Friday, August 23, 2013



Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes! I am hanging in ... hating every minute of my down time. Taking down an active dude is just not right. I'm no couch potato ...

Sadly my recovery will take at least six weeks! Not working out that long will surely take away all the hard work I put into keeping fit. I am very thankful that it's not worse, but I am angry that it will change my life to such an extreme. Life can be soooo challenging at times!

I wish I could at least write, BUT typing with one hand is so frustrating and TIME CONSUMING!

Anyway, enough self pity...  I'm a fighter and I will get through this like i've gotten through every other obstacle in my life!

I did manage to write over five hundred words before the accident for my entry for Denise Covey's, WRITE ... EDIT ... PUBLISH ... Another excerpt from my film noir novella ...

The prompt ... a vacation...

A bit of back story...  In 1947, a young woman, dressed as a flapper, was invited by her girlfriend to the elegant Palmer House in Chicago for a Halloween Party. There she meets her friend Doris and a blind date: a detective. He is the friend of Doris' gangster boyfriend, Marty.

The two couples get acquainted and dance the night away.... then, right after Liberace's performance, she gets abducted by Marty....

A light snow falls on this All Hallows day. 

A chilling breeze mixes with a soft haze which lingers over the city. Dim streaks wrestle their way through dense, gray clouds as the once dancing fringe of a flapper’s dress drags the pavement, tattered and fraying.

Scratched legs climb a cracked and crumbling front stoop. Hands shaking, Rosemary reaches into her purse and pulls out the front door key. Flashbacks of the struggle with Marty race through her mind. His rough hands tearing at the fine material of her dress; her feeble attempts to escape as he pulls her into that dark alley; and her screams muffled by his brutal backhand. The bruise still throbs as she places a trembling hand on her cheek. 

The door opens with an eerie creak. She drifts through and the subtle scent of rose water still perfumes the air. The artificial mink slips off her shoulder and puddles on the thread worn carpet.

What if ... 

She chews her lower lip. 

Over and over the scene replays, flickering through her mind like an old silent movie. The blinding light reflecting off the mile-long chrome of that black, glossy Packard, screeching to a halt; the two hoods jumping out, grabbing Marty, and stuffing him into the trunk; and then ...

She stares down at her beaded purse overflowing with hundred dollar bills.

His words still rung in her ears. “This is for you toots,” he said, as he reaches into his pinstriped vest and pulls out a stack of bills  ... “I can tell you ain’t no moll. Marty’s gonna get his, don’t you worry about it.” He smiles. “Take a little trip south for a while. Remember, you ain’t seen nothin.”

“A trip south?” A hushed whisper escapes from her lips. She picks up the purse. There must be over five grand in here. 

 Her heart beats faster, as the trace a smile crosses her snow-white face. “Why not?”

*     *     *

A wool coat drapes over a battered, brown suitcase, sitting next to an open door. Rosemary addresses an envelop and seals it. Tears roll down her face. She sighs. A chill runs down her back. At least Miami will be warm. 

The chair leg catches on the ragged pile of the carpet as she stands. “I certainly won’t miss this dump.” She looks around the room and takes a moment, focusing on each stick of furniture: the speckled brass bed covered with the thinnest of spreads, the scratched pine dresser with the cracked mirror, and the rickety table with only one chair. She shakes her head. No I won’t miss this.

She steps over the the smudged window. A hint of light illuminates the fire escape and dingy alley.

A tap on the door startles her. She spins around, holding her breath.

“Eh, lady. Did you call for a messenger?”

“Ah, yes.” She hands him the letter. “Please deliver it to the address on the envelope.”

“That’ll be half a buck.”

She grabs her pocket book, takes out a bill, and stuffs it into his hand.

“A Undred? A bead of sweat forms on his brow. “I-I ain’t got change for this.”

“Keep it.”

He scratches his head and knocks off his cap. Half-dollar sized eyes meet hers.

“Gee. Tanks, lady.” 

“Now, go!”

He snatches up his cap, looks up, beams, and races into the hall. 

“And get some elocution lessons with that money.”

She smiled. At least I made someone’s day.

I wanted to write more ... the vacation part is coming ... i hope to post the rest later today or tomorrow... Please drop back and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend everyone!

A preview of what's to come ...

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hi everyone,

Sorry to post this, but I was hit by a cyclist  on the lakefront yesterday.... should've stayed with Tammy! lol.

