Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Jillian rummages through the house, looking for something to satisfy her craving. After eight months of hell, carrying her future daughter, nothing seems to do the trick. She waddles into the living room and glares at her husband.


He looks up with bleary eyes. "Well, what?"

"Do you really need to ask."

"Not ANOTHER craving?" He rubs his eyes. "I only had three hours sleep last night. You're wearing me out."

"I'm wearing you out...ha! When you're as big as a beach ball, then we'll talk. did this to me!"

"I what? You're the one who badgered me to start a family."

She glares at him again. "That's not the point. The least you can do is get me a snack when I want one. I'm eating for two, you know"

"More like five," he mutters."

"What did you say?!"

"Nothing. I'll go." He stands, stretches and heads into the bedroom. A moment later he comes back out and sits in the chair. After tying his laces, throwing on his heavy winter coat, he steps toward the door. "What this time?"

Jillian smirks. "Surprise me."

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Winds howl as Jeff scrapes off the three inches of snow accumulated on the surface of his car. Stiff, frozen fingers unlock the door. 

He cranks the engine. 


He tries again.

Still nothing.

"She's gonna really flip out. Please start...PLEASE."

He cranks the key once more. 

The starter clicks, but the engine remains lifeless.

"Shit. What now. Nothing's open after ten in Ann Arbor. What the hell do I do now."

Jeff whips out his phone. Clicks onto the internet. Scrolls through a few pages of restaurants and calls a few...

"All closed." He bangs the steering wheel. He makes it to Z ...

"Hmm. Zingermans'. A Jewish deli...Why not?! That'll surprise the hell out of her." 

He keys in the numbers. 

One ring...

Two rings...

Three rings...


"Please tell me you're and you deliver."

"Yes, Sir. Untill eleven.

"You saved my life. Thanks..."

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Has this ever happened to you? Craving something different?

Don't live in Ann Arbor, Michigan?...

No worries.

The solution is easier than you think...

Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating


Ari Weinzeig

"Hailed by the New York Times, Esquire, and the Atlantic Monthly as one of the best delicatessens in the country, Zingerman’s is a trusted source for superior ingredients — and an equally dependable supplier of information about food. Now, Ari Weinzweig, the founder of Zingerman’s, shares two decades of knowledge gained in his pursuit of the world’s finest food products: oils, vinegar, and olives; bread, pasta, and rice; cheeses and cured meats; seasonings like salt, pepper, and saffron; vanilla, chocolate, and tea."

Now you can have your very own copy...

Another fun find from Goodreads, this book not only gives you terrific insight into food but how to really enjoy it.

Amazon: Link


I hope all enjoyed my intros this passed month. I totally enjoyed discovering new books to feature and hope you don't hate me too much because of your INFLATED TBR lists and DEFLATED pockets...

I'd also like to thank ALL OF YOU for you warm and caring wishes for my birthday... I had an amazing day.

I hope you all have FUN, hopping around and playing catch up. That's certainly what I'll be doing for the rest of the week! 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014


"This a public access announcement...

"Please stayed tuned for a completely novel approach to networking...

"ARE YOU one of those writers who is terrified not to let anyone read your work? Scared that, perhaps, someone might SNATCH your brilliant premise or idea away from you?

"OR, ARE YOU not willing to share your BRILLIANCE with other writers?

"ARE YOU, perhaps, terrified of SUCCESS?

"OR, ARE YOU, just plain TOO SHY?

"The answer my friends is READ THIS BOOK..."


10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered.


Austin Kleon

"It's about getting FINDABLE...

"About using the network instead of waisting time 'networking'

"Embrace your communal nature of creativity- your 'ecology of talent...'"

Amazon: Link

Hi, Everyone, when I found this book on Goodreads last week. It hit me like a kick from a mule. Austen Kleon is a NYTimes best seller and we ALL need to read what he has to say about getting ourselves out there. I can't wait to read this book and learn how to get my "talent" discovered. 

We should all have a copy of this in our personal library...

As a matter of fact, I think I will treat myself to a copy for my birthday! Weeee another year older. But to me it's another year of learning my craft, connecting with all of my AWESOME peeps in the blogosphere and another year closer to PUBLICATION! 

Writers are AGELESS... never forget it! 

SO have a birthday cupcake and some champagne and keep the PARTY GOING! WE ALL have something to celebrate... JUST ONE MORE DAY to COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE....YAY!!!!!!!

I've tried to blow out this candle but can't! LOL.



See you all tomorrow!

Monday, April 28, 2014


“Hey, all…

“Trotter here. It’s time to get personal.

“What a day I had… 

“First and foremost…High School bites. 

“Not only did Ms. Hillard berate me in front of the whole class for not doing her crappy writing assignment as perfectly as Nicole Taylor, the anal princess that she is…BUT…I find out Jason, the CUTEST guy in the ninth grade, asked her out!

