Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sixteen-year-old Alexia pins the last banana curl in place. 

Why am I so plain and homely? I’ll never marry looking like this.

She presses the folds of her gown, glancing one last time in the ornate, gilded mirror.

Turning on a slippered foot, she heads out of her room and down the chilled corridor toward the entry.

Twenty stairs she counts before arriving at the front door. A small carriage awaits. The driver assists Alexia as she slips inside.

Another party…how will I endure this evening alone? Why me? Nothing exciting ever happens to me.

The driver pulls up to the neighboring estate, and extends a hand to Alexia as she steps out of the carriage.

“Thank you, Rodney.”

“Shall I pick you up at the usual time, Miss?”

Alexia stares into the moonless sky and sighs. “I suppose.” 

She lingers a moment lost in thought as another carriage nearly runs her over. She jumps back just in time, shaking from head to toe.

“My word! How utterly rude! Have you no shame, Sir,” she calls out to the figure at the top of the stairs.

He turns, locking his frigid, electric blue eyes onto Alexia’s warm brown eyes.”

She gasps and stumbles backward nearly fainting. 
He rushes to her side.

Once more dizziness overtakes her and she falls into his arms. 

This is the man of my nightmares…he’s real…he’s real. She blinks her eyes open and steadies herself, pushing away from him. But he clasps his hand around her arm.

“That will be all, Sir. Kindly release me.”

Stepping away, he bores his eyes into her very soul. With all the strength she can muster, Alexia runs into the house and disappears amongst the crowd.

Her heart pounds against her chest as she looks through the dozens of guests for any sign of the stranger.

“He’s gone,” she whispers and inhales several deep breaths.  

As the evening progresses, odd twinges, and chills race throughout her body. She watches her friends’ laughter and gaiety and longs to be a part of it.

An hour passes…

My driver awaits…it’s time to go. She sighs.

Alexia collects her things and heads toward the grand entrance to depart, leaving the ballroom at the height of the dance. 

She stops in mid-step.

Her heart explodes from her chest. 

She holds her breath.

The stranger stands over the murdered body of her host. He turns his head and stares directly into Alexia’s eyes…

An electric shock surges through her body.

Her eyes close for a split second…

And he disappears into the moonless night.



Crystal Collier

As Alexia faces the mirror, preparing for bed, her mouth opens in a silent scream…

The face reflecting is not her own, but of a raving beauty with emerald eyes.

Amazon: Link

Whoa! I didn’t see that coming…did you? Crystal really has a FANTASTIC premise here. This book has it all. Mystery, intrigue, historical, paranormal, and suspense. This scene just scratches the surface of the inner story.

Just remember everyone, I do my intros mostly on blurbs and covers, so this may not have happened exactly in this way…but I did take this scene from the synopsis on Amazon.  

Crystal also has MOONLESS on sale now for only $1.99 for the next few weeks. SO this is an AWESOME time to buy it!

Thanks Crystal for creating such an exciting story and CONGRATS on your next book SOULLESS...

ALL THE BEST, Crystal!

Have a great day everyone!

Unleashing the dream world, one book at a time

Monday, April 14, 2014


A brightness prevails over the campus. Sun streams through the trees and warms the early spring air.

Lyssa wakes with a start. A swirling darkness lingers throughout the room. Not even the sun can penetrate it. 

Shadows lurk in the four corners and Lyssa'a breathing is heavy.

Her heart races.

She dresses quickly and dashes out her dorm and onto the campus.

“Where’s Jackson? He should be here by now,” escapes her quivering lips. 

She turns in a half circle and sees the outline of her closest friend. Jackson sprints toward her, stopping a few feet away.

“Lyssa. You look freaked out. Are you all right?”

Keeping silent, Lyssa continues to turn in slow circles. The pressure heavier than she’s ever experienced. “I can’t take it anymore…”

“Take what?” 

Jackson’s concerned face tugs at Lyssa’s heart. “Please! I need to stay focused.” 

