Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today's A-Z challenge inspired me to write something a bit more quirky and fun. There are so many great "J" words like, jovial, judge, jerk, jackass, joy, jazz ... you get the picture. But I didn't choose any of those. You'll have to read though the scene to find out. I hope you enjoy it.

A nightingale sings; its melodic voice sets a mood of sheer enchantment, but not for Riley. Even after his second shower, sweat still streams down his face and back. “No time for another,” he grumbles.
Grabbing the towel, he wipes himself down again. He slips into his shirt, slacks, socks, and fumbles with his tie, tangling his fingers. Shaking them loose, he steps into his shoes, picks up his jacket, and leaves.
With the key in the ignition, the car roars to life. He glances at his watch. “I’ve only got fifteen minutes. Damn! 
As he coasts through town, electric green eyes illuminate and flash across the road. Swerving to the right, the car jumps the curve and crashes into a thick trunked oak as glass shatters and Riley’s seatbelt grips him from the impact. 
Hands shaking, he pries his fingers off the steering wheel. “Dad’s gonna kill me.” Trembling, he takes a deep breath, releases his seat belt and jumps out of the car. “A broken headlight and huge dent in the fender. Damn my luck!” He wipes his drenched bangs from his face and gets back into the car.
Strange clinking and grinding sounds emit from the car as he continues to his destination. Pulling up to the brightest house on the block, he stumbles out of the car, catches his jacket inside the door, and nearly falls on his face. Turning his head to the sky, he blurts out “Anything else?!” 
After disengaging himself, Riley sprints up the front porch stairs. A wave a panic rushes through his body. Frantic, he runs back to the car, pulls open the door, and searches like a madman. “No! I couldn’t of forgotten it ... you idiot.” 
Head hung low, he stepped up the sidewalk. Something perfumed the air, he hadn’t noticed before. Raising his head, he spotted clusters of delicate white blooms cascading over the fence. Snatching up a bunch, he continued up the path and onto the porch. 
The bell chimed and the door flung open. “It’s about time, Riley, I was beginning to worry.”
“I-I had a l-little accident a-and I forgot your corsage.” 
The young girl paled. “Are you all right? Come in for goodness sake.” She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside the foyer.
“I-I’m okay, but the car got a bit crunched.” A crooked smile crossed his beet red face. “I-I hope these w-will do.” He presented the flowers to her.
“Jasmine! Oh, Riley. Those are my favorite. How sweet!” She stood on tip-toe and kissed him on the cheek. “Shall we go?”


  1. "Shall we go?" I wish people talked like that all the time and Lizzie agrees.

  2. Very interesting little piece Michael. Jasmine- that's funny to me because my daughter's name is Jasmyne. :)

  3. Perfect time of year for this post too, with proms all around us! I can smell the flowers...

  4. Lovely Michael. I smell the jasmine. So rich and sweet. That last paragraph says it all. Well done, my friend. :-)

  5. Well, I'm glad there was a happy ending! ;)

  6. J is for jaw dropping, since that's what happened as I read this. Poor Riley, he's going to be in so much trouble when his parents find out. How sweet that he didn't want to ruin the night for her. And love the pictures of the Jasmines -- so pretty. Wonderful job! :D

  7. We had Jasmin in our garden, such a beautiful scent on a warm summer evening. Beautiful post...I can smell the Jasmin in your words.

  8. Sweet story to go with a beautiful and sweet-smelling bloom. I love Jasmine. Well done, Michael.

  9. A joy to read, Michael. And a romantic happy ending ... until Riley gets home that is! LOL.

    Thanks so much for posting about my Gypsy-dedicated contest. You're entered, too.

  10. Glad there's a happy ending to this story. :)

    Jasmine is so pretty . . .

  11. Bless. A romantic and happy ending! It's nice to read such stories from time to time.

    Loved it!

    Ellie Garratt

  12. Ah Jasmine; how special. Poor dude, I'm glad everything worked out alright - for the date anyway :)


  13. Awkward time of life for many of us for sure.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  14. Jasmine - such a beautiful flower. Such a fun piece! And what a good-natured girl! Pulling up to the prom in a crunchy car - Riley's a lucky guy ~ :)

  15. Such a nice piece. I was initially wondering what the "J" would be, but then lost myself in the story, totally forgetting it was for the Challenge. Nice surprise at the end with jasmine.

  16. Beautiful flower. Lucky girl! Glad it all worked out for Riley, well, except for the car. Hope they had fun dancing! christy

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  18. Aw, poor dude! At least his girl was kind and forgiving!

  19. I love these adolescent stories. Such angst.


  20. Aw poor Riley. But that was a nice move w/ the Jasmine, and I hope the kiss signifies better luck for the rest of the evening.