Monday, October 20, 2014


Once again I am teaming together with Stephen Tremp, our own Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and the lovely, L. Diane Wolfe for another very important blogfest about HEALTH!

As many of you remember our HEALTH Blogfest in May of 2013 was a HUGE success, so Stephen approached us this time with a really
important theme...


The Survive and Thrive Bloghop is meant to bring awareness of disease prevention and early detection regarding medical conditions that may be averted or treated if caught in the early stages.

Our desire is to motivate people to go in for early screening, and if a condition is caught early and treated, then our world just became a little better place to live.

The topics are wide open.You can post about a particular cause you support. Or you can share a personal or family experience that is near to your heart. What’s great about this Blogfest is you can inspire people to take care of themselves and their loved ones early enough to make a difference in their lives.

As you can see this is something we ALL need to do. Our health is our MOST PRECIOUS commodity...NEVER take it for granted. And pre testing is the best prevention. ESPECIALLY those of you with children. They NEED YOU. Who be there for them if anything happens to you? By taking the necessary precautions now, you will never have to even think about what a tragedy that would be. Isn't that reason enough?

As many of you know may not know, I was hit down in my early thirties with crippling arthritis. It started out with just aching joints from time to time. I ignored it mostly. Too active with my career to give it a second thought. It didn't have time. Arthritis is for old people, certainly not me. WRONG. Even children can be inflicted with arthritis. There are several types. Rheumatoid, which is autoimmune and degenerative, striking at any age... Osteoarthritis which is generally from injury and age... and one that really isn't to commonly known as arthritis: Gout. Most people have heard of it, but generally think it's just a flare up in the bunion part of the toe. It's commonly known as the "Rich man's disease." But if this is undetected and not taken care of properly it can eat away at your joints, cartilage, and can even enter into your organs. It is caused by too much uric acid... this acid forms like shards of glass and collects in the joints, causing excruciating pain. I should know. this is what I suffer from. 

Thankfully it has been under control. But it took almost two decades for me to walk properly again. I made the mistake of trying to cure it holistically. Yes, mistake. I am a HUGE believer in holistic medicine, but it can't cure everything. I spent a year with a Kinesiologist, which is a holistic doctor/chiropractor. He meant well, but my condition worsened in time, to the point where I couldn't walk and I was bedridden. My legs had atrophied so badly that I couldn't even stand on them. And bent to where I couldn't even straighten them. 

I was living in Las Vegas and decided to move back to Florida to get help. I found an orthopedic sports doctor who chastised me for over two hours for not going to a medical doctor. I could have avoided all the pain and damage just by taking one pill. At that time my uric acid levels were so high, over 13, and 5 is normal. Need I say more. 

The doctor prescribed  three medications. One heavy duty pill to flush out the uric acid. There were traces even in my kidneys and intestines. Two years it took to flush it all away. By that point I lost 45 percent of the cartilage in my knees. I had a ten degree bend in my legs. I walked like a hunchback because I couldn't straighten my legs at all. 

I did have some physical therapy, but it really didn't work. It took many years(fifteen) of walking and stretching finally got my legs built back up and they are almost straight. But the damage in the joints is there. As long as I move, i'm okay, but I can;t stand in one spot for more than a few minutes. I always have to keep in motion. It's something that I had to learn to live with.

The arthritis is spreading into all my joints. Now in my wrists and fingers. Not fun. But it's better to move them through through typing. Any injuries I've had in the past are now targets for this uric acid I seem to produce in abundance. The ironic thing is i don't drink or eat rich foods which does trigger these attacks.

So if any of you have ANY kind of joint pain, find out what's wrong. Rheumatoid can be very, very bad. Have it checked. Almost anyone who has suffered and injury at some point will have osteoarthritis. Keep your muscles strong around the joint to alleviate the pressure upon them.

If you have arthritis in your knees or ankles. You must make a lifestyle change. Exercise is key, and losing the extra pounds. Any additional weight on your joints will inflame them.

There are also vitamins you could take which helps tremendously and may prevent further joint damage. 

Many of you will have heard of these:

  • Chondroitin sulfate
  • Glucosamine sulfate
But also try these: But do consult with your doctor or nutritionist first. Some supplements may have unwanted side effects and many can counteract some of your medication. Make SMART choices.

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Omega-3
  • Green tea
Other options:
  • SAMe
  • MSM
  • Stinging nettle
  • Bromelain
  • Vitamin E
  • Devil's claw

Next, stay away from foods that will inflame the joints. The "Anti inflammatory Diet/Wellness diet is a great place to start.... eat foods rich in Omega three fatty acids.

Heres the link to  ANTI INFLAMMATORY DIET by Audrey Jones. I researched Amazon's collection and found this book has a five star rating and it's only 2.99. Eating right helps not only for arthritis but for many other ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, and chronic pain. Eating right can prevent so many illnesses and there are so many different ways to eat healthy and enjoy your food too!