I have a broken wrist ...left thankfully... 13 stitches in my forehead, Gotta keep up with Harry Potter, right? abrasions all over.... but thank God no swelling in my brain... so i can still write and draw! I guess my guardian angel was on a break. But she did send a medical student to my rescue... he found me... another earthly angel who  i don't even know.....

I am praying  I don't need surgery ... my insurance only covers so much. But the cyclist has insurance an hopefully it will pay my bills. the splint may be enough... it was a clean break ....

I wanted all of you to know,  I may not be as visible around the blogosphere.... but i'll try... going crazy already...i am not the laying around type....

Take care everyone!

I am hoping to finish my entry for write... edit.... publish... i have half of it done ... so I may be able to finish it....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Well friends,

Summer has FINALLY hit in Chicago. We've actually had high 80's weather, sunshine, and low humidity. Who can ask for anything more ... right?

As you all know I love taking my power walks down the lakefront for three miles and back. It's a great way to keep in shape and each day new sites are to be had. I thought you might like to join me this fine summer morning. So put on your running shoes and lets go!

I'm fortunate to live only a very short distance across from one of America's largest lakes. Lake Michigan is HUGE.... It even has waves like an ocean. Even viewing the city from the Willis Tower you can't see across it. Amazing.

The park is also beautiful this time of year. Lincoln Park edges the lake for MILES. But it's not to far across. We can dash through it in a few minutes.

As we approach the lake, Diversey Harbor features some of Chicago's most beautiful yachts. They soak up the sun in their slips until they are ready to sail the clear blue lake on weekends.

Following the canal, we streak under the overpass to the lakefront. Then you take a deep breath and take in all of down town Chicago. The view is hear stopping! I never get tired of it. How could anyone? Beaches line the lake, and High rise buildings pierce the azure sky. It almost looks like Emerald City, but in shades of blues, grays, and blacks.

As always the lakefront is packed with, runners, bikers, rollerbladers, and now a new addition SEGWAYS.... Strange to see those on the lakefront. The whole point is to get exercise ... not stand on a two-wbeeled motorized contraption.

Oh, well. Shall we continue? The winds kicking a bit today, isn't it? One thing I love to do is people watch.  Geez. What is that girl doing over there? She's chasing after some shirtless jogger. You see all kinds on the lake front.

I don't believe it! She's going after another dude in micro running shorts. She's saying something. It sounds like some name.

We may may want to stay clear from her. She looks like kind of a nut, with he hair blowing out in all directions.

Let's pick up our pace, it looks like she's going after a third guy. "Sorry... I thought you were my friend Michael." She say turning.

"Tammy? Tammy Theriault? Is that you?" Holy crap! What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you, and giving my hair a blow-out. What? is that weird? This is the windy city in all, plus when I turn my head side to side, it really helps to even it out after a long hot shower." 

"I can't believe it's you! What an unexpected and INCREDIBLE surprise.

I know right? But, um, you’re blocking my blow out. can you move more to the right. I little further…further…keep going…almost there and…perfect!

"I am so psyched you're here. I've been wanting to have you over to my blog for an interview for ages!"

"What? I can’t hear you! try yelling! Ok wait, just, um, take your shirt off and I can hear you better. That’s it. now you can come closer.'
"Do I have to? Well, okay. I do need to even out my tan. I just love your wicked sense of humor … I freak over your blogger interviews. They certainly make my week. But besides your obsession over those 90's men's running shorts and the dudes in them, what else do you write?"

"I write about seeing men in those shorts; does that count? No? well, I first started to write creatively when I was 8 and camping. It was a poem called “the tent”. I have a very vivid memory of that moment. 
"Then in my teens I started novel writing, then lyrical writing, and performing songs during long soccer trips in h.s. or at award ceremonies. I took creative writing in h.s. and loved making up short stories. In ’08 I composed my first  song, and started my own newspaper article about the Island’s history for a while. It was fun to research and recreate a past in a time-lined story for others to see. As you can gather, I love all forms of creative writing. Minus gang graffiti…too many rules!"

"WOW, that's really interesting. So many different genres and styles. Who influenced you to write? And, what was your first novel?"

