Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hi, All,

Hope everyone is enjoying the FALL.... Here in Chicago we are still in the upper 60's ... strange for this time of year for sure...

As we know this is a SUPER CHARGED month.... NaNo... GOOD luck and all the best who have the courage, dedication, and TALENT to write a novel in a month. I wish I had that kind of dedication. But, as usual, life is just to crazy.

As most of you know this is the first Wednesday of the month and it's time for another meeting of the IWSG...Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh and his November hosts, we have a day scheduled every month to vent our insecurities and find solace in our peers who have many of our same concerns. Please visit the members and find your insecurities dissolve....

This month the question is.... What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

Tough question. There are so many wonderful amazing aspects of being a writer, but for me, there is one thing that stands out amongst the others.... THIS community. When I was a fledgling writer, many moons ago, I stumbled and fell so many times. This wonderful community of amazingly talented writers helped me hone my craft, supported my dreams, and always had a shoulder for me to lean on. THANK YOU ALL! With each passing year, so many of the writers I have begun my journey with have grown so much and successfully published many fine works. You all should be so proud of yourselves...

Although I am still on my journey, I have faith that IN TIME.... I will find my works published. But I am thankful for the blurbs, illustrations, and book designs that I do have published. One day soon... one day soon... my stories will follow. I am a patient man. 

My insecurities for this month is a simple one and has nothing to do with writing... I have a contract on my loft, BUT the appraisal hasn't been scheduled yet. This is highly unusual especially since it is three weeks into the contract and we are supposed to close within the next few weeks. I am in limbo, I won't rent another apartment, schedule a move, or even pact until I know for certain... UGH! SO any good vibes sent my way would be greatly appreciated. The last thing I want to do is SCRAMBLE around like a deranged maniac, getting all this done in two weeks...

On the positive note, the illustration project I worked on last month has been published! YAY! The title is called GUARDIANS OF ICELAND and OTHER ICELANDIC TALES by HEIDI HERMAN... IF you like Folk tales, you certainly will enjoy these stories...

Here is another sample illustration from the stories...


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hi All!

 I hope you are enjoying the fall weather... still kind of warm here, but it's cooler in the evening... For all our friends in the south eastern states  and Caribbean, PLEASE stay safe through Hurricane Mathew... I know how aweful hurricanes can be since I lived through four of them. (Please send prayers their way everyone...)

Today is another segment of the IWSG.... Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh we can all vent our insecurities once a month. This monthly meeting certainly has helped me through many anxious times and it can for you as well. Please check out the list and join! Here's the link. And thanks to all the hosts this month!

September came in like a whirlwind for me. Not only did I finally finish my loft, but I have some very exciting news that now I can share. I am just finishing up a major illustration contract. A four color illustration for the cover and graphic design, PLUS 17 interior illustrations. I am thrilled to say that almost all the art has been approved  (tweaking the last four illustration and final cover design) and the book should come out sometime later this month or early next month. It all depends on the formatting...

I was offered this job because the previous chosen illustrator became sick and couldn't do the job. I only had THREE weeks to complete this and NEEDLESS to say I was certainly anxious about it. But now that it's practically done, I feel so much better.... This project was so fun for me because the book is a collection of Icelandic Folklore tales geared toward Children.... SO I got to create trolls, giants, fairies, princes, kings, etc. It was so nice to be able to really draw again. It's been a few years since I have illustrated a cover and years since I've down scene interiors...  Here is one of my favorites! The story is called Helga, an Icelandic Fairy Tale... (This is original art... please don't reproduce in any way without my consent- thanks). 

SO needless to say, I am doing great this month. By Friday, I can breath again. I'll definitely keep you posted once I find out the date for release! 

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hi All,

Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend. For some odd reason, the summer is still lingering here in Chicago. Temps in the mid 90's is INSANE for this time of year. But from what has been forecasted, the winter is to be a brutally cold one. 

Once again this is the first Wednesday of the month, and that means another post for the IWSG created by Alex J Cavanaugh. By now most of you know what this is, but for those new people who don't, it is a monthly post for writers to vent out their insecurities and for others to lend an invisible helping hand with advice or just plain sympathy.

This month's question is, How to find time to write in your busy day? Now that is a LOADED question and one that hits home....

Personally I haven't written anything substantial in over a year, just  the occasional post, a few intros, and one piece for the WEP. In the grand scheme of things, that is NOTHING. And yes, I am very Insecure about it. Many times I freak about how I have absolutely no interest in writing anything. My mind has been fogged with LIFE. Many of you know I had bought a run down loft in the South Loop of Chicago. A great space that needed so much of my attention and money. I am HAPPY TO SAY, that I FINALLY FINISHED!!!!! Yes, one year and one month. 

