Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Well friends,

Summer has FINALLY hit in Chicago. We've actually had high 80's weather, sunshine, and low humidity. Who can ask for anything more ... right?

As you all know I love taking my power walks down the lakefront for three miles and back. It's a great way to keep in shape and each day new sites are to be had. I thought you might like to join me this fine summer morning. So put on your running shoes and lets go!

I'm fortunate to live only a very short distance across from one of America's largest lakes. Lake Michigan is HUGE.... It even has waves like an ocean. Even viewing the city from the Willis Tower you can't see across it. Amazing.

The park is also beautiful this time of year. Lincoln Park edges the lake for MILES. But it's not to far across. We can dash through it in a few minutes.

As we approach the lake, Diversey Harbor features some of Chicago's most beautiful yachts. They soak up the sun in their slips until they are ready to sail the clear blue lake on weekends.

Following the canal, we streak under the overpass to the lakefront. Then you take a deep breath and take in all of down town Chicago. The view is hear stopping! I never get tired of it. How could anyone? Beaches line the lake, and High rise buildings pierce the azure sky. It almost looks like Emerald City, but in shades of blues, grays, and blacks.

As always the lakefront is packed with, runners, bikers, rollerbladers, and now a new addition SEGWAYS.... Strange to see those on the lakefront. The whole point is to get exercise ... not stand on a two-wbeeled motorized contraption.

Oh, well. Shall we continue? The winds kicking a bit today, isn't it? One thing I love to do is people watch.  Geez. What is that girl doing over there? She's chasing after some shirtless jogger. You see all kinds on the lake front.

I don't believe it! She's going after another dude in micro running shorts. She's saying something. It sounds like some name.

We may may want to stay clear from her. She looks like kind of a nut, with he hair blowing out in all directions.

Let's pick up our pace, it looks like she's going after a third guy. "Sorry... I thought you were my friend Michael." She say turning.

"Tammy? Tammy Theriault? Is that you?" Holy crap! What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you, and giving my hair a blow-out. What? is that weird? This is the windy city in all, plus when I turn my head side to side, it really helps to even it out after a long hot shower." 

"I can't believe it's you! What an unexpected and INCREDIBLE surprise.

I know right? But, um, you’re blocking my blow out. can you move more to the right. I little further…further…keep going…almost there and…perfect!

"I am so psyched you're here. I've been wanting to have you over to my blog for an interview for ages!"

"What? I can’t hear you! try yelling! Ok wait, just, um, take your shirt off and I can hear you better. That’s it. now you can come closer.'
"Do I have to? Well, okay. I do need to even out my tan. I just love your wicked sense of humor … I freak over your blogger interviews. They certainly make my week. But besides your obsession over those 90's men's running shorts and the dudes in them, what else do you write?"

"I write about seeing men in those shorts; does that count? No? well, I first started to write creatively when I was 8 and camping. It was a poem called “the tent”. I have a very vivid memory of that moment. 
"Then in my teens I started novel writing, then lyrical writing, and performing songs during long soccer trips in h.s. or at award ceremonies. I took creative writing in h.s. and loved making up short stories. In ’08 I composed my first  song, and started my own newspaper article about the Island’s history for a while. It was fun to research and recreate a past in a time-lined story for others to see. As you can gather, I love all forms of creative writing. Minus gang graffiti…too many rules!"

"WOW, that's really interesting. So many different genres and styles. Who influenced you to write? And, what was your first novel?"

"I have no influences. Just one day needed to get the poem out of my head, found a blank notebook and took off from there till I filled it and moved on to the next notebook. My first novel I wrote was on a word processor at age 10-11ish? The chapter was about a friend meeting a friend on a dirt road leading to their ranch. It was a long and detailed scenery scene, but I screwed myself by hitting reformat and erased that plus another I was working on but don’t remember what it was about. I screamed that day…"

"I can certainly understand why. We all do! I'd FREAK for a week! 
'I know you live in the Pacific Northwest, have you always lived there? Or, are you from another area in the country"

"Nope, I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, then 10 yrs in El Paso, TX during my crazy teen time. Experienced life, which moved me to Killeen, TX; Puyallup, WA; Mesa, AZ and now here. My parents retired in Oak Harbor, WA on Whidbey Island, and I stayed with them while looking for a place back in Puyallup; but couldn’t leave. it’s too beautiful - where the evergreens meet the ocean. In fact, if you put your shirt back on, we’ll hit the next flight on a one way ‘cause you won’t wanna come back. wait…forget about the shirt."

"You are too funny!. Are all woman as outspoken and crazy (in only the best way) in the Northwest?"

"pfffft…definitely not on the island. If I could find someone matching my personality that lives here, we’d be in business. *wink wink Elizabeth Seckman!* ok…I’ll wink at you, too, Michael. *wink* Oh, you want two? *wink wink* Now people are gonna think I have a twitching problem." 

