Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing well and safe!

Once again it is time for another IWSG post. Thanks to Alex, we all get to meet once a month and share our insecurities. Please drop by his blog to sign up and JOIN OUR GROUP! 

Thank God we are all here to spend another month together. Now that the country is slowly opening, I hope and pray we still remain well. I must admit it scares me, but life must persevere and we must retain a new and safer way to live. I have begun to socialize with some friends and neighbors. It is time. As long as we all take precautions, there is no reason why we can't socialize safely. I know the numbers will go up, but we can't stay at home forever. I have altered my lifestyle to stay safe and hopefully, within the year we will have more ammunition against this killer disease.

I woke up this morning somewhat renewed, surprising after an intense thunderstorm ragging through the night, freaking out my poor pup. But when I stepped outside and into my side garden, I didn't see fallen branches and puddles of water, I saw some of the most beautiful peonies blooming. Mother nature is truly amazing.

Some news on the writing front, I am happy to say that I did a final edit on my second novel. I had put it away for a few years but this will be the last tweaking; it is as clean as it will get. I already submitted it to a publisher, so we shall see what happens. I plan on querying it as well, hoping to nab a really good agent. As for Mommy Kay, I will be writing the last few chapters this week. I am pumped and ready thanks to the glorious flowers and the rebirth of nature. After two months of life's anxieties, it really is time for me to move ahead. We all need too, especially with what is happening in our country. We must keep positive and protect each other. Kindness and love can be a lot more powerful than evil and hate.

I hope you are all well and here's a pic of my peonies to brighten your day...sending you all a huge virtual hug!