Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hi, All,

Sorry I missed last month's post, but time just slipped away from me...

Once again we are meeting for the IWSG where we get to vent or give advice to our blogger friends.

This year so far has had me very tense and anxious. Already it's March 1 and I feel like I'm still in limbo. I had high hopes at the end of the year for a few projects I was working on that had looked very promising, but sadly neither on panned out. Sigh.

I know we've all been there, but it seems like I've been spinning my wheels and going nowhere forever...

Most of my demise is from my living space. After I sold the loft, I moved into a high rise. Thought it had it all, but the my place sits right on the train tracks. I knew it when I signed lease, but I hadn't realized the trains clank every two minutes from 4am to 2am. For only two hours a day I get a reprieve. So once I get back I'll have to move again. I've been in my tiny condo in Orlando since Christmas. I had looked forward to spending my days writing on my balcony. As many of you know I've searched in Florida for almost two years before I found a place. Well, bad choice again...

The people who live here are mostly renters and trash the place like crazy. Although the maintenance crew is excellent, the trash still piles up all over. Ugh. I am a visual creature and waking up to trash when I walk Hamlet is not the way I'd like to start my day.

It has also been unbearably hot. Mostly mid 80's and humid.... normally the temps in central Florida for the winter months are cool in the low 60's during the day and upper 40's at night. There have only been three or four days with temps below 75.

So to keep things short, I am on the hunt again... which sadly leave me very little time to write. Between editing an amazing novella and running all over central Florida, I have no time. It saddens me that I have no time to blog either. I am in bed by 10:30 most nights these days...which is so not me...

Okay... pity party OVER....

My editing work brings me great joy because I am working with an amazing writer who is growing in leaps and bounds. I humbled that I am helping someone else hone their craft through my suggestions. So even though I am not writing for me I am writing, creating atmosphere, pace, and economy of words. That excites me and perhaps when I am done, I will have the motivation to carry on with my Film Noir story that I had started ions ago.

SO... for all you writers out there, like me, feeling trapped in life and feeling like nothing is happening in your life.... helping others achieve their goals and dreams will certainly put a smile on your day...

Big hugs to ALL and THANKS to ALEX, for letting us vent and support one another on the first Wednesday of every month....

Don't forget to visit the other members for inspiration and to help those of us who have anxieties this month..... Visit Alex Cavanaugh's list here.

I will HONESTLY try my best to get around and visit you all very, very soon....

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hi, All


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! throws confetti and toots a horn...

Since I am in the middle of reorganizing my place in Orlando... always on the move as you all know, so there really is no time for insecurities.... I just want to wish all of you the HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST 2017! 

I wish you all great success in all your projects and I want to give each an every one of you a HUGE HUG!!!!!!!

You'll be seeing more of me soon....

Many thanks to Alex for creating this wonderful organization... I know he never dreamed it would become such an amazing and extraordinary phenomenon. 


Friday, December 16, 2016


Hi, Everyone....

Today I'd like to repost a blast from the not so distant past.... 

BECAUSE my Friend and co-blogger has come out with BOOK II of her amazing fantasy series....

HAVE you ever dreamed of creatures just steps away living in your nearby forest?  

One can only guess what or who is lurking within the trees, ravines, brooks, or under foot.

Are they friend, or foe?

Are they zombies, ready to eat your brains?

Or fairies to delight and entertain you with their grace and charm?

Perhaps mischievous elves, wanting to place you under their spell?

What about frolicking water nymphs, to serenade and calm you with a  tranquil dance.

Or maybe, just maybe, something more...



Tara Tyler

Tara is visiting today.... YAY! She is on tour with BOOK TWO- CRADLE ROCK. But today Tara is telling us about her Craziest Spring break.... Take it away Tara~

Spring Break is like Vegas - what happens there, stays there… So many details of my trip have been omitted! But I bet this is lame compared to some!

In high school, I was a total nerd. Guys looked at me as a friend and an answer key. I started to blossom my senior year, but I really broke out of my shell in college. New found independence and a makeover do wonders for a nerdy girl’s image - just look at what Penny did for Amy Farrah Fowler!

