Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hi, all,

Sorry it's been a while, but I've been experiencing lots of Christmas mishaps ...

You know it's happened to all of us: the tangled Christmas lights. But this post isn't about that, although we all need to have MAJOR patience and have several glasses of wine for that yearly event.

This lovely little tale began on Saturday. After agonizing over finding the perfect Christmas tree, a new pre-lit, I was finally ready to set up the new seven foot beauty.

One good thing about pre-lits, NO TANGLED LIGHTS... lol. Had to mention it again. After piecing it together and connecting the lights, I was ready to "Fluff the tree." As many of you know, these trees are hideous coming out of the box. "Fluffing" is THE new art form. It took me a little over an hour to separate every branch and open up the hundreds of needles.

Standing back, I had realized this tree was WAY too skinny. Tall and thin it disappeared in my oversized living room. Moving from point A to point B, I found a spot that would work.

Now for the fun ... decorating. I had spent most of the morning dragging up about half a dozen massive plastic storage bins from my storage unit in the basement of my building. Yes, there is an elevator, but my storage unit is on the other side of the building... of course.

After several more hours of painstakingly placing each wonderful ornament in it's place, I was ready to tinsel the tree. This is a most important step... you can't just throw it on, it has to be "drizzled" expertly so it looks like cascading snow. Another hour and it was done.

Although still looking quite slim, the tree looked beautiful. I grabbed a glass of wine and with the Christmas music on, I sat on the new comfy sofa to admire my many hours of work.

So what's the point of this post, you ask?

Twenty-four hours later.

Sunday was a friend's birthday, so before I left for the afternoon, I had turned on the tree. I couldn't wait to see it from the street that evening. I live on the second floor and my living room has five wrap around windows, so the tree is quite visible from several angles.

As my friend drove up to my building to take me home, he had commented on how pretty the tree looked. I had glanced up, finding my neighbor's STUNNING nine-foot beauty twinkling in the next set of windows.

"Not mine, my neighbors. My tree isn't lit. Hmmm, I wonder why?" I had said.

I raced up to my condo, opened the door, and sprinted into the pitch-black living room. "Not good."

The tree was lifeless. I thought perhaps the socket blew... nope. I changed the extension. Nope. After a good half an hour trying everything, nothing worked.

"Great!" I had exclaimed. "All this work and stress for nothing!" I went to bed fuming.

Yesterday, after another several hours of collecting the hundreds of strands of tinsel, dozens of ornaments, etc, a thought popped into my head.
"Hey, don't lights have those little fuse things for when the trees lights blow out?" I found the little package and crawled under the tree. Using tweezers to get to the little suckers and I replaced the fuses.

"It's a Christmas miracle," I grumbled.

Looking all around at the explosion of Christmas on every hidden surface, I shook my head. "Why couldn't I have thought of this before I tore apart the tree..."

Has anything like this ever happened to you? I'd love to hear about it.

So my dear bloggy friends.... Remember we ALL need to have a sense of humor durning this wonderful time of year.

Have I redecorated the tree, you ask? Nope.... I decided the tree really is too thin and is going back. So now back to step one... locating the perfect tree. Time is running out.... Wish me luck.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Sometimes you think of the solution after you have had a night's rest. I read someplace once that this is due to the fact that your brain continues to work on a problem as you sleep. So in a sense, you came up with the solution because you went to bed.

  2. That sounds like my Sunday! Except my husband brought home a 12 foot tree and then realized the tree stand wasn't nearly big enough. My Christmas miracle was that instead of carving down the trunk (his first solution) he decided to go buy a bigger tree stand!

    I'm actually glad you decided to take your tree back. If your going to have it for a while it should be something you absolutely LOVE!

  3. Michael, would it be wrong if I told you I just laughed? And scared the guy in the next cubicle over?
    Don't worry - did something similar with our latest big screen TV and surround system. I got it all hooked up and the big subwoofer wasn't working. Spent forever trying to figure out why. My wife walked in, reached behind the subwoofer, and produced a power cord. "Don't you have to plug it in?"
    Yes, yes you do...

  4. My tree is pre-lit, and after we set it up, one small section of the tree wasn't lit. It was a bummer, I had to wiggle/check each light in the section to get it to work. Then it did and life was grand. I also have a tall skinny tree. But that's just what we can afford right now, so it will have to do. I actually put it on a box so that it looks much bigger.

