Wednesday, May 5, 2021


 Hi All,

Welcome to May's addition to the IWSG. Thanks to our founder, Alex J. Cavanaugh, writers are privileged once a month to speak their minds on writing and all the anxiety that goes with it. Feel free to join, if you haven't already! Here is Alex's sign up link:

Many writers hibernate during the winter months, and some do a lot of writing and others may not. I tend to write less in the winter months with so many distractions like the holidays and LOTS of snow to shovel. Winter leaves me lethargic and flat. Now that SPRING is here, I become inspired. Last week I traveled to Florida and when I returned back to NW IL, my charming, little town EXPLODED with color. Bright green leaves were infused with pink, white, coral, and yellow flowers. The hostas leaves grew at least a foot high,  and flowering shrubs dotted all the landscapes including my own. Lilacs scented the air adding an invigorating charge to my senses. How can anyone not be inspired by the rebirth of nature? Right? 

Immediately I began scribbling out new ideas for my next novel, even though I currently have not finished my WIP. It is time for something NEW. Sometimes we have to leave our current works and start on something fresh. Then, in a few weeks, we can go back to our former works with new excitement. So that is my advice to all writers who are coming out of their winter slump. Enjoy the SPRING and all its glory. Put down your dusty current MS and bring to life an exciting new idea. 

I hope and pray that you are all well. Covid has certainly brought us all down and into a place where our creativity was/is certainly stifled. I have only had my first Covid shot and am scheduled for the second in less than two weeks. I am nervous though because so many people have more severe reactions to the second shot. Keeping a positive attitude can help, but so can prayers and good vibes. Wishing all of you the same during your vaccination.