Friday, March 28, 2014


I watch the storm closely as it approaches, drumming my fingers as they tap out a sporadic nonexistent code.

Many thoughts of peace, war, and life as it once was, flash like a meteor shower through my mind. 

My perfect world…What’s to become of it? 

How will we survive? Time is so fleeting…

As a missile hits its target a child screams. My child. I rush to his side, pulling him close to my chest. My heart racing faster than any galactic ship.

I rock him, praying this will be the last nightmare. If he has another, he may lose his mind for good. 

I cannot let this happen! 

His tearing eyes close once more and he settles into a restless sleep. After placing him back down, I step out, holding my breath.

A surge of pain cleaves through my head as I rush back to my quarters. 

There must be something to stop this storm and my son’s nightmares…but what?”

With each throb, only images of the war and an ancient ship manifests so clearly, it renders me helpless. Then it hits me. Harder than any physical pain I’ve ever known.

My body trembles. Sweat collects on my forehead. 

A connection. There’s a connection between our world crumbling and that ship!

But the storm is about to break us apart.

Is it too late to put together a plan?

We live on borrowed time.

“I’ll have to try…” The words slip out like a shooting star jetting across the midnight sky.

I clasp my hands to my head squeezing off the tension.

“Tomorrow then…”

Will Byron be able to save his planet and his child?

To find out, one must enter the STORM…

CASSA STORM by Alex J. Cavanaugh

Happy Friday all! 

I hope you enjoyed my intro, my THEME for the A-Z Challenge! 

Yes, they're back! I'm repeating my theme by creating intros for this year's amazing books!

AND, I still have a few letters left. If you guys have a book or know of a new book or release coming out soon in these letters, PLEASE let me know...

 I, K, O, P, U, V, Y, and Z

I'd really appreciate your help in this. Everyone this year seems to be so much busier than last year so many probably haven't heard. Thanks to all of you who posted, tweeted, and Facebooked... it did help a lot!

I know many of you have already written and scheduled your posts...lucky you! I hope to begin writing the first few this weekend. Time is just slipping away from me these days.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! See you on the first of April....

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a good week. TIME is FLYING and the A-Z is less than two weeks away. OH! NO!

And I STILL need more submissions for my theme! So if you have a book you'd like me to create and intro for, PLEASE let me know and if you can ... PLEASE get the word out. I'd really appreciate it!

I'd like to start writing some of the posts now to get a bit of a head start. SO I need to finalize my list by next week the latest. Hopefully before that.

IS very one psyched? I know I am. Since my eye problems I feel so out of sorts with all of you. I know you understand that I couldn't visit, but still I feel left out. SOOOOO much is happening with everyone's new this and that. Thankfully with each day my vision seems to keep a good hold, so only one month to go to be out of the clear...

THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and warm wishes for my continued clear sight. It means so much to me, knowing I have you all rooting for me.

I also forgot to mention that last week I finished the final edits of my second novel. YAY! It is in my editor's hands now and I'm waiting anxiously for her final critique. Hopefully it will be ready to submit. I have two smaller publishers that might publish it. So I am very excited about the prospect. I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear back from her.

Wishing all of you a TERRIFIC Thursday.

I have a wonderful unexpected surprise. BLOGGER PAL PK HREZO is in Chicago!!!! And we're meeting for a fun early evening downtown. So I can't wait to see her! We've been buddies for several years now and I just saw her in Tampa just before Christmas. So it's such a treat to see her again so soon! I can't wait.

Hoping you all have just as much fun today as I will!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hi, Everyone!

How are all of you?! I can't begin to say how much I've missed you guys. And HUGE HUGS to all of you for the kind words and prayers during my healing.

So far. So good. My sight not regressing so that is a really good sign. I still have another month to sweat out. There's still a chance the cells can come back. It takes a few months for them to show up. But I'm hopeful they won't!

As for A-Z, I'm still WANTING to feature your books, but I'm still a bit hesitant. Half the month of March is gone and I would need to start working on them now. SO, I've decided to ask for submissions! Send me your books. BUT...if the cells return, I may have to back out. I KNOW you'll all understand if I do. But let's go for it!!!! Positive thinking ALL THE WAY!

I haven't even told Alex or Lee yet, so you ALL are the first to know. LOL.

You all have a week to submit. Next Friday I will do a drawing a pick the entries. I'll notify you through your email... Really excited about featuring your fantastic new books!

Today was a lovely afternoon in Chicago. With temps in the 50's a renewed hope for spring has entered all our hearts. But the winds are furious and cold still and we do expect a drop to the 20's on Sunday.

Here's to hoping spring will SPRING forward as soon as possible. Come on Mother Nature, show us how beautiful this season can be!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



Well I just stepped back into my toasty condo after two weeks in springtime. South and Central Florida was a dream, but now I have woken up in the Ides of March and six inches of newly fallen snow.

I amazes me that only six short hours ago I was walking on a sandy beach in Fort Lauderdale at 85 degrees with the coconut palms swaying. Now stepping off the bus a sharp, frigid wind stung my eyes and checks at seventeen degrees. SO ironic isn't it?

As we all know today is the first Wednesday of the month and we IWSGers hold this day very special indeed. It's a day we can voice our insecurities and lend support to others who really need it. As most of you know this past month I had noticed complications from my Lasik surgery done in December. I needed to fly back to Florida to have it taken care of pronto.

My insecurities about my sight were explosive... what if...? You get the picture. Thankfully I was checked yesterday and all seem fine for now. I still need to pray and keep positive that the cells won't grow back. It's still too early to tell. So I'm not out of the danger zone yet.

Sadly my writing and blogging time must be minimal. Taxing my eyes now would not be a good thing. I am still hoping to do A-Z, but I decided to give myself at least another week before I commit to it. I KNOW you all understand. My hearts says YES!YES!YES! But my eyes are singing a different tune altogether. SO with high hopes, I'll be asking for submissions next week.

These past few months also plagued me with a MAJOR rewrite of my second novel.  I pounded away at it for over two months and now I am finally on the last TWEAK... At least I hope so. Waiting for my editor to send me back the last fifty or so pages. It was taxing for sure, but I'm surprised how much I like he newer version.

So THAT insecurity is laid to rest.  March/April will be a very stressful month for me. This will be the first March/April in four years that I haven't spent in Florida. I know the rain and very chilly weather here in Chicago will get to me.  I've always hated March even when I kid growing up in New York City.

But I WILL remember on those specific days the warm sunshine kissing my face as the birds chipped merrily in swaying palm trees.

Please don't forget to drop by Alex's blog for the complete list of entries AND the new IWSG Website!

Have a GREAT day/evening everyone!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hi, all,

SO sorry I'm posting this so late. Still trying to figure out my schedule and to see if I can handle the A-Z.

Today I have my final appointment with the eye doctor. I hope to get a positive check up. Once I'm in the clear  I will sign up. I really would love to do last year's theme again. I was so privileged to have the opportunity to feature so many talented writers.

If all goes well I will be making the announcement on Wednesday. So get your covers and blurbs ready to send to me!

I fly out of Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday as well. Snow is predicted in Chicago and I do hope their are no delays. Will this winter ever end?

Yesterday was GLORIOUS in Florida and today is starting out equally as stunning. Oh, if we could only have this in the north!

Thanks for you patience on the A-Z. As we all know it's a huge commitment and I take this very seriously, so I must make sure I can handle it. So many things are happening right now with my novel and work. You know how unexpected life can be.

Have a great day everyone and I will hopefully have good news for you tomorrow!