Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Greetings from Mickey's Christmas party in Orlando! I thought we can all use a bit of Christmas cheer this week. Why not? In a a little over a month it will be here!

Did you all finish your holiday shopping yet? I know I haven't. Just a few more things to pick up and I'll be finished.

What are your plans? Waiting for BLACK FRIDAY?

I must say that visiting the Magic Kingdom during this holiday season definitely put me in the mood. How could it not? The decorations were AWESOME. It even snowed! 

SO cool to see it snowing in Orlando.

I posted of few pics of the fantastic parade/party... I hope you all enjoy them.

How incredible to see Main Street USA, decked out for Christmas.

Scrooge Mcduff looks cranky, but he waved to us just the same ....

Pooh and friends joined in on the fun!

Nothing like a soldier marching band to add to the festivities!

By far THE most amazing sight... Cinderella's Castle ICED....

Does this put you into the Holiday spirit? I sure hope so! Have a great day everyone....


  1. One day I'll make it to Disneyland :-)

  2. I"m glad you're having fun! The pictures are fantastic. :)

    Oh, and heck yeah. I'm definitely waiting for Black Friday! I'm one of those people. *grins*

  3. Black Friday? Christmas? Looks like you are having fun, but Christmas already? Oh yikes!

  4. ...will be showing these pics to my daughter, who so enjoyed her last visit to Cinderella's humble abode ;)

    Bring on Black Friday!


  5. I use to have to work dancing in shows every holiday at Disney so for years the pixie dust had worn off. Now, looking at these pics, I'd love to jump in the car with my boys and head down.

  6. It sure does!

    I've been to Disney world once, but I've been to Disneyland a lot! I love Disney so much because I've gone there so many times. I'm super jealous that your there! (it's a good jealous)

    I hope you have a magical time.

    ps I'm halfway finished with christmas shopping.

  7. I like that pose. I can tell you're a model. You look very handsome in the red pants.

  8. Holiday shopping, black Friday?! Oh my gosh, I haven't even started thinking of them yet. I'm totally falling behind! Thanks for the inspiring pictures though, they're helping me get in the holiday mood.

  9. I'm nearly finished with my Christmas shopping. I plan for months so that I'm not stressed during December. The iced castle looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I do very little shopping. Give $$ for gifts.

    I do not "do" Black Friday.

    When my kids were little, we visited Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom. Those days are gone.

    I love the season, the lights, tinsel, family gatherings, and good food.

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas.

  11. Why not indeed?! Christmas anytime is fun! What beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them.

  12. What great pictures! Since Christmas starts in the heart, why not have it all year round, right? Stay safe. And Cinderella's Castle was ... awesome, Roland

  13. Love the Cinderella's Castle :)

    Glad you're having so much fun Michael. Been missing your posts . .


  14. Hey Michael! Good to hear from you. Great pictures. No, I haven't even started shopping yet. Yes, I am ready for some Christmas spirit.

  15. Hi Michael,

    What fun! Love the photos. They put you in the Christmas spirit, but as a St. Louis Cardinals super fan I just finished baseball season!


  16. WOW! Look at that castle! Awesome!

    Don't even mention Christmas shopping! Eek! I haven't started.

    Of course, I will do all of mine online.

  17. That is the most amazing Cinderella's Castle. Just gorgeous. Haven't thought about the shopping yet, eek. Looks like you had a fab time with Jen. It's great showing people around when you're familiar with it isn't it?

    Keep enjoying!


  18. TY for reminding me. I love an 'Iced Castle'.

  19. That all looks fabulous. I must take th ekids there some time :)

  20. The pics are awesome! I wonder if I'll ever get to Disneyland... *sighs*

  21. Wow. Simply gorgeous! I actually haven't started Christmas shopping yet! *gasp* I know. But I have my lists together. That's something, right?

    Have a super time~ <3

  22. Just be nice to roam around Orlando when it's not so hot. Fun photos. I wonder what they do at Islands of Adventure for Christmas?

  23. Left you a 'Lovely Blog Award' at my site. go check it out. The pic of that Ice Castle alone, deserved a Lovely Award.