    Good luck getting all of your Christmas stuff up. I know that when you do, it will look spectacular!

  5. Somehow all that hard work made your tree's light even more special when they worked, right? Sometimes miracles are neither quick or easy -- which is why they such an impact. May your next Christmas miracle be stunning in its ease and unexpectedness, Roland

  6. I just noticed the picture of Victor Standish on the left looks a lot like the picture of you on the right. Are you related?

    Sorry to hear about your Xmas woes. Don't blow a fuse yourself, will you?


  7. Aww, poor Michael! Well, so far so good for the tree this year, but last year we had an almost 9 footer and it FELL over three times before we finally figured out we needed a bigger stand. Duh.

    Hey! I just checked and see that ZooLights goes through January 1, soooo, I'm thinking of trudging the kiddies down to the city between Christmas & New Year's - I'll let you know when I've gotten a handle on their social schedules.

  8. OUCH! That stings. I test the lights first, then stick 'em on the tree, and decorate with the lights on.

    Well, now that your practice tree is done, time to move on the the final tree.

  9. I was planning to ask why we don't get to see a picture of the tree, and then I got to the part about the tree going back and you looking for a new one... Hope you find one soon so you can show us what it looks like all decorated!

  10. One question - did you take pictures of the disaster or did someone get it on video?

  11. Sorry to hear about your Christmas tree lights!

    Hope you find the perfect tree. :)

  12. We bought ourselves a pre-lit tree this year. Best decision. Ever! Just hoping they stay good for a long time.

    Awesome story! :)

  13. Ah, I was so hoping to see a picture of your monstrous efforts :)

    Remember, Charlie Brown had a good Christmas too . .

    Uh, yeah; Victor does bear a strong resemblance to you Michael. Hmm...


  14. Remember, nothing good ever comes easy.
    Or something :-)

    Hope you find the perfect tree!

  15. ...wow Michael, I'm cringing. Thus far this season's holidays haven't treated our family with much more than sickness and bad luck either. Hoping for a fantastic finish ;)


  16. I have not had this happen. I have had the same fake tree for over ten years. It takes me and my girls about an hour to get it decorated with lights, garland, and their choice of bulbs. I love my tree.

    Good luck on your tree hunt!

  17. I laughed at Mooderino's comment. Perhaps you look just like Captain Sam McCord (minus the beard, of course) -- Victor and he share a connection that neither of them suspect. And thanks for pointing folks to my contest! Alice is looking forward to reading your review. (I think she's smitten with you -- but don't tell Victor!) LOL.

  18. Oh my! What a pain. My hubby and I bought a fake tree a couple of years ago. It too looked scraggley and sparse. Yuckers! Luckily it had a broken limb so we returned it. Fresh trees for us now!!

  19. Oh, Michael. *Hugs*

    My husband and I always start the Christmas season watching CHRISTMAS VACATION because we know at least one thing will always go wrong. Drink more wine! But glad you got the tree working. I'm sure it's beautiful.

  20. Oh no that's terrible, I'm so sorry! And oh yeah, things like this happen to me all the time. Ah the stress of the holidays. ;)

    I see my tour button on your sidebar, thank you! That's so sweet!

  21. Oh no! You've got lots of patience, Michael. I do love the way you told the story, though. I hope you find a wonderful tree soon!

  22. Ohh, sucky! Sorry that happened. I don't even have a tree at all, I'm so slack.

  23. Oh, that's terrible. Sorry for your troubles. I have a pre-lit tree and there is a strand that is out. Couldn't figure it out, so I turned that side to the wall. LOL. Next year I hope to get a new one. Merry Christmas! <3

  24. Hi Michael. I wondered where you'd gotten to and now I know. For someone who really loves his Christmas tree, this is a sad story of disappointment. I can only hope it all works out Michael and you end up with a fantastic tree with loads of beautiful lights. You can't have too many! I have just a little tree in our apartment in Brisbane and a massive tree at our beach house where there's loads of room. Heading up tomorrow. Can't wait. I adore Christmas.

    Merry Christmas! I have a few really yummy recipes on my blog. They might help you feel better!


  25. Merry Christmas, Michael! Trees can be so frustrating, and putting them together is a major project. Am glad yours came together okay in the end.

    Have a lovely holiday!
    Mary Montague Sikes

  26. LOL! Oh boy, Michael. What a job. I love this time of year, but the PITA part of it never eludes me.