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Today it is my great pleasure to be the first host of my cyber sister, Siv Marie Ottem’s, Secrets of the Ash Tree book blog tour! Tour dates and hosts are listed on my side bar.For all of you who are not familiar with Siv’s book, let me enlighten you ...

We are all acquainted with Greek mythology in one form or another and their wonderful stories. 

Well this year Siv has created a truly unique and exiting novel featuring NORSE mythology. How cool is that? 

So I have written something very special to introduce you all the world of the Norse gods. Aren’t you wondering how did it all began? I know I was ...  

Blistering heat erupts in the bowels of Muspellsheimer, as red, hot, flaming tips of blinding light reach north toward the misty arctic blue-white waters of Niflheir. 

Within the barren vortex of Ginnungagap, sparks flash and a thunderous crack echoes throughout the atmosphere. A shimmery, silver vapor veils the layers of splintered ice. 

A river of boiling water washes away the ice and awakens the broad figure of the giant, Jötunn. Massive arms stretch and a guttural roar ruptures from his core as a human man rips through his left armpit. Smoldering blood flushes out another figure ... a human woman.
A second roar, more excruciating than the first, fractures the frigid surface and from his Herculean legs, the frost jötnars emerge followed by a brown and white speckled cow. 

The first, Ymir, suckles, Auðumbla, as she licks the salty ice and releases the first Norse god, Bri.

Time has yet to exist, but in the meantime Bri fathers three sons, Odin, Villi, and Ve’. With the frost giants determination to dominate, Odin, Villi, and Ve’ slay Ymir and all but two of the frost giants. They drown in a river of blood.

The three young gods decide to create a world for humans to inhabit. Their natural affection for mankind added to their passion for a visually pleasing environment. Each begin to slice the flesh of Vmir and fashion the earth.

Within a breath, the glistening ruby blood of Ymir turns into sapphire, emerald, aqua, and cobalt crystalline waters, creating the oceans, lakes and rivers.

As the collection of bones mount, Odin sculpts the mountains and Villi and Ve’ use the pearly white teeth for boulders, river rocks, and pebbles.

Next, they lift the skull upward and create the sky, placing a dwarf at each corner to secure it in place.

For protection from jötnar, they transform Vmir’s brows into walls. 

As a final touch, Odin creates time by placing two brilliant orbs in chariots. “The sun and the moon will forever circle the sky,” he says with a broad smile. He turns toward his brothers. “But who will drive the chariots?”

Odin begins his quest through the world of the jötnar and discovers two charming and attractive young giants, Söl and Măni, named after the sun and moon. “How appropriate!” He beams at the brother and sister. “You shall drive my chariots in the sky.”

The playful siblings amuse Odin, but the responsibility is to great to leave to chance, so he creates two magnificent, silver wolves from stardust. He places Hati and Sköll in the sky to pursue the youths and devour them if they ever shirk their duty.

With the human world finally finished, Odin joins his family, and the rest is Norse mythological history ...

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the birth of the human and godly worlds in Norse mythology.

To Celebrate the release of her book, ‘Secrets of the Ash Tree,’ Siv Maria Ottem is taking the Norse Gods with her on a blog tour from October 7th- 14th. Make sure to stop by her blog and see what kind of Birthday Giveaways she is raffling off!