"I have no influences. Just one day needed to get the poem out of my head, found a blank notebook and took off from there till I filled it and moved on to the next notebook. My first novel I wrote was on a word processor at age 10-11ish? The chapter was about a friend meeting a friend on a dirt road leading to their ranch. It was a long and detailed scenery scene, but I screwed myself by hitting reformat and erased that plus another I was working on but don’t remember what it was about. I screamed that day…"

"I can certainly understand why. We all do! I'd FREAK for a week! 
'I know you live in the Pacific Northwest, have you always lived there? Or, are you from another area in the country"

"Nope, I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, then 10 yrs in El Paso, TX during my crazy teen time. Experienced life, which moved me to Killeen, TX; Puyallup, WA; Mesa, AZ and now here. My parents retired in Oak Harbor, WA on Whidbey Island, and I stayed with them while looking for a place back in Puyallup; but couldn’t leave. it’s too beautiful - where the evergreens meet the ocean. In fact, if you put your shirt back on, we’ll hit the next flight on a one way ‘cause you won’t wanna come back. wait…forget about the shirt."

"You are too funny!. Are all woman as outspoken and crazy (in only the best way) in the Northwest?"

"pfffft…definitely not on the island. If I could find someone matching my personality that lives here, we’d be in business. *wink wink Elizabeth Seckman!* ok…I’ll wink at you, too, Michael. *wink* Oh, you want two? *wink wink* Now people are gonna think I have a twitching problem." 

"Stop being such a tease. I want to know what fantastic story are you working on now?"

"The one about a girl meets boy. Too vague? Well, it’s happening right now!  So I’m kinda waiting for the plot to unfold a bit more…just keep talking…
Ok, so when I was a senior in h.s. I wrote this novel in a notebook. Was more than half way done. It was awesome…in my eye and a friend’s. Maybe because he had a crush on me and it actually sucked, but hey, anyways, I lost the notebook. Last year, it just hit me. rewrite that story. So I am, almost 15yrs later. it’s called LIVING RUNAWAY."
The last day of her Junior year, Emily is excited when she gets a manila envelope in the mail. With her 18th birthday approaching, she assumes it's from her alcoholic father, who is away on another business trip. All Emily cares about is the gift, and the sorry that should go with it...but it's not from him.
It's a piece of him.

?If you wanna read the rest of the synopsis click here!!" 

"Hmmm. It sound like a good read. I wonder which piece? Come on... we were all thinking the same thing! 
"And finally, what does your husband think about you just taking off and chasing after strange men on Chicago's lakefront?"

"Whatcha talking about? He’s the one that keeps passing in front of me with his shirt off saying “how about now? And now?” I wish he’d stop. My hair was dried about midway of this interview. Look. There he goes, again! Honey! Please stop…it’s styled! Umph…men. They never listen. Wanna grab lunch and thicken the plot, I mean, eat something hot?

"Love to! Well everyone, Tammy and I are off to eat something HOT and SPICY! Hope you all enjoyed our HUMP DAY interview!

Have a great day everyone! Hope to see you all on Friday... I have something very atmospheric planned that may peek your interest!


Monday, August 19, 2013


"BREAKING NEWS! BLACK WIDOW STRIKES!" Calls out from a newscaster as customers gather around a big screen TV at the local coffee shop in downtown Anchorage.

"Suspected of murder, Local business man's wife is the only suspect in his death ..."

On the other side of town, Sarah rips a brush through her hair, listening to the same story. Crimson streaks her face and a ruby lip trembles. The brush drops onto the dressing table.

A faint, spicy perfume lingers behind, as she storms out her front door.

Trudging through the knee-deep snowdrifts, she arrives at a quiet park. A kaleidoscope of shimmering colors dance on each crystalized flake and a smile crosses her lips. Childhood memories flood her mind, as she nestles into the newly fallen snow, like a dove into its nest.

Unnoticed by her, a man watches. His hardened Tlingit Indian features are shadowed by a tangle of raven hair. His dark eyes follow her every movement. His palms sweat inside heavy leather gloves.  He takes a step toward her, but recoils an instant later.

Who is he? What does he want?

She leans back into the delicate flakes and creates an angel. His heart races. He swallows hard, turns, and leaves mysteriously.

Time passes quickly in Anchorage. Ten days before Christmas another murder is committed. A young woman. The second. With features not unlike the girl before her. A serial killer is on the prowl.

Will Sarah be his next victim?

Will the mysterious stranger come to her aid? Or is he the serial killer?

Sarah's time may be running out ...

MURDER, MADNESS, & LOVE. A debut novel 
by Yolanda Renee'


Well. Can you imagine the suspense of this story? I can't WAIT to get my hands on this book! How about you? Yolanda really knows how to spin an intriguing plot. Doesn't she?