Four years ago I had changed my lifestyle. I cut out processed foods, refined sugar, and starches. Let me just say, I lost eighty-five pounds and I've never felt better. No one believes my age and I have tons of energy. This is something we can ALL DO. 

So remember to step away from your computers... and keep moving and eating healthy snacks!

Okay... I am done. You know what you have to do... drop down to the linky below and join in the Blogfest!

Have a wonderful and HEALTY day everyone!

Monday, October 6, 2014


The first glimmer of daybreak carves its way through a soupy fog. 

Silver mist clings to a ramshackle building as colorless fingers wipe water spots off a chipped beer glass. 

Images pop through the bar keeps' mind, like a child's toy pistol releasing an imaginary round bullets.

His mind focuses on a face twisted in agony. And, for the second time, watches vivid red leaking onto the blanket of snow.

Timing is everything. Who would've guessed it would be this easy...

I did.

Step one of my plan is complete.

What is his next move? 

Will anyone else bite the dirt?

Only one person has the means to stop him.

But will there be strength enough to overcome this deadly plan?

The answers are soon to follow...




This is the prequel novella to Julie's first book POLAR NIGHT. SO it's a MUST READ. What an exciting premise! Right?! I've got my copy and can't wait to read it! 

I hope you enjoyed my little intro. I was honored  when Julie asked me to design the cover and write the blurb. It's one of my favorites. And I hope you rush out and get your copy.

Here's the blurb to wet your appetite a bit more...

Locomotive wheels screech to a halt. Potters Creek, Alaska is nothing more than a small camp set up alongside the tracks. A weathered sign dominates the scene. 

The Turnagain Arm Saloon 


Only one passenger remains and exits.

The early afternoon full moon peaks through a shimmering snow fall as a shadow casts over each split rail. The wind howls, sweeping the cloak of a hooded figure. He follows   the tracks toward the distant saloon. A hulking man crunches through the snow, attracting his attention. 

Calling out to him in a foreign accent, the townsman stops in mid step. The stranger catches up and engages him. 


The man disappears under the stranger’s cloak. 

Blood drips from his lips, and he wipes the remaining trickles from his mouth. After disposing of the body, the mysterious figure continues on his journey. He glides through the snow as if on a sleigh, leaving no footprints behind.

*          *          *          *          *

Within a short period, he convinces Vasyl, the owner of the saloon, to hire him. Aleksei charms everyone he meets. But soon mistrust enters every tense line on Vasyl’s face as others disappear, and his wife falls under Aleksei’s spell.

The classic game of cat and mouse continues, but who will win?

Is a mere mortal any match for Aleksei?

A spark ignites within Alexei after yet another of Vasyl’s attempts to disgrace him.

This man knows of me. He must be a witch. Aleksei laughs. You are no match for me or my plan.

Available on Amazon: Link 

Don't forget to drop by Julie's blog and wish her well on her newest story...

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hi, All

Well, Autumn has arrived. It's already October 1st and as the vestiges of Summer turn like the swaying leaves, brilliance abounds. Is there anything more beautiful than fall foliage? Eye popping hues of gold, red, orange, and burgundy. Such splendor. 

Today is also the day for a new IWSG post. I can't help thinking how much has happened this year. As winter approaches another year has passed. Have our goals been met? Did we sign with our perfect agent? Did our book debut with record sales? For some, the answer may be yes. And I couldn't be more happy for you! But what about the hundreds, perhaps thousands of others whose goals haven't been met. This post is for you...for us.

You are not alone. I join your ranks. At this point I'm sure your insecurities about your skills are being questioned on a daily basis. You must be asking yourself Why? Why has it not happened for me? I put in the endless hours... 

Of course you have... It's not about that. You have the talent. It's just plain, old timing. I've come to believe that. WE have all heard it. But we must acknowledge this. Your story is not ready for this particular time. It can happen tomorrow, next month, or perhaps in several years. But believe it WILL happen. In the mean time. Keep writing. I tell myself that, but I have a hard time focusing on something new. I know you've all been there. But remember inspiration is all around us. OPEN your heart to it. Don't wallow. Don't stress it. Live. There is so much of life out there for us to enjoy. Take a moment for yourself. Step back and really look at your surroundings. This time of year, in particular, is AMAZING visually.

I plan to do that later today. The sun is shining. A crisp Autumn wind is blowing. I plan to enjoy it. Perhaps write a poem about it. Step away from your novel and just write. It's been a while for me, but it's TIME to create again. Before winter rolls in with a vengeance. 

I know how hard it is. We all do. But look at our blogger buddies' successes! It's amazing. So many new published books. It amazes me how many novels are posted on our Ninja Captain's blog. Sometimes it overwhelms me...but I know some day my novel will be featured and so will YOURS.

Thank you, Alex. Your support of our community is endless and because of you we are able to post our insecurities and advice every first Wednesday of the month.

I honestly appreciate this as do the hundreds of others in our group.

Please visit as many IWSG posts as you can. They bring a smile to everyone who reads them. Knowing we have this support and knowing we are not going through our journey alone.

Have a wonderful day everyone!