Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Dappled light filters through an ancient oak forest. The leaves, golden, flitter in the whistling breeze.

Blood tints the rooted surface as a dozen or so men lie dead…

All except one.

A blinding pain cleaves through his head and he wakes, blinking in time with his heartbeat.

Derek sits up, staring at the carnage in disbelief, holding his head.

I have no recollection of this. I cannot be responsible. Can I?

He stumbles to his feet. 

His stomach roils.

This forrest is not known to me.

After several deep breaths, he steadies himself and lumbers through the towering trees on foot.

Where he is headed, he does not know, but he continues toward the Western sun.

I must find MaTisha…she will lead me home.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

In the early morning hours, as the sun breaks through the dense, inky sky, a shimmer of silver vapor mists in front of an exhausted Derek. 

A woman of simple beauty steps forth from the haze.

“MaTisha! Praise be! I found you at last.”

Soulful eyes search Derek’s face. But her blank expression still remains.

“It is I, Derek. Do you not know me?”

Her faces pales to the color of fine linen. “Sir, I do not know thee, for I have amnesia.”

Derek furrows his brow and deep lines etch his face. 

“But you are the only one who can show me the way home. My wife and family need to be protected.”

“I would truly like to help, Sir, but I am hunted by the Guardian and Mercenary armies, but for what, I do not know.”

A blinding pain erupts through Derek’s temples and he drops to the ground.

MaTisha stares at his twitching body.

He springs to his feet. A rogue smile plasters his face. “Ah, my lady. No one will harm thee. I will be your champion.”

“But what of your wife and children, Sir?”

“No matter. We must get thee to safety.”

He takes her arm and leads her to an unknown destiny…

Why the sudden change of heart?

Is Derek possessed by a murderous alter ego?

Will MaTisha be safe from this stranger to her?



Loni Townsend

Is Derek’s love for his family strong enough to overpower the devil within him? 

Or will his selfish alter ego’s plan win out, keeping the mysterious MaTisha all to himself?

Now this is one intriguing premise…we have Mercenaries on one side, Guardians on the other. There is an amnesiac harboring hidden clues, and most of all, a compicated MC with an alter ego…. 

What an eye opening Wednesday this is!

Okay…now my TBR is getting insane...LOL. Thanks, Loni for creating such an imaginative read.

I hope everyone is getting excited about the final week coming up in the A-Z! We are almost there!

Have a great WEDNESDAY ALL!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The music from An iPod blasts through Mark’s ears. On his chest, the pages of an SAT book lay open to the English section. 

His head bops to the music and out of the corner of his eye a blue pinprick of light flickers.

He glances up and sees a strange girl with her back to him, rummaging through the papers on his desk. 

Mark Jumps off the bed and takes out the earbuds.

Am I hallucinating? She looks like an escapee from a Halloween party…but it’s November! Man is she gorgeous.

“Uh, who are you?” Mark asks.

She turns around and tosses her knee length, blonde braids behind her. The medieval, tight fitted dress scrapes the floor. She flashes a toothpaste smile at Mark.

“My name is Miranda.”

She’s gotta be a friend of my sister, Kate. Who else but of friend of hers would be in the house.

Miranda turns back around and continues to filter through the papers.

“Why are you doing that?” Mark asks.

“I am only perusing your papers.” She locks her eyes on his. “Do not fret.”

Perusing? Fret? I’m shocked a friend of Kate’s would use such words.

“Hey, this is my room. I don’t know how you got in here or what you think you’re doing. But—”

“Forgive me. I did not mean to offend you.” She shrugs. “I am unfamiliar with manners here.”

“I’m not offended.” She’s gotta be some kind of actress.

“May I have permission to look around this chamber?”

“Sure.” Okay. You’re hot, I’ll play along?

Miranda sweeps around the room pointing at different objects and asks questions about them.

She picks up a pen. “May I take this back with me?”

“You want a bic? To take back where?”

“I apologize, but I must return to Bodiam Castle in England.

This girl’s looney. “Do you know my dad…he’s a psychiatrist?”

“I do not know what that is. I assure you, I have not met your father. You are the only person from this time I have met.” She studies Mark's face.