“Like, can you believe this?

“I’ve gotta come up with some plan to break those two up. But how?

“Any ideas?

“Come on. Someone out there must have some answer?

“Well, it’s late. Let’s all sleep on it. I’ll check back with all of you in the morning. ‘Night.”

Trotter flips off the light and falls into a restless sleep. Dreams of gods, goddess, and a cataclysmic apocalypse flash through her semi conscious mind. She rolls from one side of the bed to the other and lands with a crunch on the hardwood floor.

“Damn. Can’t a girl get a break?” she exclaims, rubbing her wrist and elbow.

The room shakes.

The walls tremble.

“Earthquake!” she screams and runs to the bedroom door, flings it open, and stands in the frame, peering out into the hall. Everything’s eerily silent.

“What the hell.”

She steps back into her room, closing the door.

The window flies open and an icy breeze chills her to the bone. She rushes to close it, but it won’t budge.

A steak of lightning and a crash of thunder follows. Rain pours through the open window, soaking Trotter.

With all her strength she slams the window shut. A bolt of lightning whizzes toward her, striking the sill and an electric shock waves through Trotter’s body.

She drops to the floor. A voice rings throw her mind. “Trotter you are a demigoddess. You must take your rightful place in our world…”

*     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

After a long day of exploding spells, hitting things she’s not supposed to, and her powers running all of the place, Trotter takes a deep breath.

He, All…

“Trotter here… again…

“Don’t run away! I promise, I in deep crap right now and I really need some help here.

“I must say this demigoddess thing is not all what it’s cracked up to be. 

“I’m, like, caught in the middle between two worlds, ours and the gods. And they’re just withdrawing from everything and fighting amongst themselves.

“And now the world’s starting to fade. Oops…You really didn’t know? Sorry. Tough break. And the kicker is everyone is blaming me! 

“Let’s get real here, why would I want the faze out the world? I LOVE you guys!

“So what do you think?

“Yeah, that’s what I figured, too. Find out who’s behind it and prove my innocence…

“This is a real bummer, for sure.

“Thanks for you help…

“I promise to save you guys! HONEST!”

Will the search for truth come at a cost for Trotter?

Who’s really behind this and what does a little girl named Alice have to do with any of this?

Trotter’s not going to like the answers.


Dreams of Chaos


Ashley Chappell

Will Trotter’s magic be strong enough to endure the drama?

Now this story really has quite a few fun elements. Demigods, gods, the world fading! And on teenage girl has to save the world and herself. Not to mention this mysterious little girl named Alice.

What a fun way to start the last week of the A-Z… 

I bet you’re all wondering what this title has to do with the letter X…


Plus remember this is a TOTAL ad-lib of this novel…

Heres the blurb…

With her leaky powers and premature smiting problem, fourteen year-old Trotter was still just trying to get the hang of the demi-godding business when the apocalypse began. In a world where the gods have withdrawn from humanity, leaving mortals bitter toward magic, she finds herself torn between the human and the goddess in her as the world begins to fade away and she becomes the prime suspect. When her search to determine the cause and prove her innocence ends up revolving around a mysterious little girl named Alice, she discovers that not all of the gods had been as distant as they seemed... Now, with everyone against her and the gods fighting amongst themselves, Trotter is on her own to save her world and stop a spiteful god from using Alice to destroy everything.

Amazon: Link

Have a great Monday everyone!!!!

Tune in tomorrow for my special day….IT’s my BIRTHDAY and a special Y will be featured. You don’t want to miss it!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


The golden morning light breaks, as a statuesque figure creates the perfect hour glass inside the frame of an open gilded door. 

“Ms. Kennedy. Welcome to Cristobel island,” says the elegantly dressed man, standing behind a hand-carved Chippendale mahogany desk. “I do hope you had a pleasant flight.” He flourishes is arm toward a Louis the XIV chair.” Please sit down.

She steps into the office. “Good morning, Mr. Cade.” Her ruby lips curl into a smile, revealing perfect white teeth. “Yes. Thank you. It was a very enjoyable flight.” She drapes herself into and chair like a curtain of fine silk. An open-toed stiletto catches the light as she crosses her long legs in one swift movement.

“I have made all the arrangements. You leave the day after tomorrow. You will be most pleased. I’m sure.”

“I do hope so, Mr. Cade. I am desperate for a change of scenery.”

“You have definitely come to the right place, my dear.” He beams at her.

“Please follow me to your suite…”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Muscles stain, pulling back the chestnut appaloosa. “Whoa, Trevor.” 

The horse snorts, slows, and takes his stance. Spurs jingle as heavy booted feet hit the dirt road. Dust kicks up with each step of the broad figure, as heads up the wooden stairs and enters the sheriff’s office.

