Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hi All!

 I hope you are enjoying the fall weather... still kind of warm here, but it's cooler in the evening... For all our friends in the south eastern states  and Caribbean, PLEASE stay safe through Hurricane Mathew... I know how aweful hurricanes can be since I lived through four of them. (Please send prayers their way everyone...)

Today is another segment of the IWSG.... Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh we can all vent our insecurities once a month. This monthly meeting certainly has helped me through many anxious times and it can for you as well. Please check out the list and join! Here's the link. And thanks to all the hosts this month!

September came in like a whirlwind for me. Not only did I finally finish my loft, but I have some very exciting news that now I can share. I am just finishing up a major illustration contract. A four color illustration for the cover and graphic design, PLUS 17 interior illustrations. I am thrilled to say that almost all the art has been approved  (tweaking the last four illustration and final cover design) and the book should come out sometime later this month or early next month. It all depends on the formatting...

I was offered this job because the previous chosen illustrator became sick and couldn't do the job. I only had THREE weeks to complete this and NEEDLESS to say I was certainly anxious about it. But now that it's practically done, I feel so much better.... This project was so fun for me because the book is a collection of Icelandic Folklore tales geared toward Children.... SO I got to create trolls, giants, fairies, princes, kings, etc. It was so nice to be able to really draw again. It's been a few years since I have illustrated a cover and years since I've down scene interiors...  Here is one of my favorites! The story is called Helga, an Icelandic Fairy Tale... (This is original art... please don't reproduce in any way without my consent- thanks). 

SO needless to say, I am doing great this month. By Friday, I can breath again. I'll definitely keep you posted once I find out the date for release! 

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for dropping by.