Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 Happy May Everyone!

Welcome to another IWSG post. Sorry that I am a day early. LOL I thought it was Wednesday,

Thanks to the creator, Alex, and all of his remarkable and giving staff, we are here the first Wednesday of each month to help each other through our insecurities and, frankly, our writing and sometimes personal lives. If you want to join the group, please visit here to sign up!

We are now entering our FIFTH month of 2023...can you believe it? Wasn't Christmas just a few short days ago? With another birthday over, I can't help thinking life is passing us by at such an alarming rate. Remember when summers seemed forever and you thought the school year would never end? For me, those days are LONG gone. Playing catch-up is a daily event. There truly are NOT ENOUGH hours in the day. As adults, we have little spare time for ourselves. Isn't it time to reclaim some time for us? That is what I have been thinking about this past month. Time for some "Me time." Life is not always about our jobs, family, and even writing. How can we become better writers if we are stressed out with all of life's dramas? So, for the rest of the year, I decided to do things that make me happy: spending more time outdoors and communing with nature; traveling to foreign lands (I'm going to Scotland for the first time in September!), and most importantly, continuing to get more healthy with better eating habits and exercise. With Covid and the threat of other airborne diseases, I have reclused into another person. It is time to reclaim my former self. Through these acts, I am certain it will filter into my future writing projects. Going with the flow of life, and experiencing new sights and sounds, will trigger my imagination! It may do the same for you. How many times have you put off that long weekend escape? Or, spending the day at the beach with a good book? Allow yourself to truly relax and let go of all your tensions and insecurities. Why not, act like a kid again and run through a glistening field of flowers...the possibilities are endless. With warmer weather here or on the way, it is time to leave the house and breathe in some much-needed fresh air. That is what I wish for you for at least this spring season.

See you all next month. I'd love to hear about new and exciting plans to reclaim your life.