Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Hi All,

It is already the first Wednesday of the month! I am glad I realized it before the day was out...
It is time for another IWSG post. Thanks to Alex, we all get to meet once a month and share our insecurities. Please drop by his blog to sign up and JOIN OUR GROUP! 

This month in particular has all of us anxious...

I am hoping and praying everyone is well during this crisis. Sadly, at this time we are all sharing the same insecurity. But we must all remember that we must not panic and just take it one day at a time. We all know what to do to stay safe, but there are those people who think they are immune and care more about their own agendas than staying home like the rest of us. We must pray for these people because these are the people that will be spreading this horrific virus.

I am proud of our smaller community(Lake Buena Vista) in Orlando. People here are staying home and leaving only for the necessities. Vineland Avenue, which is usually bumper to bumper with Premium Outlet shoppers and families going to Disney, is now empty. I see only the occasional walker or jogger, keeper their distances from one another and me. The grocery stores are complying and keeping customers the proper distance and disinfecting the carts. Overall, I feel somewhat safe. I have never washed my hands so much, but if it will save my life, I will continue to do so.

I am anxious about one thing though. This virus is keeping me here in Orlando. I had come down for a much-needed vacation after finishing my kitchen remodel in my new house up in NW Illinois. I arrived on March 3rd ready for a few fun months of Disney, Universal, and Sea World. I honestly had no idea how bad this virus would become, or I would have never left. A week or so later, all the Orlando parks closed. Now I am stuck. Not sure when I will be able to travel north again. Almost all the states have restrictions, and I would have to travel through five states to get home. 

Since we are all writers, we are comfortable staying home for days at a time, but this is very different. I am a social person and not being able to visit friends or go out for meals is certainly depressing me. There are only so many movies and shows I can watch before I am ready to scream...and trust me, I have. It does if you feel the need...let it rip! Lol

We all have to try and keep our sense of humor and I am VERY GRATEFUL to all of you posting funny pics and anecdotes on Facebook. They are definitely helping me, and I am sure others, too.

Stay safe my friends. Keep in touch. WE need each other now more than ever.

Sending you all TONS OF VIRTUAL HUGS!

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Hi All,

Sorry, I have been so scarce, but the new year started off bumpy for me. As most of you know, I went in for a basal cell removal in the first week of January. Sadly the cell was much bigger than expected. They took out a rather large chunk from the right side of my nose. Needless to say, the swelling and pain were unbearable at times, but thankfully I managed to persevere I always do. lol The swelling is finally coming down, but now the scar is more prevalent than ever. Harry Potter has nothing on me. LOL... I just wish mine was on my forehead too, instead of front and center on my nose. The scar is the full length from the top of my bridge to the tip. Not pretty. I am hoping with time and the scar cream it will diminish. Time will tell. If all fails, I will need laser or reconstructive surgery. Let us hope and prayer it fades.

I thought I would give you an update on my situation before getting to the real reason why I am posting.

As you can see from the title I had another Earthly Angel encounter! It has been quite a while and although I haven't posted any stories, I am hoping you have encountered an EA in your lives.

This story begins as yet another friend of mine had lost something precious to them. This time a wallet (last time it was a purse). My friend was clearing out his storage unit and haphazardly flung his coat and his wallet fell out. I had no idea of this until I received a phone call from a stranger in Chicago looking for my friend (apparently my number was in there). He asked me how he could get in touch with my friend. Stephen was so incredibly sweet. He was so concerned about my friend losing his wallet, he could only think of getting in touch with my friend as soon as possible. 

As soon as I finished talking with Stephen, I called my friend. He was on the road moving three hours outside of Chicago and was more than halfway to his destination. He realized he lost his wallet only minutes before I phoned him. He was running low on gas and pulled into a gas station. Realizing it was missing, he was just about to go into a panic. Thankfully I calmed him immediately with the good news. 

I phoned Stephen back. We chatted for a while and I realized he was an EA. He wanted nothing but to help. My friend was willing to head back to Chicago to pick up his wallet, but Stephen insisted he would send it out special delivery the following day. Since it was after five on Sunday, he waited until Monday morning. My friend insisted on giving him a gift card or something for his kindness, but he downright refused. He kept saying it was no inconvenience at all and he knew how it felt to lose a wallet because he lost his last year and sadly his wasn't returned. 

Like clockwork, my friend's wallet was returned to him. Not only was everything intact, but he didn't even use the money inside to send the wallet ... he paid the postage out of his own pocket! How honorable is that? 