A sheer, black mass materializes and hovers between her and Jackson.

Lyssa’s heart pounds against the walls of her chest. 

She raises her right hand and screams, “Enough!” 

A power like nothing she’s every felt before, surges through her body and an electric blue crackle of light disintegrates the apparition.

In a single heartbeat, Lyssa and Jackson are transported to another dimension. 

Lyssa looks at Jackson’s arctic white face with wide eyes. “W-what just happened?”

Jackson nodded.

 A man walks toward them and stops directly in front of Lyssa. “Welcome, missing Guardian of the Watch Tower.”

Lyssa’s jaw drops…

“Guardian of the what?”

“The Watch Tower,” he says in a somber voice. “A magical corporation that protects the world from evil.”

“But I can’t be…I’m just a normal witch.”

“There is nothing normal about you…”

Lyssa doesn’t respond. 

Am I really the missing Guardian?

I can’t be…

Can I?

What special powers does Lyssa possess? 

Will they be strong enough to conquer the evil of the Shadows?

The Land of the Shadows


Elissa Daye

Lyssa and Jackson are thrown into the magical world of innate evil, and only Hunter, a handsome Guardian from sector 4 can show Lyssa the way to destroy it.

Amazon Link: Paperback

Amazon Link: Kindle

What a great premise to this book. I really enjoy magical realism and this is also an N/A story, so two pluses here. I look forward to reading this one for sure!

Thanks Elissa for writing such an exciting story. Such a great way to start out the week!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone…

Saturday, April 12, 2014




One mingles with the other and a Luminary is born.

A secret society.

Each with a gift all there own. 

Good vs. Evil.

Who will come out alive?

This is the story of Annie Fox…

Wanted by two men…

Desired by one.

Her heart belonged to one but shattered.


He wants her back. But not for the reason you think…

He is public enemy number one.



Will he destroy Annie and the ones she loves?


Or will Annie destroy him first?




What happens in their final confrontation could mean death… 

But whose?


Talk about suspense and intrigue. What a way to start a series! I can’t wait to read this one. 

All the best, S.K. You have a real winner here!

Well gang, we just finished another week of the A-Z. I barely made it. I wrote this one last night. It feels like it did during my first A-Z. I certainly hope I can knock out a four or five this weekend. As you can imagine, each it tailored specifically for each author, so they do take a bit of time.

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope to visit as many of you as I can. I started dropping by blogs today, but boy do I have a lot more!


S.K's links:
Kinetic on Amazon:

Friday, April 11, 2014


Spring is in the air…
With many thoughts for us to share.

Magic and colors do abound…
With chirps and twitters to astound.

Bright and visual for your pleasure…
Accompanied with prose to always treasure.

Robyn Engle’s poetry and Robin Mead’s art is such a gift…
Just the Right Time will give your heart a lift.

Amazon: Link  

Now don’t judge my stab at poetry with Robyn’s amazing prose. LOL. I must admit this is one of my favorite submissions. The lovely poems and exquisite illustrations are truly magical. Robyn writes from her heart and we are all blessed that she shares it with all of us.

Thank you ladies for a beautiful collection for the visuals senses.

What a FANTASTIC way to begin our weekend.

Don’t forget I have ONE more amazing book to feature tomorrow.

HAPPY Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


With the crack of a whip, the bright-eyed dogs line up. A young female voice calls out, “Mush!” and the team race off into the snow covered terrain.

A glint of silver flashes, catching Victoria’s eye. She steers her team of a dozen plus one toward another streak light.

As they approach, a boy waves his hand through the frosted air.

She pulls up beside him, jumps off the sled, and rushes to him. “Are you alright? What happened to you?”

He grinned at her and swallowed hard. “I lost my footing and kind of bounced down the hill. I think my ankle may be broken.”