“Do you think you traveled through time?” 

“You saw me appear. Did you not?”

“I must’ve been asleep. I had to be.”

“No matter. When I leave you will see me slip back in time. If the bic is your only one, perhaps I can take a book?” She picks up a physics book. “You have so many, surely you will not miss this one.”

She fades and slowly disappears.

“Hey! Wait! That’s my physics book.”
Whoa…breathe Mark.

Will Miranda return? 

What does she seek?

Screwing up Time


C.M. Keller

Miranda returns, seeking a secret ingredient and a book of recipes.

Unfamiliar to what Miranda requests, Mark must help her find both or she will die.

But there is only one way…

To travel back into the past through the colors of time.

What a very cool premise. Medieval meets present day. Time travel to save a girl a teen never met before…intriguing!

This is one book that’s definitely going on MY TBR list…

Thanks Connie for writing a truly interesting premise! 

I hope everyone is still enjoying the A-Z… just seven more letters left!


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Monday, April 21, 2014


Flames consume a rare, raven-haired beauty.

Nothing is left…

Except her smoldering ashes.

A mere moment later, her parents weep. Their sorrow unconsolable. With bowed heads they leave the site of their daughter’s demise, never to return.

At midnight, clouds sweep through the heavens, swirling into a funnel. It touches down to earth and scoops up the remaining ashes of the former young woman.

Lighting bolts through the whirlwind and within seconds Yssa is reborn by the hand of the god, Apenth.

She lay still in a meadow. 

Her eyes blink open as a deep voice echoes through her mind.

“Yssa. I have chosen you to be the Phoenix Prophetess…”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *  

Yssa’s takes the first step of her journey to the temple of Aenth. Struggles with sea serpents and angry gods haunt each day, creating obstacles to keep her from the her one true destiny.

A destiny nothing like she suspects…

After laboring for weeks over dusty scrolls in the temple of Aenth, a vision of her parent’s death strikes Yssa. 

It consumes her.

She races back across the sea to stop the future…



Cherie Reich

Will Yssa accept her destiny and remain the Phoenix Prophetess?

Or fight fate?

This is only the beginning…

Now isn’t this the exciting! What a way to start the third week of the challenge. Isn't this cover stunning?!

This is book one in the series and it certainly peaks my interest…BIG TIME!

ALL the best Cherie, with your book launch next month! Stay tuned and visit Cherie’s blog for the exact date!

Happy Monday everyone…I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend/weekend!

Cherie Reich
Writer, Freelance Editor, Book Blogger, and Library Assistant
The magic's within the pages ... become surrounded by books!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Joan searches through countless books looking for any clue to unveil the mysteries of a subject that’s fascinated her for years.

She steps over to her laptop and types in a few key words. Twenty pages of links show and she scrolls down the many websites. Clinking onto the third, she hopes this one will reveal all the answers to her questions.

Nothing…Nothing. How come there’s not the right information? This is ridiculous.

Joan slams down the lid and scowls at the computer like it’s the one responsible for her dilemma. 

She sighs. 

Even the internet has let me down.

The following day at a family gathering, she probes her parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles…no one has the answer.

It’s time to set out on my own…

*     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *    *

She arrives at her first stop, Paris, and visits the spirited Belleville market in Little Tunis. The air is thick with perfume from flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables. Her heart pulses with excitement as she wanders through miles of people, purchasing exotic foods for their tables. 

Joan plucks up the nerve and approaches an elderly woman wearing a black kerchief holding back braided silver hair. 

She smiles. “Yes dear. What can I get for you?” she asks. Her heavy French accent is almost musical.  

Joan swallows hard. “This may sound odd to you, Madame, but I am on a quest.”

The woman raises a wrinkled brow.

“I wish to discover the secrets of preparing French cuisine…”

The woman chuckles and her eyes brighten.

 “…but not in the traditional way. You see…I’m Jewish and wondered if their were any specific differences between classic French cooking and Jewish cooking?”

“We cook the same traditional kosher meals here as well. However, influences from other regions infuse different herbs, spices, and fruits to create meals with a distinctly unique flavor.