“Howdy, Jake.”

“Howdy, Sheriff. Any news on Alanna McCleod?”

“Yup. She hit another train this mornin. Over in Beaver Creek.” He furrows his brows. “Third robbery this week. You gotta catch her, Jake.”

“Yes, Sheriff. I’m working on it.”

“Well, work harder. You’re the best bounty hunter in the West.”

“I figure, she’s gonna hit Willa Grove next. Leave it to me Sheriff.”

“I’m countin on ya.” He reaches into his drawer and pulls out a small leather pouch, tossing it on top of the desk. “Here’s your pay for the cattle rustler. It’ll be a hell of a lot more when you bring in McCleod.”

“Thanks Sheriff. I’ll be back soon to claim the reward.”

Jake tips the wide brim of his Stetson and heads out onto the porch as the sun dips low in the sky…

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Hooves strike the hard earth, kicking a cloud of dust into the early morning sky. Steam billows, mingling with the dust as the train chugs down the tracks. 

“Move, Killer! Move!” shouts a feminine voice, kicking the flanks of the horse. He brays and increases the speed.

She pulls the reigns to the right, keeps pace with the train, stands, and leaps onto the back of the car, grasping the rail. Straightening her five foot, nine inch frame, she pulls out her pistols and flings the door open…

She walks through empty car after empty car and stops in the center, eyeing the massive iron safe. A uniformed guard asleep, leans against it.

She kicks him hard in the side. He gasps and blinks his eyes and stares at the gun only inches from his face.

“Open it.”

His face splits into a grin. “Allana McCleod. A pleasure Ma’am. You’re more beautiful in person. And may I say, you’ve got the wickedest green eyes.”

“Cut the small talk…Open it. Don’t let me tell you again.”

“I’d like to oblige you, Ma’am, but I don’t know the combination.”

She shoots him in the foot. He howls as blood stains the wooden floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you bitch!” He growls, pulling out his gun, shooting into the air.

“What did you call me? No, matter. For the last time. Open it. The next bullet will lodge in your heart.

He waves his gun. 

She laughs. “Like that’s gonna stop me.” She aims and shoots him in the shoulder just above his heart. He collapses to the floor. Allana reaches into her satchel and pulls out a stick of dynamite. 

“Don’t bother,” Jake says through gritted teeth. “There’s nothing in there. This is a set up.”

“What? You’ll pay for this…”

  *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Laid out on the bed, a corset, pantaloons, crinoline, garter, black stockings, and a moss green poplin dress await Katherine Kennedy as she steps out of the shower and heads toward the bedroom.

Her emerald eyes glance at the clothing and her lips twist into a grimace. “What’s the meaning of this?” She slips into a satin robe and picks up the phone.

“Connect me with Mr. Cade at once.”

“Good morning, Ms. Kennedy. Is something troubling you?”

“Yes. Why did you leave those vintage rags on my bed?”

“That is your travel ensemble.”

“You’re joking. Right? I never wear anything but Chanel.”

He laughs. “My dear, Ms. Kennedy. Where you’ll be traveling to, Coco Chanel hasn’t even been born yet.”

“But I don’t understand. I paid you a mint for an unforgettable trip.”

“Trust me, Ms. Kennedy. It will be. Meet me upon the hour in my office, dressed in the appropriate attire.”

He hangs up.

“But Mr. Cade…”

As the clock strikes noon, Katherine arrives at Mr. Cade’s office. The stiffened crinoline rustles as she steps into his office.

“Mr. Cade. Would you please explain what this is all about. Am I going to costumed ball? If so, this dress is much too simple.”
“No, my dear. You are going to the old West in the year 1881.”

“I’m what? Are you mad?”

“Not at all. This way please.”

He leaves his office and Katherine follows. He opens a gilded bronze door. 

“Step inside my dear. Close your eyes. And count down from twenty-five.”

“Fine. If I must. But this is freaking me out.”

“Just relax and have a good time.”

Katherine peeks through the door and sees nothing but an empty space. 

“Please, my dear. Inside. And don’t forget to count.

Katherine squeezes herself in and pulls the rest of her dress inside. Mr. Cade closes the door.

“Begin now.”

Twenty-five, Twenty-four, twenty-three…the floor vibrates. Twenty-two, twenty-one, nineteen, eighteen…the walls tremble…Seventeen, sixteen, fifteen…Katherine’s heart beats faster. Fourteen, thirteen, twelve. Her throat constricts. Eleven, ten, nine, eight…


The door springs open. 

She steps out.

The bright sunlight blinds her. A breeze carries the scent of manure into her nostrils.

Her eyes adjust and she can’t believe what she sees. A train awaits at a station. The thick pumped steam emitting from the smoke stack paints over the sky. 

Someone grabs her arm and spins her around. “Gotcha, Allana McCleod. I’m taking you in.”

