Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Hi, All,

Welcome to another segment of the IWSG! Another month has whizzed by and so many things arise with the coming of Spring. Many in the north are still cold, but I did see spurts of warm weather! So, Spring is certainly on it's way. Spending time here in Florida, certainly does exude spring! Flowers and trees are in bloom and so is the high pollen count. ACHUU! Bless me. LOL. 

As most of you know, I haven't written much in a very long time, BUT I have been reading feverishly. And just let me say, if you have any kind of writer's block, READING DOES HELP! I have read several of the classics, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Tale of Two Cities, and even three of my favorites from Harry Potter. Let me just say, these authors know how to WRITE.... OF course the 19th cent. writers spend many a PAGE on description and although lovely in prose, it does weigh the story down a bit. BUT, also remember, back then there was no TV, no COMPUTERS, no STEREOS, and NO CARS... so what else did they have to do, but submerge themselves into that gorgeous prose. We as writers of the 21st century do have much to learn from them... Description, when used correctly, does pivot the reader into the author's world. WE just have to be careful we don't INFO dump.... weaving the description into dialogue and action makes for a wonderful read!

I have throughly enjoyed my reading time these past few months and I am currently reading another classic.... The Canterbury Tales.... Talk about description.... then add rhyme... it's an EXHAUSTING read, but once your get the timing the stories do pop off the page. We just have to be very patient and determined to carry on. However it is a slow read, but luckily a reader can stop after each tale and revisit again at another time and not have to worry about missing something. Each tale is a story within itself.

I am feeling lighter about the drudgery that life often brings us. A small weight has lifted and I am starting to feel more like myself and hope to be writing very, very soon. I actually did jot down a few ideas for new works.... EEK.... kind of scary, but it honesty believe it's time.

Once again I'd like to thank Alex and the other co-hosts this month~ It's always nice to vent our frustrations and to share insights and advice with our fellow writers... Try and pop over to Alex's blog for the latest and to visit other authors in the IWSG!

Always remember to pick up a CLASSIC when you find life is stressful and the blank page is staring at you....

Have a WONDEFUL day everyone and thanks so much for visiting! Always happy to see you here!