“I suggest you sample the local restaurants in this neighborhood. Then travel to Alsace and throughout the Loire valley. There you will discover what you seek.” 

And so Joan did and discovered 200 recipes and their stories … 

Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous

Joan Nathan

From Alsace…

Terrine de Poireaux: a baked leek quiche

From North Africa…
A Brik: a flaky pastry filled with tuna and cilantro

From Morocco…

Provincial Fish Soup with garlicky rouille

From the Mediterranean…

Artichoke and Orange salad with Saffron Mint

Tunisian Winter Squash Salad with Coriander and Harissa

And this is only the beginning…

Wow… now this not your usual cookbook. I love all types of cuisine, but to infuse all these influences into traditional Jewish meals must be outrageous.

Who doesn’t love quiches, kugels, couscous? Not to mention all the other amazing recipes in this book. Looks like I’ll be ordering this one too! 

I wish you all a wonderful Easter and Passover season! Happy Holidays and weekend everyone!

See you on Monday!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Will this nightmare ever end? my shaking hand scribbles into a journal. 

In a swift movement, I hide it under the mattress and glance at the glaring red numbers on the digital clock. 

0300…in two short hours it begins again…I wonder what fresh hell he has in store for me today?

Snuffing out the light, I drift into a dreamless sleep, tossing and turning throughout the early morning hours.

I wake with a start, as my heart jumps from my chest. The second pound nearly sends the door off its hinges.

“Get up! It’s 0500. Don’t keep me waiting.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I spring out of bed as if catapulted and race to the bathroom. 

By 0523, I sit strait-backed at the kitchen table and stare into the chiseled features and dense, black eyes of my dad.

“I expect you back here at exactly 1515. Is that clear?”

I nod, but remain silent.

His right arm jets out and backhands me across the face. My lip splits and blood trickles down my chin.

“Answer me, you pussy.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

He pulls out a handkerchief from his back pocket and throws it at me. 

“Wipe you lip and pray that you’re not late.” He glares at me. “Get out of my sight.”

After picking up the dishes, I give them a quick wash, and head toward the front door…

*     *    *     *     *       *     *         *      *     *     *

Another high school. Great. What number is this one? 3? 4? This is such bull.

As the day progresses, two unexpected things happen to me…

I meet a blind dude. But not just any blind dude. This one has a story, and the writer in me needs to find it out. 


I meet a hot, red-headed chick. This girl’s curves race in all the right directions.

After class, my curiosity gets the better of me, and I follow Danny home, putting Tanya on hold for the time being.

And now…

It’s 1525 as I pull into the drive and screech to a halt.

I jump out of my old pick-up and rocket up the stairs two at a time.


The keys slip from my hand and crash hard on the wooden planks of the porch.

Shit! I’m so screwed.

“You’re late! Get your sorry ass in here.”

I scoop up the keys and fumble for the right one.

The key barely skims the lock as the door bursts open and Dad drags me into the living room.

“I can explain—”

“Save it.”

He shoves me against the wall. His breath reeks of alcohol, causing my eyes to water.

“What did I tell you about coming home on time?”

His eyes bulge, expanding to twice their usual size.

I tense and wait for the blow…

Nine more months. Hang on Aidan, it’s just nine more months.

A fiery, hot burning sears my ribs, and I crash to the floor…

Portrait of a Teenage Military Brat


Michael Di Gesu’

Will Aidan live long enough to see his eighteenth birthday and escape his father’s abuse?

Time is not on his side.

Now you know…This is the intro for MY BOOK!  Although not published yet, there is interest. You guys will be the first to know when I have a contract. In the meantime I wanted you all to see a glimpse into Aidan’s world.

It’s terrifying.

It’s intense.

It’s real.

So many teens are abused by alcoholic parents. We all need to be aware of this. The statistics are staggering.

But thankfully there is hope. With media attention and special programs there is help for these families.

I hope you “enjoyed”… (okay, maybe this isn’t the right word.) my intro… Several of you had queried me about what the intro for my book would be… well here it is. LOL

Tomorrow is the end of ANOTHER week of the A-Z! Congrats to ALL OF US! We all deserve a pat on the back!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Traveling around the globe for most kids is exhausting… Sara is no exception.

