Wednesday, February 1, 2023


 Good day, All!

Welcome back to another IWSG post!

Thanks to the creator, Alex, and all of his remarkable and giving staff, we are here the first Wednesday of each month to help each other through our insecurities and, frankly, our writing and sometimes personal lives. If you want to join the group, please visit here to sign up!

I hope it was successful for those who "pitched" during the IWSG Twitter pitch! In the past years, I had several requests, but alas, this year, none. But that is okay. At least I tried, and that is what is most important. It is a great opportunity for writers from all levels, and here's a CHEER for all the agents, publishers, writers, and IWSG staff!

I don't know about you, but for some odd reason, I have a harder time focusing in the freezing winter months. The gloomy, sunless days zap my creativity and focus. I have "attempted" several times to revisit my Noir and FINALLY finish it. What do you do to regain your focus when winter hits? I find it frustrating. When the sun is out, and I am able to clear my head with a brisk walk around town or through the park, the ideas flow, and I race back home to write. Now, after bundling up in FOUR layers, gloves, and a hat, just taking my dog around the block is torment. I miss my daily walks. So, for now, I am playing upbeat music, catching up on some winter home projects, and pushing myself an hour or so to focus on writing. I would appreciate any advice. 

Luckily, I leave for sunny Florida at the end of the month. I will bask in the warmth for a month before returning to the cold, damp, and possibly more snow. I am grateful for my time, but I can't help thinking about the early spring. I am hoping for early foliage to POP, especially after the winter we are having here so far. 

Stay warm, everyone! All the best with your writing endeavors during another winter month.