My craziest spring break took place my senior year in college. I brought my good friend "Lewanda" down to my house in South Florida. We had a nice time with my parents and sister and local friends. The exciting parts happened on the way home...

I’d just started dating the love of my life, or so I thought, and he and his buddy happened to be staying in Daytona. Lewanda and I made plans to meet them and give them a ride back to school. Their place was a dump, but that stuff doesn’t matter when you’re young. We went to the beach and some clubs and had a great time! This guy was the one, in my eyes.

Since the hike back to school was so long, I offered to ask one of my high school buddies if we could stay at his place for a night. He went to FSU which was on our way, and was happy to have us. When we got there, he took us out to a party and showed us all a good time.

Once we settled in for the night, my buddy scooted up next to me on the floor. Though my friend Lewanda was snoring next to me, and the boys were in the next room, he started putting the moves on me. I was half asleep and thought it was my beau…

I stopped as soon as I realized who it was. Then, we heard someone walking around and froze, pretending to be asleep. I felt terrible. When the roamer left, I scolded my buddy. He chuckled an apology. We’d been good friends for a long time, and he was very laid back, never taking things seriously. He explained he’d never gotten the courage to try anything with me before. I told him he had terrible timing, and I was in love with my beau. He understood and said he would be there for me if things didn’t work out. So awkward!

I went into the other room and confessed everything to my beau. He was definitely upset, but he forgave me.

To top off our crazy spring break, the next day, we were rear-ended at a light! And still many miles from school. No one was hurt, thank goodness, but what a scary experience for a bunch of clueless college kids to deal with in the middle of nowhere!

*** NOTE: all of the above took place WITHOUT CELL PHONES! A true adventure!***

The saga of me and my beau was serious. We even got engaged. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be… Later, I dated my buddy, but he was a little too laid back for me. After several more failed attempts, I finally settled down with the right guy at the right time.

The lesson for this story? Be true to yourself. Be open to new experiences, but keep your eyes open! A solid relationship forms when two people have similar values and goals, not just a strong attraction. And don’t give up on lasting love - it shows up when you least expect it!

In Cradle Rock, Gabe is a goblin deeply in love with ogress Ona, but he lets her have the space and freedom to be herself and she adores him more for it.

Thanks so much Michael, for joining in my release party and letting me tell this reminiscent story. And I can't wait to hear how you like Cradle Rock! But I don't know how you will top your Broken Branch Falls splendorific rendition!

Have any of you been on any crazy, memorable trips? I know you have! Do tell! 
You are soooo welcome Tara! I will be posting my review soon! And yes, I totally love it!


CRADLE ROCK, Beast World Book Two
by Tara Tyler

Gabe the goblin just saved his town Broken Branch Falls from splitting apart. He also revealed that humans--horrible creatures of myth and legend--may actually be part of their history! But seriously? Nah!

Now Ona, Gabe’s girlfriend, is headed thousands of miles away to Camp Cradle Rock for Spring Break seeking evidence of humans. Gabe knows better than to tell a stubborn ogress she’s crazy, so he’s letting her go and spending the break at the beach like a normal teenage beast. And he’s determined to have a good time without her, whether he likes it or not.

But when Gabe hears Ona went missing, he and his friends set out for the wilds of the west to find her, no matter what dangerous creatures get in his way. Not even humans.

Check out the Book Trailer!

Tara Tyler has had a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After moving all over, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. Currently she has two series, Pop Travel (techno-thriller detective capers) and Broken Branch Falls (fantasy adventures). To squeeze in writing, she economizes her time aka the Lazy Housewife. Make every day an adventure!

Talk to me!
Author Blog ~~ @taratylertalks ~~ Facebook ~~ Housewives Blog

I'm also giving away signed copies of Broken Branch Falls and Cradle Rock, some Beast World swag, and a $20 GC!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hi, All,

Sorry for the late post, but I just realized today is the FIRST Wednesday of the month!
Thanks to Alex we have one day each month to VENT... LOL. Be sure to visit our other members for support, cheering, and advice.