With ports of call from France to Cyprus, Sara’s passion for food continued to grow throughout her childhood. The sights and smells of the old markets in the tranquil villages darting the Mediterranean whirled through her head, inflaming her imagination.


One cloudy November day. She faces the ramshackle farmhouse in the Tuscan region of Italy. 

No more markets…no more vibrant colors…no more crystal blue sea! We’re living here!

Her stomach lurches and the beating of her heart slows. “No.” She gasps. “Please, father. No.”

His broad smile and twinkling brown eyes face, Sara. “You’ll love it here! You’ll see.”

How could I possibly, thought Sara.

Time slips away quickly in farm country and much to Sara’s surprise her talent for creating imaginative and simple meals explodes.

Learning old world techniques of ragu and pasta making from her grandmother was just the beginning…

Imagine what amazing meals start at home…

You DON’T have to imagine anymore…

Olives and Oranges


Sara Jenkins and Mindy Fox

Peppery Braised Short Ribs…

Tuscan Eggplant Parmesan…

Short Pasta with Mushrooms and Mint…

Spicy Lemon-Chocolate Ganache Tart…

Just to name a few.

Join Sara and “Understand the Mediterranean ‘language of flavor!’” 

SURPRISE… I know you weren’t expecting anything like this… BUT… I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did showcasing this AWESOME cookbook. 

I wanted to do something interesting and since I didn’t have an ‘O’ entry I decided to check out Goodreads and found Sara’s book. Well, I was so impressed bty her story and some of the recipes featured, I BOUGHT this book! I really did. I loved everything about it, including the rich, beautiful cover. It reminds me of an old master painting.

I can’t wait to get my copy! As soon as I cook something I will do a special feature.

Thanks for stopping by today everyone. Tomorrow is another unexpected surprise, so I do hope to see you all!

Until then…

Have an AMAZING day!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Crimson drops of blood trickle down the wrists of an unconscious teen. A wisp of life hovers over her as a few remaining breaths draw her life to a close.

A blinding light gently kisses the cuts and the skin mends itself without a trace of a scar. 

Steady beats from the heart, flow the blood to each organ and nerve until liquid black eyes flutter open.

What happened? I should be dead. I’m ready to die.

An ethereal voice echoes through her mind, “You are to join us Abigail…your life is in our hands now.”

“I don’t understand. Who are you?” She asks in a soft whisper.

We are Cleansers…protectors of lost souls. And you are our newest recruit.”

An apparition of exquisite beauty appears before Abigail. She stares into Abigail’s eyes, “You are destined to study at V. Salicus Academy for your training.”

Abigail remains silent, but nods her head in acceptance.

*    *    *     *    *     *     *    *     *    *    *     *     *

A young man bows.

“You know your task…begone! Or deal with the consequences,” The Devourer seethes. “Go harvest a soul for me to feed on.”

Basil’s face flushes from the heat and he turns his head away, cursing his existence. 

One slip of the tongue and I am in servitude for eternity to this monster.

Basil ascends toward the living, determined to snatch a soul before the Devourer punishes him once more.

He appears next to a bridge and watches a young girl teetering on the ledge. 

A cloud shifts and a bright, pure light glows, bursting into billowing pearls of spoke. As it clears a tall, curvaceous figure emerges and steps up to the young girl.

Basil stares. His heart races and his never regions stir. “It can’t be?” he mutters. “A Cleanser…”

After escorting the girl off the ledge, Abigail hugs her and smiles. “I understand. But there are wonders in this world you do not want to miss…trust me.”

The girl hugs her back and bids farewell. Abigail turns and raises her arms, but in a spit second something takes hold of her…

Basil locks his eyes on hers…




Will Basil steel her soul for his master?

Or will he sweep her into his arms?

This kind of attraction is forbidden, but will love conquer all?

Now this is an interesting turn of events... Love the tension of this story. We have so many different story lines here. Good vs. Evil. Unrequited love...and Destiny. 

Wow, Angela, you certainly hit a home run with this! FANTASTIC... A great story for our midweek blues!

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Stay tuned for something usual and unexpected tomorrow....