Secrets of the Ash Tree
By Siv Maria Ottem
~~~In the realm of the gods and fairy tales the mystery of life is an endless path with many secrets to be discovered. Some secrets are like dreams, just waiting in darkness hoping to get into the light.
‘Secrets of the Ash Tree’ is the story about Liv, a young woman who discovers her true nature through the unraveling of hidden secrets. Her adventures begin when she digs up a chest that was buried by her father under the old ash tree in her garden. What she finds inside the chest changes her life forever.  Liv discovers one secret after another and is thrown into a world full of dangerous and strange creatures, mighty Norse warriors and perils beyond her belief. What started out as a fairy tale in her father’s journal was to become her legacy, a guide line to survival, and a map to the world she was about to enter. Each day, each mystery, each encounter will ultimately reveal her true destiny and behind the edge of a sword awaits a young god who is willing to share that destiny with her.

Available in Hardcover, softcover, kindle:
Thank you all for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to support Siv on her blog tour. It truly is a magical book! I was honored to illustrate the cover for her ... 


  1. Gosh, I need to pick Siv's head. Think she'd mind? lol My middle grade story - which is almost ready to send off to the agent - is oozing with Norse mythology! I love the whole Greek thing, but wanted to do something different. Norse has a lot of similarities, but differences too. Thanks you for sharing this with us and best to Siv!

  2. Nobody knows more about Norse mythology than Siv! Will have fun with her at my blog on Wednesday during the blogfest.

  3. Hi Bro! Thanks for this wonderful intro to the Norse Gods! The story of how the gods were created is also in my book. You do justice to Odin's words and give the story your special kind of flair. Thanks again for all your support!

    SA- There is a ton of Norse mythology in my blog and you can pick my head any time :) Of course I would love it if you bought my book as well! Good luck with your story!

  4. Alex- Thanks for the compliment and I am looking forward to spending my birthday with you guys!

  5. An excellent post Michael and Siv certainly knows her Norse. A most interesting post and most absorbing reading.

    Have a good day.

  6. Congrats to Siv! I love Norse mythology. And thanks for the awesome intro to her book.

  7. Is that how it all began? I love it.

  8. You are so welcome, SIs...

    Glad you like my rendition of the creation.... It was no easy task ... LOL.

    ALL the best with your wonderful book!!!!!! I know i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my copy! See it everyday on my desk!

    It's a treasured reminder of you ...

  9. Excellent Michael, and Siv, totally awesome! Yeah for Wednesday!

  10. Siv- This sounds Fantastic. Norse Mythology has always been fascinating to me, but then i like myths in general.

    Micheal- awesome intro as usual! Great post.

  11. Awesome history lesson, Michael. And beautiful cover you created for Siv. Siv, congrats on this release. I will be purchasing it very very soon.

  12. Yay, Siv! This sounds awesome--exactly what I need. We've had way too much Greek and Roman literature with the Percy Jackson series (and others).

  13. Mythology has always been a favorite of mine. My great-grandmother grew up in Sweden and I loved the many tales she told.

    This story sounds like a fun read filled with adventure, mystery and romance, Siv!


    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  14. Lots of new stuff here to learn! Congrats to Siv :)

  15. Great to meet Siv and learn about her book! Congrats to her.

  16. Mythology is interesting. Love the intro, Michael.

    Best of luck and wishing many sales to Siv, on her Norse Gods Tour! Nothing like having a few gods on your side. . .

    (Although that was a messy sounding creation, Michael. . .Amazing what a little decoration can do, eh?)

  17. Congrats to Siv. Norse Mythology is a wonderfully magical theme.

  18. Norse gods are so cool! Congratulations to Siv!

  19. Norse mythology is so interesting ... which is why it is such a part of my own END OF DAYS and 3 SPIRIT KNIGHT.

    Siv's book is absorbing and fun ... as was your intro to it!

    This is going to be a fun week, right?

  20. Thanks everyone! This should be a week fit for the gods!

  21. I love creation myths like this. Awesome. Congratulations to Siv!

  22. Love Norse mythology! Sounds like a great read.

  23. Fascinating and educational post, Michael. I know little about Norse mythology. In fact I don't know much about Greek mythology either. My education in that area has been severely neglected. Time to make amends. :)

    Congrats to Siv!

    VR Barkowski

  24. I'm a huge fan of mythology in general, but I don't know much about the Norse myths. Well, no more than Thor and whatnot. I know, that's terrible!

  25. Marvel comics has a much different tale than the orignial ones. I hope everyone likes the story as it was first told! Comics and literature can be just as intertaining. Looking forward to the next Thor movie but I am sure it has little to do with the correct mythology and more to do with comic books...Sad...

  26. Beautiful, Michael. And have fun on the tour, Siv!

  27. Great introduction to a much unknown form of mystique and literature. Thanks! And congrats to Liv for putting together what sounds to be a very interesting and intertwining story! Writer’s Mark

  28. Hi Michael .. well that was some introduction to Siv's book - and I'm sure her tales excel even your brilliant start - amazing to read.

    I love the art work - the tree with its fiery core and the silvery moon enlightening us on the journey of the Norse mythology ..

    Congratulations Siv - sounds like a great ride ..

    Here's to lots of success to you both .. Hilary

  29. You pretty much had me at Norse mythology!

  30. I love Norse mythology! Congrats, Siv! :)

  31. I love Norse mythology. My second novel, which has long since been shelved, was YA urban fantasy based on Norse mythology. Only my 18 year old love interest was Vali, the son of Odin.

  32. Hey Michael and hi Siv,

    Nothing like a bit of Norse mythology. And being so close to Scandinavia, I do worry that some serious plundering and pillaging might occur in my neighbourhood.

    Okay, silly me. It's almost Thor's day and I think this notable excerpt will be duly shared by me. Yep, even on Farcebook.

    All the very best on your release, Siv. Your book, that is :)


  33. How did I miss this! Great writing, Michael. :)