I hope you all enjoyed my intro. Yolanda is an amazing writer, with amazing insight into the human psyche. Just see wait and see what she has planned for book two! WOW!

Yolanda has also honored me by becoming my first blurb client. I thoroughly loved working with Yolanda on this blurb and I hope you all like it as much as we do ...

The Blurb:

Sunlight blazes on an empty canvas.
Arctic winds gather snowflakes on a frosty window ledge as a statuesque form appears. She moves past a table littered with papers. Headlines splash news of murder, but it's the photo of another young woman with features mirroring her own that draws her attention.
A different headline peeks from underneath the Anchorage Times.
Wealthy Businessman Dies in Car Crash ... BLACK WIDOW SUSPECTED!
Graphic images swirl through her head and a tear rolls down her cheek. She drifts toward an easel and a trembling hand dips a sable brush into a palette of paint.
The Westminster doorbell chimes. The brush slips and blood-red paint stains the floor. 
Detective Steven Quaid waits. His Tlingit, Indian features carved from granite, mask his Irish passion ...
Will he arrest her this time? 
All fingers point to her guilt. 
But, is she guilty of this cunning plot? Or, just a victim of circumstantial evidence?
The door opens ...
His eyes lock on hers ... 
His heart races ...
Hers skips a beat.

Let's all spread blogger love and congratulate Yolanda on her amazing debut novel! Raises bubbling glass of champagne... HERE'S to YOU! All the best, Yolanda! May you top the Amazon charts!

Thank you everyone for dropping by and wishing Yolanda well. I hope you get a chance to drop in at her blog too! Defending the Pen ...

We're off to an AMAZING week! Pop by Wed, for something quite unusual... I hope to see you then!

As always, your blogger friend, and always here for you ...


Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

I have seen this badge for a while now and have never participated in Viklit's celebrate the small things.

Well, lately I have been a very fortunate man. After such a long journey to publication, this past month has finally steered me on the right road.

I have just recently had an illustration for Siv Ottem's novel published, and that was the first in a whirlwind of excitement for me. I had finally decided to take a chance and begin an author service to put my creative talents to work. And shortly after the announcement, I was approached by an amazing author, Yolanda Renee, to help tweak her cover and blurb on her debut and second novel.  That same week a new publisher approached me to illusrtate their logo. WHAT A WEEK! I am so grateful...

Today I finished the second stage of the illustration, and the publisher is thrilled. Which of course, sends me into orbit! This new publisher has some exciting ideas and being involved on the ground floor can only bring more exciting opportunities for me and for all of you!

On Monday, I wish to invite all of you, personally to Yolanda Renee's launch of her debut novel, Murder, Madness, and Love. I'm planning quite the intro to this AMAZING story, so I hope you can all drop in to help celebrate Yolanda's exciting day! Not to mention, this will be my first published BLURB.... What a way to start the week!

I'd also like to take this time to talk to those who are struggling on their journey. At times it can be so hard that you just want to give up. I know that feeling. We all do. Remember you're not alone. We are here to pick you up, send you a hug, or just listen to your frustration. In time, the obstacles on your road will clear. It may take years to find your niche. It has for many of us, BUT if you give up, you will never know the joy, satisfaction, and relief to know you've always had the talent. WE plant the seeds, water, add fertilizer, allow for plenty of light and give our hearts and souls. Once we find the delicate balance, our gardens will flourish!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. May you celebrate the small things AND LARGE things in your life. It can be as simple as a song. Who hasn't been affected by a glorious piece of music?

HOPE to see you on Monday!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hi, everyone,

Sorry I'm posting this late, but I was out of the blogosphere for the weekend and today. Thanks to all of you. Writing and illustrating for our lovely blogger friends in our community!

I'd like to say HI, to Gary and out hosts,  Mark Koopmans. Ninja Captain, Alex, Robyn Engle, Morgan Shamy, and Tina from "life is good."

SO, here we are at the ANTI-BLOGFEST GARY FEST! A man who doesn't like blogfests... Can you even imagine? LOL

The RULES: Pick three PG rated themes that you would never sign up for ...

My three choices...

1: Your favorite religion and why? Some topics shouldn't be made into a bloghop, and something as special and important as religious beliefs is one of them!

2:  YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGER and WHY? I would have a nervous breakdown.... who could POSSIBLY CHOOSE?!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe my favorite 500....

