinions in the comments. Today's post wants your "O"pinion.

Have a great day everyone and I will see you tomorrow.

I am an expression. Once considered to be blasphemy. But now, in today’s world it is spoken on the lips of many a person.
A decade or so ago only younger teen girls shrieked these words. It has evolved. 
Adults have adopted this vernacular in daily life. How odd? I often wonder why? Many don’t believe in a higher being, so why use this particular expression? 
There are more appropriate ways to get one’s point across, don’t you think?
What is the attraction?
Why use me in this way? 
“Oh, my God ... I’d really like to know!” 

Monday, April 16, 2012

"N" is NOT for NOSTALGIA ....

Happy Monday everyone.

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. For some strange reason I feel very nostalgic today. Since I have so many NEW blog friends, many of you hadn't read my last year's posts. Some of my best flash fiction was written in A-Z 2011 and I would like to share my "N" post with you, because it is one of my favorites from that challenge.

I hope you all enjoy it. I know my fantasy writers will. Have a great day today. May the joy of the weekend carry you through the mundane Monday morning blahs...

In a forest glenn a sun-kissed waterfall twinkles and cascades over jagged rocks into a tranquil sapphire pool. Nymphs and fairies glide along the surface, dancing to an unheard song. 
A flaxen-haired youth approaches. He smiles. A smile so captivating the nymphs come out of their revery to stare at the stranger. With each one of his steps the fairies sigh and beckon to him.
The nymphs and fairies line up along the pond’s edge, all flirting for the young man’s attention. In a voice that can charm a spider into giving up flies, he introduces himself and asks about the exquisite beauty surrounding him. “I have never laid eyes on such a heart stopping scene," he said, locking his bright eyes on them.
Swooning, none of the mystical ladies could answer him. He meanders around the pond and kneels at the edge. The stillness of the clear water reflects every breathtaking detail.
Mesmerized, he gazes into the liquid mirror. His breath escapes him. “Could this image be mine?” he whispers. Revived, the nymphs and fairies zoom to him and tug at his hair, sleeves, and back. Ignoring them, he stares into turquoise eyes framed by long, thick lashes. 
Hissing buzzes in his ears followed by assaults to his face. He swats his hand making contact with several fairies, hurting them. The others pick up the injured and dart away. 
Hungry and thirsty he reaches into his canvas bag and takes out food and drink. Nourished, he stretches out and falls asleep.
Hours later, the nymphs return. They place beside him a goblet made of etched gold filled with sweet nectar. Clasping hands, they dash into the nearest tree and wait.
The warmth of the morning sun wakes the young man. Stretching, he sits up and notices the goblet. “How thoughtful.” He raises the goblet. “To this enchanting place.” He takes a deep sip. An unnatural compulsion to look at himself takes over ....
After three days of reflection, the youth passes. Upon his last breath, the fairies and nymphs gather around him, tears flowing from their eyes. The fairies sprinkle his body with glittery fairy dust as the nymphs’ lyrical voices chant their agony. 
His body dissolves into the earth and with a burst of bright light, long spikes of emerald shoot from the ground. Between each spear a stem rises as a bud forms and blossoms into the first Narcissus. Thousands more yellow and white trumpets announce their arrival and blanket the edge of the pond. A subtle scent perfumes the air and the nymphs and fairies take flight. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hi, All,

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

Sorry about the late post today, but work called. My post today is about a man's obsession. Nothing stopped this king from his dream. Never giving up on a dream is something we never do. He didn't, and his dream is appreciated by all who are lucky enough to visit it.

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's riddle. Donna Hole guessed it correctly... yes, it is laurels.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow. I will see you all on Monday with another FF/Riddle post. Geez, I am starting to run out of ideas. LOL.

During the seventeenth century, along the canals of Venice, a new and exciting process developed. Although costly, royalty clamored even for the smallest piece of it.
King Louis the Fourteenth coaxed artisans from Venice to France to create this mysterious phenomenon for his summer palace. 
Catching wind of their treachery, the Venetian Republic sent agents to France to poison the workers who betrayed them, trying to stop this famous architectural wonder. Six years later, Louis’s dream reflected the wealth of his court.
Seventeen perfect arches, clad in the most expensive material of the time, adorned the walls overlooking the stunning gardens. Direct light bounced throughout the space, illuminating the crystal chandeliers, gilded bas relief, frescoes, and intricate sculptures.
Today, millions of tourists visit the spectacular Palace of Versailles... All mesmerized by the Hall of Mirrors.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Greeting all.

Happy FRIDAY! Yes, we are finally at the weekend once more. We are almost at the midway point of the challenge. Can you believe it? Gee, this month is flying by.

Today I decided to post another flash fiction with a mythical theme. Let's see if you can guess the "L" word based on this story.

I am so sorry I forgot to post the answer to the J.J. riddle. Rhonda Parrish was indeed correct. The singers are Janis Joplin and Janet Jackson.