Naturally, my friend sent him the postage back and insisted on sending him a gift card for him and his wife to have dinner. I texted Stephen that his package would arrive, and he was not all happy. He really didn't want anything for his kindness. But, my friend is kind, too, and once I explained that to Stephen, he agreed on enjoying a meal as a thank you for his good deed.

Imagine...even in a big city like Chicago, there are Earthly Angels around. Rember this when traveling through big cities. Not all city people are ruthless and unkind. There are EA's EVERYWHERE!!! And it was my pleasure to post about Stephen today. 

Thank you, Stephen. May you remain as kind as you are and continue to help others who need your help. It is a wonderful gift to be an EA...

I hope I find all of you well and in good health. I am finally relaxing and enjoying my new kitchen! is finally done! I can cook and bake again. Although it was stressful, the end result is a beautiful, Italian, Tuscan-like kitchen... Here are a few pics...

 I just love the fireclay farmhouse sink! 

I am also enjoying the mudroom. With all the snow we've been having it's great not to have to track Hamlet through the front with his wet paws.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020




It's 2020! WOW! I still can't believe it! Wasn't it only "yesterday" we were doing the "Y2K" thing and now it's TWENTY years later. We all have cell phones, computers, and every new gadget created in this new century. But, we still have our old anxieties lurking in the background and we drag them into each new year and decade. I say..."LET'S leave THEM in the PAST and start fresh. A new year and a new decade...Yay! What do you say? Agreed? You, bet!

First, the one thing I don't want to forget about is the wonderful people behind the IWSG! It's bigger and better than ever. Who would have ever imagined the success of this group thanks to the founder and our friend,! here! This organization has catapulted into far more than any of us would have ever imagined. 

For those of you who have not joined, please do by stopping by Alex's blog and signing up right away...we need you! We can ALL use good advice and we all have some to give to others who are in need. I know I am thrilled and honored to be apart of it. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. For me, well, it was interesting, to say the least. I traveled for three days in a fifteen-foot truck from Florida to my new country home in Galena, IL. When I arrived the place was covered in construction dust... and to top that, my kitchen was completely ripped out and had NO WALLS. I FREAKED...of course... who wouldn't? So now I was faced with only three weeks until Christmas and would be living in barely livable space. 

After my mini-breakdown, I dug in and started to clean. In four days, I managed to create a somewhat inhabitable place. Over the past five weeks, the house is now set, EXCEPT for the kitchen. I am staying here until it is done! Hopefully in a few more weeks. I finally have walls. LOL.

Writing took a back seat. I had planned to come to my new country haven and finish the remaining chapter of MK. HA! Talk about anxiety. I could barely breathe. Also, looming over me is the prospect of my basal cell removal surgery scheduled for tomorrow (just a small spot, pre-cancer, nothing to worry about...I hope and pray. That's what the doctor told me, anyway). On the plus side, I need to rest and not do anything strenuous to mar my face, SO,  now I have two weeks of post-op to chain myself to my computer and FINISH my editing. I will certainly do my best to IGNORE the construction dust, the noise from the kitchen floor install, cabinet install, etc. This is going to be quite a task for me... I may need to be drugged. LOL. I would appreciate some good vibes and prayers at this time for keeping my sanity and for the surgery. I am hoping once I immerse back into my manuscript, I will block out the rest. One can hope.

I will also be visiting your blogs as much as possible after every few hours of work. Although I am editing, I also have to write about five more chapters... no, I still haven't written them yet, but now I will.

Thanks for all your support and friendship throughout the years. Even though many of us have cut down on our blogging to a bare minimum, I still know we all love to keep in touch with our blogger buddies and wish them the best in their writing journeys and in their personal lives. I may disappear for a while, but the community is always in my thoughts and prayers. And...I always return. LOL

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, and may 2020 be a HAPPY AND HEALTHY year for all of us!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Hi All!

This year is flying by and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What a crazy rollercoaster ride of a year. At least it has been for me.  Starting a new life is always difficult, but when you do so in later years, it means so much more. When you are young, you "go with the flow" and let life happen to you. But as you mature into middle age, you think of only planning each and every step very carefully. As we all know, LIFE has a tendency to leave hurdles in our way. You find that you are traveling on much bumpier roads than imagined. But, through it all, one has to persevere. Which leads me to my point...

