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Hi, All.

Another Friday and the weekend is revving up… In the north where the temperatures have dropped and the winds are gusting chilling air, you may want to stay in and curl up with a good book. It doesn't take too much courage to "think twice" about going out.

But it does take an amazing amount of courage to write a novel and even more to write a series. Today it gives me great pleasure to review Carrie Butler's newest novel, COURAGE. It is BOOK TWO of the Mark of Nexus series…

For those of you who relish in paranormal romances you will absolutely go ape over this book. I, myself am not into gushy romantic stories where the heroin's always on fire and waiting for the muscled hunk to satisfy her. Enough already. Give us a STORY that we can sink our teeth into. Dudes don't mind romance if there is action and intrigue.

Butler has totally roped me into to the world she has created. A mysterious secret society … world balance between three races of super beings … and passionate, well rounded characters who are believable. Strength with flaws. Even super beings can be human, and we are treated with a gamut, sucked in by the riveting prose.

Even though this is the second book in the series, the reader can easily follow the story. The KEY elements of STRENGTH (The first novel) are blended in flawlessly.

It takes a certain type of person to face up to their destiny. Whether good or bad, we wake to a new day and crash head on into our lives.

But what if the stakes were set too high? Would you be able to cope? Within your heart and soul, you'd find the answer. Sometimes strength isn't enough. Wallace, the main male lead, has all the strength in the world, but what good is it if fear debilitates you.

Etched lines crisscross the face of a young woman staring into a mirror. Her lower lip trembles as she asks herself these very same questions. Who is she?


She sets her jaw, brushes the streaks of honey-gold hair away from her eyes, and splashes cold water onto her face. As she turns, the bloodline band tattooed around her right arm reflects from the mirror. After one exceedingly long breath, her chest tightens.

It is time ...

Time to face her fear ...

Time to mend broken ties, and join forces with the person she hurt the most ...

Time to live up to her destiny ...

Will she have the courage?

Only time will tell ….

This reviewer very rarely gives five stars. But COURAGE has all the elements of a FIVE star novel. Thank you Carrie for treating us with such an intricate and fulfilling story. I can't wait for your next book!

I hope you all enjoyed my review with a bit of creative licensing.  Please drop by Carrie's blog and congratulate her. She is such a talented and special person. ALL THE BEST, CARRIE!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. These questions Michael I have had to ask myself for personal reasons. Looks like a good book to read while the cold weather arrives in the comfort of the duvet.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. That's right - dudes need some action!
    I have both books on my iPad, waiting...

  3. Such kind words, Michael, and all of them true. Agree! Agree! :D

  4. The temperatures here have dropped too, but today the sun is coming out. This book is in my TBR list, now your recommendation put it at the top of the list. :) Please drop by the cave sometime, there is an invitation for you.

  5. I agree action sets the edge we all need! Yes, it is cold here in the south and snowing in the mountains. Time for hot soup and piles of blankets and Carrie's book sounds like the perfect escape~ I hope you are staying warm Michael and making time for fun! Have a great weekend~

  6. Nice review and summary! So true that there needs to be a real story along with the romance.

  7. Nice review Bro, It may be cold there but it is freezing here and a good book under the covers is just what I need! Congrats to Carrie.

  8. Courage is something you do not know if you possess until the moment you are called upon to exhibit it. We can only hope our spirit is up to the challenge, right?

  9. I like that you can follow the story if you don't pick up the first book.

  10. I will have to check these out! Love the covers.

  11. I agree that dudes need action, too much romance bores them. Loved your review, Michael.

  12. I thought courage was a dog. ;)
    I like romance....and explosions...

  13. Awesome! I'm so glad to hear your excitement over this book. Strength has been on my to-read list since it came out and now I'm extra anxious to get to it.

  14. Wonderful review Micheal, and a great introduction to an exciting body of work by Carrie!

    Congrats Carrie!

    Be well, be safe, have fun!

  15. Excellent review of what promises to be an excellent book!

  16. Congrats Carrie.

    Hope you are having fun in Florida Michael.


  17. Carrie does rock. (As do you!)

    Try and update us on your adventures, Michael! :)

  18. Way to support a fellow writer! "Strength with flaws" makes for some of the best characters.

  19. This book's been in my to-read list for a while... :-)