I ran out of money, so I had to do the remaining work myself, which included all the trim wood work, hanging glass doors, and painting. Now that it's complete as of two days ago, I thought I'd be ready to JUMP back into writing. 

Sadly, it does't seem that way. Life is still plaguing me. I need to sell my loft. From all the frustration, work, and expense, I ended up hating this place. I thought, since this was a former Children's publishing house for nearly a century, I would feel inspired. I don't. I miss my sweeping views of the park, lake, and city skyline. I've come to realize, I am a totally visual person, and THAT is what inspires me, not old, brick lofts.

SO, I am on the move again. Stressful, yes, but I am relieved too. I want to be creative again and not just with design work. It's getting old for me. I find it funny, the acquaintances OOOO and AAA when they see my place. For me, it's what I do. I'm a professional. And what kind of interior designer would I be, if my place doesn't speak volumes.

Today I plan to hop around and visit the other group members and HOPEFULLY I can learn how they manage their writing time. The only great advice I have for you today is.... visit the other group members.... lol. I honestly wish I had more.

On a POSITIVE NOTE... here are a few before and after pics of my loft. It was QUITE the challenge. LOL





Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hardships have hit all of us from time-to-time...

But how to handle them? Situations often become overwhelming. 

Life is stressful. 

Ask anyone. 

Going about my day, I often see pinched faces. I hear rude remarks. People who rush and bump into innocent standers-by, without even a customary, "excuse me." 

If they would only stop. For just a moment... and breathe. 

Listen to the chirping birds. Watch a child at play in the park. Or, just walk out your front door and admire the beauty of a single bud, fighting it's way through the cracked pavement.

But sadly, they don't. Always on the move. These tunnel-visioned people scurry through their day barely making eye contact with a single soul.

If only there was an alternative. These aren't bad people. Just lost. Perhaps they have forgotten their spiritual side. Too busy to remember there is a point to life. Not just existing, but LIVING.

For those times when we all need a spiritual lift, we can soon turn to view the subtle beauty of the May bush gracing the cover of Lynda R Young's daily devotional....

So peaceful. So simple. So lovely.

Lynda has created a truly inspiration way to get back in touch with our spiritual side. When stress becomes overwhelming, why not spend a few quality moments with God.

Thank you Lynda for sharing you stunning new cover with us. The release day is only in a few short months...

Release date: October 18th, 2016
Published by Freedom Fox Press

If you would like to learn more about Lynda and her writing please drop by her blog... 

You can also find her at these links, too... 

Lynda is also heavily involved with the Insecure Writers Support Group. The amazing monthly posts of talented writers trying to relieve anxiety and stress. Why not drop by Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog and sign up. AND, while you are there, drop by some of the blog sites and become inspired.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016



A term one doesn't hear very often, but an emotion we often experience. IT can come in various forms. Through day jobs, through family, and especially in our craft. It's a feeling that can suffocate you. Cripple you. Yet, we must persevere. 

Often the malaise is temporary. But how does one free oneself when it isn't?


The answer is so obvious. Releasing these pinned up emotions onto the keyboard is LIBERATING. It truly is the best therapy. It's amazing how writing about anything will clear your stress. 

Back in 2009 when the real estate market crashed and I had lost three lucrative design contracts, I was frantic. All of a sudden I had all this time on my hands and no money coming in. I didn't know where to turn, so I began my first novel. It opened up a whole new world to me. Four months after I had finished my first draft, I entered the blogging world. The rest is history.

Writers and creative people are fortunate in this respect. WE have our creativity to escape to and free ourselves from stress and anxiety.

But I know you are asking, what if you are BLOCKED? BOTTLED is now taking another form...

We have all had bouts of writer's block. I myself haven't written anything substantial in a few years, but that is okay. Many of us have other avenues to filter that BOTTLED feeling. Art, baking, cooking, designing, music (As Alex well knows), can be amazing outlets.

So whenever you are BOTTLED, remember to filter those emotions creatively...

Kinetic disturbances filter through my being. I twist the sparkling emerald ring on my finger, focusing on the infiltration rather than who is before me.

A convoy of men loom closer. Their determination in finding me reeks through the air like a noxious gas, mingling with the heady spices which already permeate the room. It is rather unpleasant and I wrinkle my nose.

The smacking of lips draws my attention to my new master. Yet another nondescript human. He is the youngest so far. Not more than a decade older than I look. BOTTLED at the age of seventeen centuries ago, bound in servitude for an eternity.

