Wednesday, May 4, 2022


 Hi All,

Welcome to another IWSG post! As we all know, we meet on the first Wednesday of every month. If you would like to join us, please visit Alex's site to sign up.

Today, I would like to discuss a problem I have been anxious about for a while, when is it time to do a complete rewrite of your novel? For over three years, I worked on my novel and have been querying it for about a year now. This is the FIRST time, I have was not asked for a partial or full from any agent. I sent out at least 50 queries. I know it is more difficult now, but not to get ONE request. it doesn't sound right to me. I know it is not the subject matter, so there must be something wrong in the story. Originally I wrote this as a memoir and had sent it to a top editor in NYC. She made several suggestions and I was almost finished when the person I am writing about decided she wanted changes. MAJOR changes. I did the best I could, cutting the parts she wanted out. I queried again, and nothing. I don't want to CAN the project because I still believe in it. So, now I am deciding if it needs a COMPLETE overhaul. I can do a complete rewrite cutting out the daughter completely and concentrating solely on the subject. It would be a much more fun and LIGHT piece with no internal issues from the narrator. I would have to write it in the third person instead of the first. So, a lot of work would need to be done. 

Should I do it or scrap the project? In all honesty, I would like to cut ties with this person completely. If I go forward, I would still have to work with her and share the profits. I just HATE having to throw away three-plus years of writing. It is a tough call, and I would appreciate any advice.

On the plus side of this month, an article I wrote for the IWSG blog will be featured on May 9th...I hope you will drop by the blog and read it. 

Have a wonderful month, everyone!