Friday, March 1, 2013


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"Captain ... watch out!"

"Relax, cadet. It's all par for the course." The craft swerves to miss an oncoming asteroid.

I lean back, wiping the sweat from my brow. "Should I check on our guests? The've been through so much in the past few days."

"Believe me, a bit of turbulent driving is nothing that will concern them. Not everyone gets motion sickness as quickly as you do cadet." The captain presses a button and a small panel opens. He hands me another gummy bear. "You'll need this."

"But I've -"

"Just take it, " he interrupts. "Better safe than sick. Besides, we may be in for a rough ride. Getting back to our world is no easy task. Remember the meteor vortex we narrowly escaped going in?"

My stomach lurches. "How could I forget. I wanted to abandon ship."

Captain Alex nods. "A good thing I mentioned the chocolate stash I had previously arranged for you." He laughed. "A smart captain plans ahead and foresees any obstacles."

"Yes, that's for sure. Nothing else would've gotten me through all that drama. That dragon alone almost barbecued us alive. Not to mention the vixen thief ... you almost alluded to her charms." It was my turn to laugh. "A good thing I mentioned Mrs. C and flashed her picture."

His face flushes. "That's enough, cadet! I was under a spell."

"A huh ... sure captain. Whatever you say." I choke on another laugh. "What's our next plan of action. I needed to change the subject fast.

"We'll first return our guests back home and then we're off to our next mission."

What? No rest for the weary. I raise a brow. "And, what exactly is this mission. You haven't been very specific. Every time I ask, you change the subject."

"I had to. If I didn't, you really would've abandoned ship. Not even the equivalent amount of chocolate in Fort Knox would keep you here."

I feel the color drain from my face as I slip down the chair. A huge lump forms in my throat and restrains me from answering.

"Cadet. Are you all right?" He glances at me with tension lines etching his face. "That gummy bear should've worked by now.

I swallow hard. "I-It did. I guess." Pull yourself together Michael. Alex needs you. You can't let him down. After straightening up, I clear my throat. "Okay. Give it to me straight. I can handle it now."

A slight grin forms on the captain's face. "We'll be off to the Twenty-second century."

"We can do that? I know this vessel is quite advanced, but to go into the future a hundred years."

"More like a hundred and eight-two. We're visiting the year 2195"

"WHAT?!" The sweat is now dripping down my face.

"The Neumarians need our help against a tyrannical queen. They've captured the teenage princess and she has been tried for treason."

"An uprising? Do we really need to get involved in this?"

"Yes. For what I understand of the situation, the slaves are terribly abused. They hate the queen and princess even more because she had to choose one of them to sacrifice in order to be initiated into the ruling council.

"How barbaric?"And what about the queen. What is she doing to save her daughter?"

"I'm guessing her mother's not too concerned about her capture. Less competition."

"So how do we fit into this equation?"

"We meet with the commander of the revolution, Ryder Arteres, in a few days. He'll instruct us from there."

I slouch back down into my chair. "Great. Another life threatening situation."

Captain Alex grins. "Is there any other kind?" He hands me a letter. "Read that, cadet."

"You know I get sick if I read while moving in any vehicle."

"Read it."

"Yes, Captain."

Ninja Captain Alex,

We need your help! Thanks to our spy, Ciara Knight, we are able to communicate with you today via blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

The Neumarian uprising has begun. We are fighting for freedom and equality for all, but we need your help. Ciara informed us that you might want to know more about the uprising and why we ask you to risk your lives for our cause. To answer these questions I’ve agreed to let Ciara tell my sister’s, Raeth’s, story about her captivity. It will be free for you on a site called Amazon until March 1, 2013.
Our spies have told us this will help spread the word and find more recruits for our rebellion against the tyrannical queen. You can help by simply downloading a free copy of Weighted, a prequel to the Neumarian Chronicles. If you are intrigued and wish to follow our uprising, Escapement, book I of The Neumarian Chronicles, will be available for only $2.99 until March 1, 2013.
Escapement is told by Princess Semara. Don’t hold the fact Semara is a princess against her like I did, there is more to her than you can possibly imagine.
If you are now ready to join our fight, please add Escapement to your TBR shelf on Goodreads here. Shout out on all your social media sites, and tell everyone you know to stand up and fight.

Be Bold.

Be Brave.

Be Free.
In the name of the rebellion,
Ryder Arteres

Ciara Knight -Defy the Dark
Y/A author
Visit her at: BlogFacebookFacebookGoodreads

I hope you all enjoyed my cover reveals the week. I had so much fun writing them. Please let me know what you think. AND if you haven't read the first two, PLEASE scroll down and start from the beginning. It's worth the JOURNEY.  

HAVE a GREAT weekend everyone!


  1. Another awesome entry!! Guess we need to pick up more chocolate soon. (And I know just the place...)
    Yes, pictures of Mrs. C work every time.

  2. That is awesome :D

    Gummy bears to avoid getting man!

  3. Awesome post, Michale...very well done!!

    Love the way you wove in the book reveal...excellent! :)

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    I have to take a photo of this Gummy Bear, next time I go to town.
    It is huge! Your story reminded me ...perhaps it the future of Gummies! ;D

  9. Carrie is right. You are the king of clever introductions! :-)

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    Loved the story inside and how you moved toward the reveal.

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  12. You've had your share of adventures this week, Cadet Michael! I hope there are enough gummy bears and chocolate to get you safely home again. :)

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    I love the Alex & Michael adventures. What a perfect way to show off the covers. Have a great weekend!

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  20. Dude,

    No. 1 Son wants to adopt YOU as he is the king of Gummi Bear-eating :)

    Thanks for a fun week of cover reveals.... and *GREAT* job supporting the Community :)

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  30. Can't believe I nearly missed this installment! Superb, Michael. Exciting, clever, and laugh-out-loud funny. My favorite lines:
    Do we really need to get involved in this?" (who doesn't love a reluctant hero?) and "You know I get sick if I read while moving in any vehicle." (sounds like me)
    Add in Gummies, chocolate, and Ciara's book release - awesome!

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