Now for today's post. I hope you all enjoy it. And, the word is none of the fore mentioned in the title.

Music strummed as delicate wood nymphs danced entranced by the lyrical melody. The most beautiful of all, Daphne, plucked the last chord on her lyre as sunbeams drenched through a grove aromatic Sweet Bay trees, their perfume intoxicating the dancing nymphs.
Stunned by the silence, they turned toward Daphne, only to find she had vanished. 
A bronzed god appeared, frightening the nymphs into the woods. Keen eyes furrowed under thick black brows. The muscles in his neck tensed as he turned his head toward the youngest of the trees, its canopy barely umbrellaed over him as he approached.
With one swift movement he embraced the tree, his warmth infusing the tree. In an instant he released his hold, reached for the blade on his hip, and cut off a branch.
After fashioning it into a wreath and placing it on his head, Apollo declared the Bay tree sacred, and in a flash of light disappeared.

Please leave your guess in the comments.... Thanks everyone and have a great day... See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Good morning all.

Thankfully I caught up and am on the proper letter for today. "K" is a great letter with perfect balance. I enjoyed writing today's post. It is something that we ALL have experienced at one time or another.

I decided to visit Ancient Greece today. Little did I know that this author had a little help from a friend....

Have a wonderful day today everyone! See you tomorrow.

Lapping on the shores of Chios, a young Homer perches on an jagged rock as he stares out to sea. Beads of sweat form on his brow as he scribbles words on wrinkled parchment.
In mid sentence, the scratch of his stylus came to an abrupt halt.
He raises his head, searching the heavens for inspiration. As he lowers his head, the artistic scroll mocks him.
“Why has my muse failed me? Where is she now?” He looks up at the heavens once more. “Oh, daughter of Zeus, why have you forsaken me?”
A pure white cloud shifts over the sun, shading Homer. With many twists and turns, it configures into the shape of a beautiful young woman draped in flowing robes. 
She nods to Homer and lifts the writing tablet in her hands.
Tears roll down his face, as he quickly snaps up his parchment and continues to write. A smile crosses his lips. “Thank you, Kalliope,” he whispers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hi, everyone.

Thank you all for your patience and sympathy about my lack of internet. It's amazing how much we rely on it for our daily lives ... ESPECIALLY as writers.

I have two more F/F riddles for you today. I and J. By tomorrow I hope to be caught up to everyone else.

Again, I would like to welcome ALL my friends new and faithful.

The I post is short and powerful. I hope you enjoy it. The J post is more riddle than F/F.

Have a great day! I hope to see you all tomorrow.

I am an enchantress, synonymous with beauty and intelligence. As I strolled the shores of ancient Greece, Poseidon himself fell under my charms.
For Millennia my daughters carrying my name captivated all who crossed their paths. Whether by dance, music, or poetry my talents filtered through their souls. 
I am, and always will be Isadora.

Both born in the twentieth century, two monumental talents influenced American culture with their music. 
Both voices led a generation.
Both shared the earth for a brief time.
Only one survived, her voice strong and clear as the ding of a crystal glass. However, the other’s haunting voice will live on forever.
Who can these ladies be?  
Your final clue: Both voices owned/own the initials J.J.
Please leave your guess in the comments.

Yesterday's answer was indeed the GOPHER....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hi, All,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend. I am finally back with internet access... YAY!
So, as you know I am several days behind on the A-Z challenge. I hope you all understand.

Thank you new friends for following. Now that I have internet access again, I will be visiting you sometime today or tomorrow.

So far the challenge has been so awesome. I did manage to visit a few of you last week, but I hope to visit LOTS more this week.

To keep my post easy to read I will only post G and H today and tomorrow I and J. Hopefully by Thursday I will be caught up. Thanks for your patience.

I hope you enjoy a fun G riddle and another fantasy flash fiction for H.

I am a creature of several sorts. I walk on four legs as well as two. My wirehair brush fur keeps me warm, but I am not always covered in it. 
Many of my kind hibernate in the frozen winter months. We love the warmth of the sun, but many of us don’t see the light of day.
If I reveal too much more you will find out almost too easily who or what I am. So you will have to guess with only these few clues.
Leave your answers in the comments ... please.

Flittering sapphire, emerald, and ruby colored fairies flitter by a glistening pond, their reflections captured in every detail: a moving work of art featured on the water’s crystal clear surface.
A voyeur watches with a keen and calculating eye. A buzzing dragonfly breaks his concentration for a brief moment. With the flick of his ear, it zooms toward the fairies. 
Instantly he draws a flute to his lips and pipes out a few melodic notes. In mid flight, the dragonfly turns, loop-de-loops back toward him, and lands on his shoulder. As still as a statue, it gazes at the fairies.
Pan continues his harmony as the fairies glide on the pond, skating over the tranquil water, hypnotizes the dragonfly. 
A grin, unbecoming to any creature, etches into Pan’s rugged features. His intentions only too obvious to him.