Friday, February 8, 2013


Hi, Everyone,

First, I wish to THANK all of YOU! Your comments over the past few days have really meant so much to me. February is always a hard month, but this year has been easier because of all your kind words and support. It created an inner warmth that will certainly get me through the ongoing frigid days.

Blush pink roses were a favorite of my mom's; there is something so exquisite in the formation of the petals and the warmth that springs from them. I was very fortunate to find these blooms in the middle of February. I do believe God created them for this occasion and I wish to share them with you...

This particular bouquet's fragrance is as subtle as its curved from. Simplistic in its beauty, the blooms with forever bring the viewer's heart into the light of spring. May your weekend be as lovely as the joy each flower has given me and my mom, who I know is enjoying them too.

Thanks again everyone, because of you spring seems only a breath away ....


  1. Oh I love roses. When I buy my house sometime this year, I plan on planting rose bushes (since they grow well in Utah). Oy...I don't have a lot of money so trying to find a home within a reasonable commute with my work is a real challenge. A lot of them look so dumpy in my price range!

  2. I hope one day you write an amazing story based on the title of this post.

    I adore roses, their scent, the way they look...they are truly inspiring flowers.

    Happy Friday.

  3. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful sentiment. Have a great weekend, Michael.

  4. They were there just for you and your mother!

  5. They are beautiful. Glad we can help. Whenever I miss mine, I just allow myself to miss them...such wonderful people deserve to be memorialized every now and then.

  6. Once somebody taught me to feel the caress of God in the summer breeze and in sunlight. Now I find smiles of the Ancesters in everything around me. The flowers smile, the birds sing of love and joy, and I'm reminded the fact I can't see my loved ones doesn't mean they are not there, in every wonder around, like roses. :D

  7. Michael,
    I closed my eyes, just for a moment. The aroma from the roses filled the room. I love blush pink roses too. I love roses.
    What a beautifully written blog.....and moving tribute to your Mom. I'm praying your heart will be healed.

  8. Those are so beautiful. Sending you virtual roses in my thoughts :)

  9. God has a way with the little things, doesn't He?

  10. Beautiful. The spirit of the dead lives on in nature. What a lovely way to connect with your mom.

  11. My mother loved yellow roses the best. And hostas, both of which Dad grew for her in the yard. When it came time to scatter her ashes, we found a place in a city park garden, a bank of hosta in front of a bank of yellow roses, with a lovely bench nearby for sitting when we visit.

    The roses don't bloom in the winter but to me the spot is always beautiful because she is there.

  12. Beautiful flowers, I love roses, when I first started writing poetry I was known as English Rose.

    Enjoy your week-end.


  13. The rose garden in Leu Gardens is particularly stunning. I cannot wait for spring!

  14. I love looking at roses. They're such intricate plants.

  15. Mother loved roses. She had rose bushes all around our home. We planted them together. When our home burned to the ground after her death, it hit me hard.

    You were unable to be there as you wanted -- it left the circuit frozen open in your heart. I pray that somehow you find closure.

    The loving memories of her will live in a sacred place in your heart. They are roses that will never wither. Always your friend, Roland

  16. Have a lovely weekend Michael :)


  17. Blush pink roses, a continuation of your February tribute to your Mother. She is surely smiling so see such tenderness and love!

  18. February 9th, 2013
    Dear Michael,
    I think I've missed something here. But I can read between the lines.
    Yes, these are beautiful roses, and I am sure that your mother was proud of having you as her son.
    Best wishes,

  19. Soooooooo lovely...

    Thanks for sharing a piece of her with us, Michael...

    Warmth <---that's a perfect word.

    Wish I could smell them! And I hope your weekend is wonderful. :)

  20. Gorgeous roses. Touching post about your mother with the previous one, too. Sorry for your loss. Wow, you had crippling arthritis--I assume/hope that is better. :)

  21. Those are beautiful roses - and the sentiment is more so.

    It's closing in on 15 years since I lost my dad - and I think of him every day as well. He grew the most beautiful roses in his gardens. I know your mom will love the roses too. *hugs*