Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hi, All,

Well we have made it to the middle of the week. It seems to get more difficult as time disappears at an alarming speed.

Summer weather seems to be eluding us here in Chicago. The cool overcast skies and chilly, damp breezes are certainly affecting the city dwellers' moods. My friend, and sensational author Melissa Bradley, seems to be in this weather pattern's clutches.

I wrote her today with a reason for her change in demeanor. On MONDAY we had a DEMENTOR ATTACK... They are BREEDING.... There is no other logical answer for it. The fog was SO thick, half the city disappeared. And the icy fingers gripped every exposed part of my body.

The after shocks of this attack are still rolling through the streets. Have you noticed a different TONE in your city or town?

These attacks on the creative muse are lethal and debilitating. Ask, Melissa. Ask me. I seem to fight them off a bit better than she does, but that's mainly because I had a few months of sun in Florida, and as you know Sunlight is very therapeutic.

I'd like to share with you a personal experience I had a few years ago with a similar attack. Perhaps then you will understand the seriousness of the a muse under attack.

I had posted this ALMOST TWO YEARS ago on this date.. HOW ODD. June 13, 2011 .... Eerie...

An icy mist and wind chilled Chicago this weekend. But as you know I am determined to keep up with my daily workouts both physically and mentally. For all you Harry Potter fans out there you will appreciate this story ...

As I hugged the lakefront in the late morning hours little light reflected in the iron-gray lake. Frosty winds chilled me to the bone. I yanked up the hood of my sweatshirt over my head to shield myself from the the icy droplets trickling from the sky.

A silver mist inched it's way to shore and the world famous Chicago skyline disappeared from view, swallowed up in a veil of a mysterious shadow. Have Dementors traveled across the Atlantic and settled in the midwest? Has Lord Voldemorte resurfaced in the United States?

It sure looked that way to me. The winds kicked up another notch and I felt the happiness drain from my soul. Where was Harry? I needed a patronus big time. As I met the faces of others, goofy grins plastered their faces. How could that be? Have them been possessed?

At North Avenue volley ball beach I u-turned and picked up my step. The fringe on my forehead dripped icicles. Is this really June? My eyes darted east and to my surprise the shoreline faded away. Have I been transported to an alternate universe?

I shook my head and focused my eyes on he trail leading north. Visibility of only five feet or so revealed itself to me with each step I took. "Don't loose sight," I kept mumbling to myself.

What seemed to be an eternity ended in the faint outline of a bridge. The Brocklehurst bridge from HP6 flashed through my mind. I scoped the murky sky for streaks of black.... Will death eaters blow up the bridge as I'm crossing it?

I jumped at the sound of the crashing water as a ghostlike boat coasted past me. Whipping my neck in every direction I looked for any sign of the mist clearing ...

Bright emerald popped into sight as I managed to enter into the park. I escaped the Dementor's kiss. I would be happy again.

I hope you all enjoyed my insane thoughts during my power walk on a misty day in Chicago.

What runs through your mind when you are exercising and you mind is free to explore? I'd love to know.

As you are aware I managed to survive. LOL. But this strange phenomenon and bone-chilling temps can easily affect a writer. Lack of light for so many months frightens our muse and she runs into hiding. Can you blame her? Not even a supernatural power can ward off this kind of attack.

BUT LOVE CAN....If you can take a moment and drop by Melissa's blog to leave a kind work I'd really appreciate it. Blogger love is the best medicine for her right now. She still may have her IWSG post up, and if you have left her a message, drop by again and leave a smile or hug. I know it will help and go a LONG way.

You guys are awesome and i know I can count on you to spread a bit of cheer. Have a terrific HUMP DAY ALL!

Below is a pic I took of the DEMENTOR attack.. Isn't this INSANE?!

This image is an original, so please be respectful. Contact me for permission for further use.


  1. Lack of sunlight totally affects me, especially as I am a Summer girl (NOT a Winter girl) and we are having a serious lack of sunlight here in Maine not to mention a little chillier than I would like for the beginning of June. Thankfully my muse has been cooperative in spite of the lack and I just finished my latest wip :)

    That pic is AMAZING!!! It looks like those buildings (?) are floating in the air!

  2. Oh my, that photo is something else. I totally got the chills thinking about the Dementors while reading your account of that bizarre day. Yikes!

    Heading over to Melissa's now, she's awesome and we all need a boost now and then.

  3. What an awesome thing to do for Melissa. And her IWSG post is still up, waiting for a little love.

  4. The weather certainly affects how we feel and the approach we take to life and to our creative work. Weather is better in Virginia today, but it's been far colder and rainier than I can remember for what seems like months now! Hope Chicago improves soon!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  5. I can certainly sympathise as it's cold, drizzly and murky and windy here in the UK. The heating is on in the house, as well as all the lights and it's only 5.00p.m. We are soon going to reach the longest day and then the days get shorter, roll on summer. That photo is certainly eerie.

