Thursday, July 24, 2014


Remember, dude…always remember…

This is my life. The only way for me to survive.

The bell rings and I’m off to yet another class. I don’t know how much more I can take. 

I coast through the halls, avoiding eye contact with the cool kids. Their snide remarks ricochet off me like a quarterback hit by a linebacker.  

After entering into science class, I drop into the desk behind Jenny and Mark, pricking my ears to hear anything that may help me pass.

Beads of sweat mist on my forehead as Mr. Sanders hands out the test. 

This is hopeless…

After school I search for the one person who knows my secret. Fat Nyla. I overhear the loud voices and high-pitched laughter of Cassy and her gang, badgering Nyla as I approach.

Cassy pushes Nyla into the lockers and the crunch of the metal clenches my fingers into a tight fist.

“Back off!” I call out. 

“Mind your own business, loser,” Cassy says. Her tone cuts through my like a razor, but draws me to my full height. 

“I said, back off.”

She takes in my brooding stance and stiffens. “Let’s go girls. Our work is done for today.” She faces Nyla. “I’ll get you later. Count on it.”

Fat Nyla lets out a deep breath as she watches her nemesis retreat.

“Are you alright?”

“I’ll live.” Her dark eyes raise and stare into mine. “You look like hell. What’s up?”

“Do I really need to spell it out for you?” I turn from her penetrating eyes. “I can’t cover it up much longer.”

“Dude, you need to get help. You’re just one step away from Juvy.”

She rummages through her locker, takes out a pad and scribbles something, tearing off the bottom and hands it to me.

“I’ve heard she’s helped a lot of guys like you. Give her a call.”

I glance down and barely make out the name and numbers.

“Can you read it? Her name's, Maggie. 529-6613. Memorize it. 529-6613.

I mouth the name and numbers several times, forcing them into my brain.

“I hope she can help me…”

“I’ve gotta go. Later, Hutch. And…thanks.”

I stare down at the jumble of letters and numbers. Remembering what they say, I head for home…

Will Hutch get the help he needs?

Will Maggie be able to help him or does Hutch slam into another dead end?



C. Lee Mckenzie

Time is running out… but for who? 



Or both?

Whoa... now this is intense... I know I want to know more! Lee certainly knows how to PEAK our interest!

Available TOMORROW, July 25TH! Here's the link...


I hope you all enjoyed my interpretation of Lee's book.  Here is the logline for DOUBLE NEGATIVE...

Sixteen-year-old Hutch McQueen is a smart kid who can barely read. He makes one bad choice after another, trying to find a way to escape his rotten life at home and at school. Each time he gets into more trouble.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi, All,

Well as you may have guessed. today is the first Wednesday of the month and that means.... Another segment of the IWSG...

Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, we all get to share our anxieties and support for each other on this special day. Here's the link to sign up and join us! I know I am very proud to be a member of this group and we welcome you to join, if you haven't already!

Today, I'd liked to share my month long querying experience with you. 

Finding a home for our precious manuscripts is NOT EASY. We all know this, but we hope and pray that perhaps a shimmer of golden light will shine on us.... 

As many of us know, querying is HELL... WE take months to write the perfect query, then another month or so to research potential agents/publishers. 

As our heart pounds against our chest we address the agent/publisher and add the query. Thoughts ranging from, My work is crap... They'll hate this... Why am I even bothering?... This is SUCH a WASTE of time... I know I'm going to nail this!... I'll never hear back from them... I'll have an offer by next week! ... 

These are the anxieties and emotions that run rampant through our minds every time.... THEN we have to face the DREADED SEND button!

With one last terrifying glimpse of our letter, we use every ounce of energy that's left to move our finger toward that dreaded button. As our fingers tremble we hold our breathe and DO IT. 

DONE. It's out there... 

Now the waiting begin... 


This is what I've been experiencing on a daily basis. Not only sending queries, but waiting for answers. They do come... Three rejects this month. 

Thankfully I have at least another fifty or so agents I haven't queried yet. Of course I am waiting until the very end to send to my favorite agents. 

Each rejection I hold my breath as I skim for SOME piece of useful advice. But sadly, most of mine are form rejections, which INFURIATES ME, but not for the reason you think. 

I get angry because I spend SO much time on getting the query perfect, tailoring to each individual agent, the LEAST they can do is ADRESS it to ME... not just, Dear author, or nothing at all. I'm sorry, it doesn't take THAT MUCH TIME to type in the words, "Dear Michael." Especially since almost every agent has an assistant who sends these lovely rejection gems....

But we must endure, keep positive, and believe in our stories. ALWAYS remember this. This is a VERY SUBJECTIVE business and we need to realize this right from the beginning!

I am hoping that next month will bring me better news. My heart jumps for joy every time I see good news from a fellow blogger stating they signed a contract or their book will be released soon. It brings me hope, knowing there are agents and publishers that DO have taste...

SO PLEASE everyone, KEEP bringing our community good news. Believe me, it helps writers like me who are struggling to be heard.

I wish you all a fun weekend and keep your dream alive!

Don't forget to drop by the other members and lend your support!