3: Why I HATE my life! I am SO not into negativity on any level!

So those are my three choices. Don't forget to hop over to the hosts and read the other bloggers entries... There are some really good ones!  What bloghop would you never consider? Have some news! Will tell you more on Friday! Have a great week everyone!!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


HI, All,

OKAY... it's only ONE hour before the end of this bloghop! BAD MICHAEL! I honestly thought it ended tomorrow. SORRY CHARMAINE and all the rest of you.

I did however visit several of your blogs and tried some of the exercises. They were fun and helpful!

My LAST MINUTE exercises/thoughts are EXERCISE... Yup, I have written so much in my head while skirting the lake front in Chicago or coasting down the beach in Florida. GETTING out of the house and away from your computer really can open up your imaginations.

Communing with nature, even if you live in a city is an EXCELLENT way to get your creative juices flowing. Urban culture has AMAZING stimulants... Never underestimate your sense of smell. How about the bakery on the corner, fresh bread and muffins wafting your way. OR at lunch time with the sweet and cinnamony curry fragrance of middle eastern and Indian food. And the best of all ... that DELIGHTFUL eye awakening smell of freshly brewed coffee the first thing in the morning at your local Starbucks or neighborhood Java place. Oh, I can't WAIT until tomorrow morning.

Just imagine what you can discover in your neighborhood. Sparks can fly from any direction as long as we are open to them. Step out of your office and breathe in LIFE! Nothing can top that!

If you get a chance drop by Charmaine Clancy's site. She has a great follow up to the blog hop and you can still hop around and read some of the entries. They will certainly give you many fun and unusual ways to SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION!

If you are visiting form the IWSG... please scroll down.

Have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hi, All,

Well it's the first Wednesday of the month and most of us know what that means.... The Insecure Writer's Support Group!

I must admit my nerves were on high alert last Wednesday. Most of you know I began to offer service a new service to help all of you with covers, blurbs, or editing for polish and atmosphere. It all began just before the A-Z challenge when I had featured a few cover reveals creating unusual introductions for them. Then, Nicki Elson asked me to do an exclusive cover reveal for her newest novel, Divine Temptation... of course I was thrilled and honored. I had spend days mulling over how I wanted to create this intro. Thankfully she was thrilled and the reveal was very successful

A few weeks later, I had decided to do INTROS for my A-Z challenge theme. I put the word out and the response was explosive. For 26 posts I had new and original intros featuring many of you. Emails flooded my inbox on how I should do these for hire. I had thought about it, but I didn't know how all of you would feel about it. I became anxious. Should I, shouldn't I? Am I a talented enough writer to be hired? For weeks I worried about it. Several closer blogger friends pushed me on.

Then, about a month ago, my cyber sister, SIv Ottem, sent me out an SOS. She needed and illustration for her cover... and fast! Her daughter, who was supposed to create the image couldn't do it. SO in a few days I sent the basic sketch.

After a bit a tweaking, inking, and coloring, the cover was done. Siv and I were both thrilled! She then asked me to do the back cover as well. We had the cover reveal last week and it was WILDLY successful. I had the confidence now to go to the next level and announce my service.

I was still TERRIFIED. But I posted the news last Wednesday. By Friday I had my first BLURB and TAGLINE client! Yolanda Renee! 

By Monday morning I had the work complete. I was a wreck again... What if she didn't like it? What if I was way off base? What if I could never make her happy? All this was running through my head when I pushed the send button. Yolanda was a DREAM client. We had corresponded a bit before when she had reservations about her cover. She asked me to take a look and offer my opinion and if there was something that could be done to fix it. INSTANTLY, I knew the problem and informed her. We just received the proof and it GORGEOUS now. Yolanda is really thrilled with her cover ... as she should be.

As for the blurb and tagline... a few hours dragged by, and I had no response. I was a bit worried. I reread the blurb and I really liked it. I just hoped she would. Finally I saw a note from her in my inbox...

Is the suspense killing you?

It had almost killed me! With a trembling finger I clicked onto the email. The first words were ...

"I LOVE IT!!!"

I breathed again. Only one or two things needed to be changed, mainly for story content. Since I hadn't read the book I guessed at a few things which didn't match the story. The final blurb is amazing! If you'd like to check it out, I have it on my service page.

