Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi everyone,

I normally don't post on Thursdays, but I visited a close friend and FABU blogger,  PK Hrezo at MY FICTION ADDICTION... What she posted in a MUST for all M/G and Y/A writers. AN AMAZING CONTEST and website crawling with agents.

For those of you who don't know PK, now is the time to get acquainted with her, YOU will not be disappointed. Click here and get whisked away to her blog.

Well, now that I have informed you of this breaking news story, how are all of you doing today?

I'd love to hear what new projects you are working on.

Don't forget about ABNA in less than a few weeks. Polish up those ms'.

Something extraordinary is happening in Chicago today. IT'S SNOWING! We haven't seen snow almost all winter and now it's here. YAY!

Swirls of pearlized white floating down from the heavens, clinging to silver bare branches is certainly an amazing sight.

One of winter's most beautiful calling cards.

For those of us who are experiencing this phenomenon, it's time to step into those winter boots and have a romp....  It's time to be a kid again!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.


  1. I saw PK's post. Bummer that's not my genre.

  2. Well, I don't share your excitement with snow - I'm loving our brown winter and lower heating bill - but I wish you lots of fun play in the white stuff!

  3. I love the snow! I'm still waiting for it here but it will come soon so I'm not fretting.

  4. Argh...I don't like driving in snow. Thanks for the heads up on the pitch contest.

  5. you know, i need to get my comment cloud back! i lost it during one of my blog revamps and forgot all about it. i miss it! and thanks for the heads up. over to check out pk's post! it's snowing here. yup. not a fan. i was totally enjoying the spring-like weather! christy

  6. I love snow ... in recollection. In real life, it isn't nearly as much fun trudging through it in the here and now. Your lithograph should be at your door Saturday or Monday. Roland

  7. Thanks for the heads-up!

    I wish it was snowing here. We haven't gotten over an inch for the whole season.

  8. Can't wait to check it out!! Lucky you with the snow. I wish it would snow here too!

  9. Thanks for this post Michael. I'm heading over there right now!

  10. Hello awesome peep!!! I haven't been here in awhile but I had a moment and HAD TO STOP BY! And what a pleasure to see PK's name here! Hopping over now!

  11. Thanks for the heads up about PK's blog post - I used to visit her a lot but lost her in the madness that was the end of last now I'm going to add her to my blog roll :) AND check out the post you mentioned, of course.

    I'm envious of your snow - we never get that where I live.

    Re: ABNA, I only really have one novel that's anywhere near ready, but even that probably needs heaps of work. haha

  12. That is a sweet deal. Too bad I've recently queried the agents involved. But seriously, this was awesome. Thanks for spreading the word. :)

  13. I wouldn't mind a bit of snow here, but the unseasonally warm weather is making it nice for my clean up efforts. I kinda enjoy all types of weather, so my locale is perfect for changing seasons.

    I hope you had fun being a kid again Michael, even for a little while.

    Have a great weekend.


  14. YAY!! I'm so jealous of that gorgeous snow!! I'm trying to get the fam on board for a quick snow trip!
    Thanks so much for awesome shout out, Michael! You are a rockstar!
    And of course you better call when you get down to FLA... you are more than welcome here! :)

  15. Couldn't heart PK anymore. :)

    Yeah, it snowed in Maine yesterday, too. I can't believe we haven't had any. So strange.

    I'm currently pondering how to edit the beginning of my novel before I resub. Just got notes back from an editor. Great stuff. Another friend is helping me decipher those. Meanwhile, I'm working on a piece to sub to an anthology, all while preparing for the pageant in a few weeks! It's been busy, but things are shaping up!

    Have a great weekend, Michael.

  16. I saw all the snow you've been getting in Chicago on the news! Congratulations for getting a late blooming winter I guess. Thanks for the heads up on the contest.

  17. Yay for snow! We still have only had one small dusting so far this year. And where I live that's a very bad thing. We'll probably be in for a drought because of it.

    Thanks for the heads up on the great contest! I'm so busy getting ready for my next release, and ABNA though that I probably won't have a chance to stop by.

  18. Snow! Awesome! (I'm currently "dying" of heat in super humid Durban, South Africa).
    Off to check out that contest!

  19. I'll hop over to Pk's post. :)

    We had a little snow and a lot of wind yesterday. It was falling from the sky and swirling into drifts...beautiful.

    Happy Winter, Micheal!