My ears prick as the newcomers are only steps away...If it were only my beloved, Karim, to save me from this damnation. His dark silken hair, his passionate gaze, and the long curve of that serpentine scar on his forearm...

A dark force,  a human evil, I have not felt in centuries cleaves through the air, severing my thoughts of Karim. The shock sears me to the core. It can't be he... It just can't be, Faruq.. 

Not after all these years. He's found me at last...





I was delighted to create one of my intros for this INTRIGUING story for Carol Riggs' newest novel 


After reading a few pages, I am certainly HOOKED! CONGRATS CAROL! Now all of YOU can read it, too! 

BOTTLED releases tomorrow, but you can get it today on AMAZON... here are the links.

AMAZON: Link (Available today)

B&N: Link (Pre Order until July 7)

Here is more information about Carol and her other books...

Carol Riggs is an author of YA fiction who lives in the beautiful green state of Oregon, USA. Her debut novel, The Body Institute, released Sept 2015 from Entangled Teen, exploring body image and identity. Her fantasy YA, Bottled, will release from Clean Reads on July 7, 2016, and her sci-fi YA, Safe Zone, will release from Entangled Teen in October 2016. She enjoys reading, drawing and painting, writing conferences, walking with her husband, and enjoying music and dance of all kinds. You will usually find her in her writing cave, surrounded by her dragon collection and the characters in her head.

Connect with Carol:

Add this book to your Goodreads reading list: BOTTLED

Congrats again, Carol! Wishing you all the best!

And friends, don't forget to visit the other posts at the ISWG... They will make you feel so much better and they will INSPIRE YOU!  

The IWSG is now featuring a question with its posts...

What's the best thing someone has said about your writing?

There is one that meant a great deal to me. The comment came from an older woman who was an abused child. She said that I had handled this horrific subject with great feeling and honesty after she had read an excerpt from my blog. She had requested to read the whole manuscript and once finished had contacted me, saying it had helped her through her own painful situation growing up.

I was deeply honored and humbled. Can a writer ask for anything better than that? I doubt it.

It feels so good to be back in the blogosphere. I'll be visiting you all as soon as I can!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life is good! No insecurities this month!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late post, but I am MOVING into my new place in ORLANDO Florida! Yay!!! After 18 months of trying to find my winter escape, I finally bought a Condo...

So NO insecurities this month! I currently have no internet, so I am ousting this from my iPhone. Hamlet, my Westie puppy, loves his new digs, but he is definitely over the car after two days driving.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am...

So here is my writer advice this month.. Ever give up your dream.... No matter what it is. BECAUSE, In Time... You will get there.

Another wonderful big I'd news is I also have my first published short story coming out on May 31st! That thing thsat turned me, an anthology will debut. It's an amazing collection of over thirty accomplished authors... Including Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Please drop by the other wonder writers in the IWSG... They will truly inspire you!  I'll write more soon along with pics. Once I get my internet... Lol.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hi, All,

HAPPY SPRING! Even though we are still getting snow in Chicago, signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The earth is coming alive once more. So this is THE PERFECT time to renew our own hopes and dreams.

For over a year I was searching for my place in Florida. I spent so much time and money researching potential homes in Tampa and Orlando, but sadly my efforts were all in vane...until now! I am finally under contract for the cutest little condo in Orlando. Only two miles from the gates of the most magical place on earth... Disney.

This winter was a very depressing and stressful one for me. I had hoped I would be away from Chicago because after the past two winters, I knew I couldn't handle another one. But I survived, but at a price. I had promised myself I would NEVER gain weight again. For over five years I kept my promise, that was until now. It didn't take long to put on thirty pounds. Yes, you have read correctly. As most of us know depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand. My anxieties of my entrapment in Chicago certainly got the best of me... but NOW... with Spring in the air, I am back on track, found my place, in Florida, and have lost ten of the thirty pounds I had put on... It takes a great deal of time and tenacity to make our lives run the course we want them to run. Remember this every time it gets hard and you want to give up.

As most of you know, I always take negatives and turn them into positives. And that is what we all need to do. The moment I focused on getting myself put back together, everything fell into place. 

I have been working on my illustrations and created a new look for them. I am beginning to send them out along with SLOWLY getting back to writing. So for this month, I have my anxieties in check.

I know many of you are in the A-Z challenge and I have nothing but respect and admiration for you! I hope to get around a bit today and visit some of you. In between taking care of my six-month-old puppy, Hamlet... I can't believe I've had him for four months already. He has turned out to be my new BEST FRIEND... Here's a illustration I did of him in my new style. I'd love to know what you all think!

I hope you all can pop in on other members of the IWSG. It's nothing but INSPIRING...

Have a great day everyone!