Victoria smiles. “No worries. I’ll get you out of here.” She drags him onto the sled an straps him in with rope. As she finished tying the knot, the memory of her father plays through her mind. She still remembers his words echoing through her soul. “Always be prepared for an emergency.” Her heart grows heavy for a split second, remembering the last time she saw her dad alive.

A year…it’s only been a year?

She shakes her head and jumps on the sled next to her injured new friend.
An arctic wind kicks up the fresh powder and clings to her eyelashes and hair, veiling her head with a shimmering, opalescent glow.

Once more, “Mush!” rings from her lips and off they go…

As they continue the snow fall increases at an alarming rate.

Visibility is nonexistent.

With no shelter in sight, what will become of them?

As these two young teens battle for survival, will Victoria’s training be enough to fight the elements in this barren wilderness? 

Terry Lynn Johnson

All the odds are against it…

Amazon: Link

Whoa…now this sounds like an exciting tale…no, not the wagging kind…lol. I really love the premise of a young female teen hero. This is a fantastic book for every young teenage girl. Role models are so important and to find one with so much heart and excitement is a real gem.

Thanks Terry Lynn! And all the best with your exciting new book!

We are certainly winding up this week with some adventurous stories. Again I must stress, NOT TO BLAME ME for your full TBR lists. Please blame the authors!

As a final note, I just wanted to say I just got back in town and hope to catch up with everyone and I hope you understand my absence this past week.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Electric sparks fly from elongated fingertips as the energy surges from Ferlon’s inner core. His regeneration is complete. His godlike form has returned. He is now ready. Ready for the next step in his plan.

Whirling through the lands of Furthank, he weaves a spell of enchantment, bewitching all to join his army and destroy the kingdom of Jonared. 

With each new minion, Ferlon’s thirst for power increases. 

He is invincible. 

Nothing can stop him.

Or so he thinks…

Only one man, who is unsure of his destiny, has the key to unlock the power to destroy Ferlon. 

King Jonared’s brother, Cage Stone, has only the use of weapons created by men and elves. 

Time is running out…

The hardships are too great. Misery and darkness linger in the air they breathe.

Even the last of the Keepers struggles for understanding as the toxicity spreads.

Will Cage Stone figure out the clues to take down this self proclaimed god before it’s too late?

The Heir of Futhark

Susan Gourley

The countdown begins now…

Amazon: Link

This story sounds so exciting. I haven’t read the first three books, but this series certainly has my interest!

Thank you Susan for the suspense and excitement of true magical epic!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s story.

Until tomorrow…

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Streaks of bright, amber light rifts the midnight blue sky and Herald shield’s his eyes with a gauntleted forearm. 

The intensity wavers and Herald peers to the heavens. His parched mouth hangs open as gossamer wings glide on the wind gently caressing the angelic being.

Sweat breaks out on his face and an arctic shiver races through his body. He stares intently at her incredible beauty as all thoughts of his family fade from this breathtaking spectacle.

Herald shakes his head and comes to his senses.

“What is it that you wish of me?” he asks, brushing the sweat from his brow.

“I seek your protection.” Her voices strums a thousand harp strings, resonating through his core.

“But why? You are of another world. An advanced one. and I…” He swallows hard. “…I am a mere mortal.”

She pursers her rosy lips. “You shall do as I ask or suffer the consequences.”

He lowers his head. “As you wish, but I have failed at this task before. I have already lost my twin and my remaining siblings need my protection. I cannot let anything happen to them.”

She remains silent…

Family and blood. Family and blood. Repeats through Herald’s mind.

Who is this ethereal beauty?

Is she a danger to him?

Golden Dawn 

by Aldrea Alien

On April 18th, 2014…

She’ll be coming for you!


Now this is one terrifying premise. She certainly caught my attention!

All the best, Aldrea, with the launch of your exciting new book!

Looks like here’s another amazing book to add to your TBR’S everyone. Sorry, I just introduce them, not write them. LOL.

I hope you all are enjoying the challenge!

HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE. Prepare yourself for another exciting book tomorrow!