Today has been just a whirlwind. The temps dropped in Chicago to the deep freeze it usually is. So maneuvering around the city with the crazy wind has not been fun. Yesterday, while moving, a wind gust pinned me and a the cover to my mop flew at me, grazed just beneath my eye and hit me on the side of the nose. UGH... thankfully it was only plastic, but it left a nice bump and under my eye is all red. Looks like someone punched me in the eye. Not black, but red. So needless to say....

I closed on my loft today! YAY! So now I am officially a renter in Chicago again. It feels right. I found a stunning 17th floor corner unit with 10 ft. Wrap around, ceiling to floor windows with a SE exposure. My favorite lighting source. I even semi cooked inside my apartment today. Had to draw the blinds. It actually got up to 77 degrees in my apt and I had the heat set to 68. But now the drafts through the windows dropped the temp inside considerably... AH, winter in Chicago! What I love most, I actually will have an amazing writing/art space EVENTUALLY. Right now the spare room is stuffed with boxes and everything imaginable. It will take me until Christmas to dig my way through it. Lol...

Although my mood was lifted today with finally saying farewell to the loft, although beautiful, it is wonderful to be free, I did get a rejection on a short story... so I am kind of depressed about that. It seems most other things in my life seem to be moving along, but not my writing. I'm honestly not sure why. I have always received great reviews from other talented writers and readers, but it seems the publishers are not too impressed. It saddens me. I just don't know what to do next as far as my writing goes. 

Maybe once I settle again and write something new, maybe that is what I must do. I just wish I had the drive.

Anyway. That is what life is dishing me these days. I should be in Florida, but I am still here. I hope to be packing up the car and pup and escaping soon. I wish I could leave now.... Single digit temps are forecasted for next week.... UGH! HELP! LOL.... I can't leave here until I finish up with my design client and setting my place up. My story doesn't seem to change, but I always appreciate my wonderful writer friends encouraging me along my journey which seems to lead nowhere.... Maybe I am just a literary lover and nothing more. I spin words into visions and atmosphere, but perhaps that just isn't enough. Time will certainly tell. 

I miss all of you and think of you often! I hope you can forgive my absence, but every time I renter our world, I seem to be whisked away! 


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hi, All,

Hope everyone is enjoying the FALL.... Here in Chicago we are still in the upper 60's ... strange for this time of year for sure...

As we know this is a SUPER CHARGED month.... NaNo... GOOD luck and all the best who have the courage, dedication, and TALENT to write a novel in a month. I wish I had that kind of dedication. But, as usual, life is just to crazy.

As most of you know this is the first Wednesday of the month and it's time for another meeting of the IWSG...Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh and his November hosts, we have a day scheduled every month to vent our insecurities and find solace in our peers who have many of our same concerns. Please visit the members and find your insecurities dissolve....

This month the question is.... What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

Tough question. There are so many wonderful amazing aspects of being a writer, but for me, there is one thing that stands out amongst the others.... THIS community. When I was a fledgling writer, many moons ago, I stumbled and fell so many times. This wonderful community of amazingly talented writers helped me hone my craft, supported my dreams, and always had a shoulder for me to lean on. THANK YOU ALL! With each passing year, so many of the writers I have begun my journey with have grown so much and successfully published many fine works. You all should be so proud of yourselves...

Although I am still on my journey, I have faith that IN TIME.... I will find my works published. But I am thankful for the blurbs, illustrations, and book designs that I do have published. One day soon... one day soon... my stories will follow. I am a patient man. 

My insecurities for this month is a simple one and has nothing to do with writing... I have a contract on my loft, BUT the appraisal hasn't been scheduled yet. This is highly unusual especially since it is three weeks into the contract and we are supposed to close within the next few weeks. I am in limbo, I won't rent another apartment, schedule a move, or even pact until I know for certain... UGH! SO any good vibes sent my way would be greatly appreciated. The last thing I want to do is SCRAMBLE around like a deranged maniac, getting all this done in two weeks...