“Who are you?! Take your hands off me.” She tries to pull away and his grip grows stronger. “I’m Katherine Kennedy. Let me go.”

“I’m the bounty hunter you shot a few days ago and you’re coming with me.” He drags her down the dirt road toward the sheriff’s office.

“Let me go! I’m not that woman. I wouldn’t shoot anyone!”

He pushes her up the stairs, onto the porch, stopping abruptly in front of a pinned up sign. “Take a good look. Deny that’s you.”

Katherine locks her eyes on the poster. Her jaw drops. The eyes looking back are hers…



Marcy Hatch

Will Katherine be hanged for robberies she didn’t commit?”

How will she convince the bounty hunter of her true identity?

What’s Jack’s real story?

He has a lot more in common with Katherine than he realizes…

Okay, First let me apologize for the length. Marcy wove a very intricate tale and I wanted to do it justice. So many fascinating story lines… 

Mistaken identity, romance, murder, historical fiction, fantasy, and time travel. What more can a reader want?

I know you’ll be adding this one to your TBR for sure. I know I will. ALL the best Marcy with this rip roaring tale of the old West!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Amazon: Link

Friday, April 25, 2014


A door creaks open. A cool, honey-blonde haired woman enters into an office. Her black, form-fitted uniform torn. She drops into the desk chair opposite a chunky, middle-aged man.

“Fiona Moon. It’s about time.”

“You’re lucky I’m here. Two zombies cornered me. A good thing I know how to handle them…but, they’re getting stronger. And they’re kidnapping Mages, who are turning up dead… 

“Someone’s behind this and he’s sucking the life out of them.” 

She crosses her lean legs and sighs. Her liquid blue eyes lock on his. “We need to find out who. And soon.”

Heat radiates from his pale face. “Give me some credit. I know who it is…”


“Patience, Fiona. I’m expecting someone. He should be here any minute.”


“Your new partner.”

“Partner,” she exclaims and jumps from the chair. “I’m an Elite Black Blade Guard. I’m trained to work alone.”

“Sit down, Fiona. Not this time.”

She takes her seat, stiffens her back.

“Hello...Jackson...Are you in your office?”

“Yes. Come in, Ian. We’ve been expecting you.”

“Ian! You expect me to work with him. Are you mad!” Fiona digs her nails into the leather chair. “He embodies everything I despise…


“Right here, Fiona.” Ian enters, beaming at her.

“Ian. Welcome. Thank you for coming. Please sit.” He extends his arm and points to the vacant chair.

Fiona springs from her chair like an alley cat. “If he stays, I’m leaving.”

“Fiona, sit! I’ve just about had enough of your attitude.”

Fiona’s squints her eyes to mere pinpricks and glares at Jackson. She slowly drops back into her seat.

Ian smiles, shakes Jackson’s hand, and take the seat next to hers.

“I asked you here for a very important assignment. It’s a Voodoo Priest named Bokor behind all these Mage murders.” He reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out two identical folders, handing one to each of them. “Read through this. If you have any questions contact me.

“I don’t need to impress upon you the importance of keeping this under wraps. Be careful. You’re dealing with something truly evil.”

He faces Fiona. “You may go. I need to speak with Ian for a few moments.”

“You’re asking me to leave? What do you need to discuss with him? I want to know…I earned the right to know.”

“Are you done? Now leave.”

Fiona stands. Glares at both men, and leaves.

Will Fiona be able to work with Ian without killing him?

What’s behind her hatred?

Will they catch the Voodoo Prince before the last mage’s life is taken?




June Stevens

Once more the Voodoo Prince strike again…

Someone is kidnapped…

But not a Mage this time.

Fiona is lured into his clutches…

But Ian follows and they are both snatched.

Will they be able to escape with their souls in tact?

Now this sounds like a terrific read! I only had a small blurb to work with here, so I did a large amount of creative license here. LOL. But this paranormal is a hit…

Here is a review by Cara from Goodreads…

“Here’s everything I love in a book: Post-Apocalyptical, paranormal beings, magic, mystery, and of course, romance. Add to that soul-sucking beasts, zombies, and missing persons and you get one heck of a story.

“This is a great, great, great read! I would strongly recommend it to lovers of paranormal. There are hot love scenes, that aren’t necessarily erotica. With a great cast of secondary characters, Fiona Moon and Ian Barroes light up this novel, as the two kick ass main characters. Fiona is one of those hard ass heroines, with emotional walls five miles high, with a bit of a soft mushy inside; she fights hard for the underdog, and seems to always win. Ian is a necromancer who is super sexy, and with five years of emotion and attraction boiling between them, it was bound to explode- and oh, it did.”

Warning though, she mentions lots of editing errors… so be prepared for that.

Thanks for stopping by… I hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY…


Amazon: Link