  6. I like that foggy shot, Michael. When nature covers up what man has built, we see what's important. It's not the buildings, the rat-race or money per se. It's the people.

    Sun deprivation is a factor in our area as well, in the whole Pacific Northwest, since in this rainforest area, we get a lot of dark days in the winter.

    Will check on Melissa's blog.

  7. It's funny, but the cold gray skies of Portland just encourage me to drink coffee and get to work!

  8. Weird picture. Living in Ann Arbor, I can agree that the weather is definitely weird. I'm just glad winter is over and the weather is relatively nice even if it doesn't always feel like summer. And we have no tornadoes or fires or hurricanes.

    When I walk, I generally listen to audio books. I love doing this as I can read more of the books I want to read this way.

  9. And chocolate--don't forget the restorative power of chocolate against dementors (in moderation of course). I like the storms, but I do miss blue skies... Glad you've managed to get away this time!

  10. Cold and raining here as well. Bump yourself over to my blog and listen to the music from your neice. You know what they say about winter coming? I ask....Will it ever end?

  11. I don't mind a misty foggy day now and then. I do use bright uv light in my office when there is no sunshine, but we get a lot of sunshine here.

    When I lived on the Northern California coast I was used to dense fog in the summer. It was usually gone by 10 or 11 a.m. and plenty of sunshine and warmth. At 3 the cold wind would kick up again and the fog banks would roll in. They're amazing to watch in San Francisco. Things are very disorienting in the fog.

    Today and yesterday we've had AC weather in the 90's. A first this year. Not that I'm complaining.


  12. i have lots of sun living in L.A. I admit I do love the rain and gloom sometimes--but only because it inspires me to write. I hope you find a way to call on your Patronus soon to keep those dementors away.

  13. That is an amazing picture.

    I don't go outside much to exercise. Too hot and humid. But when on my treadmill, I'm usually staring ahead and the photos on the wall, in particular one I took from the Space Needle. I'm always thinking about the lights and streets stretched out to the horizon, and since it was dark, it does have a misty feel to it.

  14. That is a spooky picture. We've had some long weeks of cloudy overcast days. We thought the sun had gone out.

  15. That is one creepy picture. I definitely would've thought of dementors or Stephen King's The Mist in that situation.

    I guess I'm a moon child at heart. Too much sunlight makes me upset, probably because it's too bright for my sensitive eyes.

  16. Our two days of summer last week has disappeared, rain. rain and more rain.

    Great post, enjoyed the read.

  17. A nice sentiment, Michael, you're an awesome community member!

    Stopping over there now :)

  18. What imagery! I love how your mind works :) I'm sorry the weather affects you so and I'll head over and spread some cheer.

    Kinda interesting the dates....and that pic is insane!

  19. Oh my God...Michael, I love you so much right now. You are so wonderful and put a HUGE smile on my face. Thank you, thank you, sweetie.

  20. The best part about being a writer is imagination. A lot of times on runs I find myself thinking "holy crap, plenty of people get abducted by aliens in the woods" or "holy crap, I live in the middle of nowhere by really scary neighbors, I need to run faster." The perks of being a writer. :)

  21. Amazing photo!

    If I could send you some warmth, Michael, I would. I'd even keep the humidity, knowing you have your own. :) You'd be helping me too, since I have reverse seasonal affective disorder (seriously). I was never happier than when I lived in Seattle. The clouds inspired, the rain invigorated, the cool air cleared my muddled thinking.

    Off to visit Melissa.

    VR Barkowski

  22. We've been under the same low press- I mean, Dementor attack. Rain and cold every day.
    But there's a cure! A writers' houseparty!

  23. That photo is, indeed, awesome. I would hate to live in Seattle! Watch out for those Dementors. :-)

  24. We were without power for a time on Monday. Saturday it was 113, Sunday and comfortable 80, then rain, thunder and lightening all day Monday.

    I really wanted a bowl of War Wontan soup and a blanky but had to work through it.

    You are always a ray of sunshine Michael :)


  25. It's raining buckets here in the UK. Oh for the summers of my youth...


  26. Just returning from internet limbo. I have not been in such a foggy place in a long while but I know what it can do to the muses. Oh yes. Wishing you sunshine, my friend. I'll check Melissa's post later. I haven't been able to visit anyone till now.

  27. It has been 96 degrees and sunny here for two weeks. We are looking for some of that Chicago weather right now. I will check out Melissa's blog. right away.

  28. Lack of light and sunshine can cause mental problems and in extremes, physical problems. Living in a land of light and sun, I cannot imagine how debilitating it must be to have all that fog, rain and grey skies. I remember holidaying in Scotland. I felt like the sky was only a few metres above my head. Weird.

    We're having a lovely sunny winter down here.

  29. Whoa. That HAS to be the work of dementors :D

    It's unbelievably hot here in TN. It's almost uncomfortable, really. But that's summer in the south for you!