Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hi, All,

HAPPY SPRING! Even though we are still getting snow in Chicago, signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The earth is coming alive once more. So this is THE PERFECT time to renew our own hopes and dreams.

For over a year I was searching for my place in Florida. I spent so much time and money researching potential homes in Tampa and Orlando, but sadly my efforts were all in vane...until now! I am finally under contract for the cutest little condo in Orlando. Only two miles from the gates of the most magical place on earth... Disney.

This winter was a very depressing and stressful one for me. I had hoped I would be away from Chicago because after the past two winters, I knew I couldn't handle another one. But I survived, but at a price. I had promised myself I would NEVER gain weight again. For over five years I kept my promise, that was until now. It didn't take long to put on thirty pounds. Yes, you have read correctly. As most of us know depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand. My anxieties of my entrapment in Chicago certainly got the best of me... but NOW... with Spring in the air, I am back on track, found my place, in Florida, and have lost ten of the thirty pounds I had put on... It takes a great deal of time and tenacity to make our lives run the course we want them to run. Remember this every time it gets hard and you want to give up.

As most of you know, I always take negatives and turn them into positives. And that is what we all need to do. The moment I focused on getting myself put back together, everything fell into place. 

I have been working on my illustrations and created a new look for them. I am beginning to send them out along with SLOWLY getting back to writing. So for this month, I have my anxieties in check.

I know many of you are in the A-Z challenge and I have nothing but respect and admiration for you! I hope to get around a bit today and visit some of you. In between taking care of my six-month-old puppy, Hamlet... I can't believe I've had him for four months already. He has turned out to be my new BEST FRIEND... Here's a illustration I did of him in my new style. I'd love to know what you all think!

I hope you all can pop in on other members of the IWSG. It's nothing but INSPIRING...

Have a great day everyone!