Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Good morning All,

I have EXCELLENT NEWS. My snippet for the ROAD LESS TRAVELED blog hop sponsored by the WEP won FIRST PLACE~

SO, I don't have any insecurities about my writing this month. Instead I will inspire those of us who HAVE BEEN in an incredible writer's slump, like I have over the past two years, THAT one day it DOES PASS!. You just never know what will trigger it. Inspiration can STRIKE at any moment! It has for me...

My new Memoir/WEP is MOMMY KAY- About a very UNFORGETTABLE  woman for  her time or ANY for that matter.

The inspiration for this memoir came about, just in passing. My neighbor at my condo in Orlando has a few pups. Hamlet, my Westie, being the friendly sort, dragged me over to have a visit with her pups. We got to talking and after a few chats, the subject of her mother came up. Well, the rest was history. After hearing about a few of Kay's OUTRAGEOUS romps through life, I mentioned to Kim that I was a writer and would be very interested in writing Kay's memoir. Kim's face glowed. "OMG, my mother had always wanted to write her story," she said breathless. So, a few weeks later we signed a contract and I got straight to work.

THE WEP was having their usual blog hop/contest with their usual fabulous prompts, and the "ROAD LESS TRAVELED" prompt was the perfect one to feature a snippet from Kay's memoir. Kay is the epitome of someone who traveled on the road less traveled!