On the positive note, the illustration project I worked on last month has been published! YAY! The title is called GUARDIANS OF ICELAND and OTHER ICELANDIC TALES by HEIDI HERMAN... IF you like Folk tales, you certainly will enjoy these stories...

Here is another sample illustration from the stories...


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hi All!

 I hope you are enjoying the fall weather... still kind of warm here, but it's cooler in the evening... For all our friends in the south eastern states  and Caribbean, PLEASE stay safe through Hurricane Mathew... I know how aweful hurricanes can be since I lived through four of them. (Please send prayers their way everyone...)

Today is another segment of the IWSG.... Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh we can all vent our insecurities once a month. This monthly meeting certainly has helped me through many anxious times and it can for you as well. Please check out the list and join! Here's the link. And thanks to all the hosts this month!

September came in like a whirlwind for me. Not only did I finally finish my loft, but I have some very exciting news that now I can share. I am just finishing up a major illustration contract. A four color illustration for the cover and graphic design, PLUS 17 interior illustrations. I am thrilled to say that almost all the art has been approved  (tweaking the last four illustration and final cover design) and the book should come out sometime later this month or early next month. It all depends on the formatting...

I was offered this job because the previous chosen illustrator became sick and couldn't do the job. I only had THREE weeks to complete this and NEEDLESS to say I was certainly anxious about it. But now that it's practically done, I feel so much better.... This project was so fun for me because the book is a collection of Icelandic Folklore tales geared toward Children.... SO I got to create trolls, giants, fairies, princes, kings, etc. It was so nice to be able to really draw again. It's been a few years since I have illustrated a cover and years since I've down scene interiors...  Here is one of my favorites! The story is called Helga, an Icelandic Fairy Tale... (This is original art... please don't reproduce in any way without my consent- thanks). 

SO needless to say, I am doing great this month. By Friday, I can breath again. I'll definitely keep you posted once I find out the date for release! 

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hi All,

Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend. For some odd reason, the summer is still lingering here in Chicago. Temps in the mid 90's is INSANE for this time of year. But from what has been forecasted, the winter is to be a brutally cold one. 

Once again this is the first Wednesday of the month, and that means another post for the IWSG created by Alex J Cavanaugh. By now most of you know what this is, but for those new people who don't, it is a monthly post for writers to vent out their insecurities and for others to lend an invisible helping hand with advice or just plain sympathy.

This month's question is, How to find time to write in your busy day? Now that is a LOADED question and one that hits home....

Personally I haven't written anything substantial in over a year, just  the occasional post, a few intros, and one piece for the WEP. In the grand scheme of things, that is NOTHING. And yes, I am very Insecure about it. Many times I freak about how I have absolutely no interest in writing anything. My mind has been fogged with LIFE. Many of you know I had bought a run down loft in the South Loop of Chicago. A great space that needed so much of my attention and money. I am HAPPY TO SAY, that I FINALLY FINISHED!!!!! Yes, one year and one month. 

I ran out of money, so I had to do the remaining work myself, which included all the trim wood work, hanging glass doors, and painting. Now that it's complete as of two days ago, I thought I'd be ready to JUMP back into writing. 

Sadly, it does't seem that way. Life is still plaguing me. I need to sell my loft. From all the frustration, work, and expense, I ended up hating this place. I thought, since this was a former Children's publishing house for nearly a century, I would feel inspired. I don't. I miss my sweeping views of the park, lake, and city skyline. I've come to realize, I am a totally visual person, and THAT is what inspires me, not old, brick lofts.

SO, I am on the move again. Stressful, yes, but I am relieved too. I want to be creative again and not just with design work. It's getting old for me. I find it funny, the acquaintances OOOO and AAA when they see my place. For me, it's what I do. I'm a professional. And what kind of interior designer would I be, if my place doesn't speak volumes.

Today I plan to hop around and visit the other group members and HOPEFULLY I can learn how they manage their writing time. The only great advice I have for you today is.... visit the other group members.... lol. I honestly wish I had more.

On a POSITIVE NOTE... here are a few before and after pics of my loft. It was QUITE the challenge. LOL