Like with LIFE, one has to persevere with their writing. I am proof of that! I have been writing for the past decade, and I have yet to be traditionally published. Yes, I have had blurbs, book covers, and essays published, but not any of my novels. That will hopefully change in the forthcoming year. Now that I am on my way to my next level of life, it is time to finish up the manuscript I have been working on for two years. MOMMY KAY will be finished. It is time. We all work at our own pace and putting UNNECESSARY pressure on ourselves to "pump" out a new book every year is just too much. Writing is supposed to be a joyous thing. It is not meant to create stress for ourselves. So if you are in the middle of a manuscript and are frustrated that you have not finished it yet, DON'T. ENJOY the journey... Life is too short and we need to live it. I have lost of few friends this year. They "moved on" way before they should have. Enjoy each day. Slow down and take in your surroundings. Our writing will always be there waiting for us. With each new life experience, your writing will take on a new facet...remember the brilliance of a diamond comes from the many facets that are cut into it.  Just like with amazing and brilliant writing, our life experiences will flow into the facets of each story we write.

My journey has been a very slow one, but I am okay with that. When the time comes for my story to be published it will and when it does, my readers will live my story through my words. That is what wonderful writing is all about!

So take heart, live life, and enjoy the wonders that will unfold before you.

Another holiday season is upon us. Slow down, enjoy the time with your family and friends. When the new year evolves, then start it off fresh with a new spark of life.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! May you all be truly blessed and thankful.

I know I am thankful for the IWSG and for the many people who give their time and talent to continue its success. When Alex first started this group, I was one of the first to join. If you have not already, drop by his blog and sign up...Thank you all in the IWSG, WE love you!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019



Sorry, I don't have time to do a full post since I am in the process of moving. I hope you all have a wonderful October...see you next month!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Hi all,

Welcome to another post of the IWSG. Today I am very concerned about all the victims in the Bahamas from the horrific Dorian. Please send out prayers to all those poor people who have been devasted by Dorian. Sadly, this is still not over, but at least Dorian is weakening and with God's help it will disperse and not do too much damage to the US. 

Natural disasters, like Dorian, plague us all, but these devasting storms show us how precious our lives are and we need to step back and reflect. With all the civil unrest in the US and around the world, it is times like these that make me think we ALL need to get along, stick together, and be kinder to one another.

This month I have no anxieties with my writing because I am concentrating on packing up my condo in Chicago. Yes, I am finally moving out of Chicago. It's time. Today I am traveling to the charming town of Galena, IL to look for a country house. Just three hours west of Chicago and on the Mississippi is Galena. A storybook village which I hope will motivate to finish up my writing projects once I settle in. As we ALL know, our surrounding influence our writing. If a writer is not comfortable in his/her writing space, they will be tons of anxieties about writing. So, for this month's post, I want to suggest to all fo you that you make your writing spaces cozy and comfortable. We spend SO MUCH time in our writing spaces, they NEED to be comfortable.

May everyone be safe on the east coast of the US. Alex, I hope you and your family will take extra care and stay safe through this storm. I know the Carolinas will be hit by the storm, so our prayers go out to you all.

Thank you, to the whole IWSG team to give us ALL the opportunity to learn from each other and to vent our insecurities. If you would like to join our group, please drop by Alex's site to sign up...

Take care, everyone!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Hi All.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 

As we all know it's the first Wednesday of the month and it's time for another IWSG post. Thanks to all the endeavors of the founder Alex Cavanaugh and his staff, we all have one day a month to express our anxieties over writing. With the support of this community we are priveldged to receive emotional support and advice. What a wonderful way to spend our Wednesdays! If you would like to join, please sign up at Alex's blog here. 

This month wasn't the best for writing. I am still having difficulties pludging into the remainder of my present WIP. I did manage a few pages, but that isn't nearly enough. However, I decided to read some new books instead. It has helped tremedously. This was advice given to me from my last post, and it has stirred my craving for writing again. Hopefully this will get me out of my slump. 

One of my favorite reads was Tara Tyler's third book in her BEAST series: Windy Hollow. For all of you fantasy lovers out there, this is a series you will quite enjoy! Windy Hollow is a wonderful story on its own, but if you have the chance to read the first two book along with this one, you will be hooked on this series as I am. I can't wait until book four! Here is the amazon link for you convenience. Link. 

So, if you are experiencing a slump in your writing, try reading a few books to get your juices flowing. 

Well, that is all for now.  Have a wonderful month and I'll see in you September!