Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Hope everyone enjoyed the extended holiday weekend. I am sure many of you managed to squeeze in a bit of writing between the hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, beer, pop, chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream, and fireworks!

I was fortunate enough to enjoy an incredible brunch with a few new friends who are just amazing. They really made my weekend! Even in my middle age years, I am still able to make friends... how awesome is that?

Well, today is the first Wednesday of the month and most of us all know that it's time for another installment of the IWSG, the phenomenal global group formed my the incredible Alex J. Cavanaugh. If you'd like to join and vent your insecurities ... hop over there now and sign up. 

I am thrilled how this group has grown in only a few short years. I remember so clearly when Alex mentioned he'd be starting this group and asked for us to post. It was a whirlwind and it still is today. Imagine venting once a month. Clearing out the cobwebs of our minds and receiving such heart felt advice and support from our fellow writers who are or have experienced the same ups and downs in their writing journeys. But it's not just about writing, it's about life, too.

As most of you know I have had a rough time for the past few months. I want to thank all of you for you cyber hugs, vibes, love, prayers, and your endless support. It means so much to me. I actually wrote my first piece in ages for the WEP and won the Encouragement award badge for INVISIBLE BRIDGES... If you have a chance to read it, scroll down to my previous post. It's a quick read.

Now on for a different kind of insecurity this month. First, I am THRILLED to say my offer was accepted for my new digs... After three months and over 150 showings, I found my next home. Yes, another LOFT in Printer's row. This time in the Franklin Building. Another historic printing house from 1916-1984. The building is classic Chicago Prairie style. Think Frank Lloyd Wright. This is a rather small space (only 650 sq. ft.), BUT it has five 5x7 ft. windows streaming in SE light. That was the selling point for me. 

I have another rehab, of course, but this one isn't nearly as bad as my last. I learned so much from the last one, so I know what NOT to do this time. LOl

SO now I have approx. one month to six weeks to pull this place together. The insecurities are running wild. Did I do the right thing? Will it be big enough? Will I plan the space correctly to accommodate all my needs.... just to name a few.

So life is at FULL SPEED ahead again whether I like it or not. All I can do is take each new challenge one day at a time...

I also want to say how much I enjoyed visiting everyone these last few weeks. It felt great to reconnect! I'll be dropping in on you throughout the day today, and hopefully on Friday. 

Until then, stay SAFE and always BE AWARE of you surroundings...