Yesterday was an amazing day... After I had written back to Yolanda, thanking her, another message popped up in my inbox. A not so frequent blogger contacted me. She had just visited my blog after months of absence and freaked over my illustrations. She and another blogger plan to create their own publishing company... She asked me to illustrate their logo! My second job in less than a week! Can it get any better than that?!!! I can't wait to find out! So stay tuned everyone! More info on this new publisher who will be looking for manuscripts ... so GET BUSY!!!!!!!!

My point to today's post is we all must TRUST in our talents and overcome our insecurity that we may not be good enough. Not only am I happy for the work, but mostly I am happy to help others with their problems. The joy from Yolanda sparkled with every word she wrote to me. She is even doing a full post about our experience at her blog on Friday. I hope you all can drop by and show her some blog love. Her book is amazing! So much intrigue. I can't wait to read it!

I realize one thing from this experience... If I didn't take that leap of faith, I would have different post today.

Thank you all for stopping by. It's ALWAYS a pleasure to see you. Don't forget to visit the other IWSG bloggers. WE are all so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful community!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, August 2, 2013


Happy Friday all!

Today I have a very special treat for you... But FIRST I'd like to thank all of you for your kind words and well wishes for my new writing services... You guys are the best!!! I appreciate you so much!

Now for the topic of today's post. I have a VERY special blogger visiting me today that knows the pulse of how to publish your Indy books. She has TWO AMAZING tips for us!

Please WELCOME L. Diane Wolfe!

Michael asked if I could provide tips for indie authors. There are SO many things I could cover, but I narrowed it down to two items - editing and target audience.

Once you’ve polished your manuscript, the next step is to hire a professional editor. Self-editing is never a wise choice because you simply can’t do it efficiently. Your critique partners will discover many mistakes, but they’re probably not qualified to bring your manuscript to industry standards. Only a professional book editor (one who edits your genre) can turn it into a solid, marketable product. 

The cost of a professional editor varies. It depends on the level of editing required and experience of the editor. Prices range from $5 to $50 per 1,000 words. Search the Internet for an editor who suits your particular needs. 

Why do you need a professional editor?

It can mean the difference between success and the death of your writing career. An editor is the last checkpoint before you throw your work and reputation out for the world to see. If it’s of poor quality, you may never get a second chance to rebuild your image. Self-publishing gets its bad rap from unedited and poor quality books. Don’t contribute to the problem—rise above it. Give readers a reason to trust the quality of your work so they will return for more. 

Editing is so important! This is your dream—don’t sell it short by skipping this part of the process.

Marketing is all about placing you and your book in front of your target audience. Knowing who these people are is important during the writing phase, but it’s absolutely crucial for promotions.

Create your reader profile by answering the following questions:

· What shops and stores do they frequent besides book-stores?
· Where do they go for entertainment? Do they attend festivals? Sporting events?         Museums?
· Are they involved in organizations or civic groups?
· What news broadcasts or magazines do they follow? 
· What websites or blogs do they visit? 
· Are they involved in community and social sites? Which ones?
· Are they involved in website forums or groups?
· Where do they shop online? 
· Do they listen to podcasts?

This exercise may seem difficult at first. Some of your answers may be pure speculation. Place yourself in your readers’ shoes. If your target audience enjoys your type of book, what else would they enjoy? What else attracts their attention? What hobbies or interests might they share?

The key to your success is how well you can reach this audience, especially online. Your grassroots efforts will make the difference in book sales.

May your publishing path be successful!

Thank you SO MUCH L. Diane for such informative tips! I know we can all benefit from them!

For more valuable tips and information from L. Diane, you MUST pick up her book, HOW TO PUBLISH AND PROMOTE YOUR BOOK NOW!

L. Diane Wolfe
Professional Speaker & Author

Known as “Spunk On A Stick,” Wolfe is a member of the National Speakers Association and the author of numerous books. Her latest title, “How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now,” covers her publishing seminars in depth and provides an overview of the entire process from idea to market. “Overcoming Obstacles With SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting”, ties her goal-setting and leadership seminars together into one complete, enthusiastic package. Her YA series, The Circle of Friends, features morally grounded, positive stories. Wolfe travels extensively for media interviews and speaking engagements, maintains a dozen websites & blogs, and assists writers through her author services.

How to Publish and Promote Your Book Now!
By L. Diane Wolfe
$14.95 Trade paperback ISBN 978-0-9827139-5-2
$4.99 Ebook ISBN 978-0-9827139-9-0