"Stop being such a tease. I want to know what fantastic story are you working on now?"

"The one about a girl meets boy. Too vague? Well, it’s happening right now!  So I’m kinda waiting for the plot to unfold a bit more…just keep talking…
Ok, so when I was a senior in h.s. I wrote this novel in a notebook. Was more than half way done. It was awesome…in my eye and a friend’s. Maybe because he had a crush on me and it actually sucked, but hey, anyways, I lost the notebook. Last year, it just hit me. rewrite that story. So I am, almost 15yrs later. it’s called LIVING RUNAWAY."
The last day of her Junior year, Emily is excited when she gets a manila envelope in the mail. With her 18th birthday approaching, she assumes it's from her alcoholic father, who is away on another business trip. All Emily cares about is the gift, and the sorry that should go with it...but it's not from him.
It's a piece of him.

?If you wanna read the rest of the synopsis click here!!" 

"Hmmm. It sound like a good read. I wonder which piece? Come on... we were all thinking the same thing! 
"And finally, what does your husband think about you just taking off and chasing after strange men on Chicago's lakefront?"

"Whatcha talking about? He’s the one that keeps passing in front of me with his shirt off saying “how about now? And now?” I wish he’d stop. My hair was dried about midway of this interview. Look. There he goes, again! Honey! Please stop…it’s styled! Umph…men. They never listen. Wanna grab lunch and thicken the plot, I mean, eat something hot?

"Love to! Well everyone, Tammy and I are off to eat something HOT and SPICY! Hope you all enjoyed our HUMP DAY interview!

Have a great day everyone! Hope to see you all on Friday... I have something very atmospheric planned that may peek your interest!



  1. I'd hear you better with your shirt off - hilarious! (I'm going to ask my wife if that's true for all women. I suspect not though.)
    Tammy, you've lived all over. And you write in many genres. You are diversified!

  2. You started writing at 10,Tammy? And here I thought I started young, ha! And you're quite creative!

    Mike, I didn't know shirts were related to hearing. What's related to sight?

  3. That is great that Tammy is going back and writing her lost manuscript- and Michael you are so right- Chicago is one of the best cities in the world.

  4. This was SO MUCH fun! In fact, I loved it so much, I'm going to read it again right now.

  5. Oh my GOSH... I am LAUGHING!!!!


    Michael, that was TOO CLEVER how you had us walking on the lakefront with you, like it was a normal day, and then you eased us into seeing this girl with the crazy hair which morphed into Tammy and all that. It was such a smooth transition, I barely knew what hit me!

    Very entertaining. Neat to get to know Tammy better. She's a hoot.

    Loved the post. :D

  6. what a vivacious and scumptious interview! i must meet this vixen and hero!


  7. Such a fun interview. Tammy, I'm impressed you've been writing since 10.

  8. Loved the tour of the waterfront! So funny, Tammy seems like a lady who'd get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Yeah, leave the shirt off makes reading this so much better!

    Great interview!

  9. Sadly if I was to run along Lakeshore Drive (best place *evah*) it would be more of "put your shirt ON, mate, please!" than anything else.

    FUN, fun interview (as always) and a great twist to have a blogger interview inbedded :)

    Tammy - you're a nut - but that's OK... it obviously takes one to know one :)

  10. Tammy-- you are too funny and have fantastic envy-worthy hair.

  11. Michael, you are smart!
    I like the way you "snuck" Tammy into this post... smooth and creative!
    Writer In Transit

  12. LOL - great interview, folks. :)

  13. seems like such a lovely place, Michael

  14. Michael, this was fun! Tammy, I bet you always have a good time :) Loved the interview and the part about the What a hook!

  15. Greetings human, Michael and alleged human, Tammy,

    Chicago and wind. Yep, the second windiest city in North America. Hello to Winnipeg!

    Shall I leave one of those vague comments? Great posting! Thanks for sharing? I would do if I wanted to try and accumulate followers.

    Right then! Tammy, you sure get around. Gosh, cool interview and Tammy, it's nice to see you here at this amazing site. I do know that your passion for writing has been obvious from what I've read of yours. Yep, I read some of your snippets to my silly human.

    Tammy, Jessica Rabbit is so jealous of your hair.

    Michael, you are welcome for this highly collectable comment! :)

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  16. There is nothing like the view looking south at the city! Can't wait to move outta the 'burbs back where I belong. Great interview with Tammy. So much fun!

  17. I love how this little tour of Chicago's waterfront turned into a crazy interview with Tammy T., the kookiest interviewer in the West. I hope to run into her some day in real life, as I live near Whidbey Island. Gotta love summer and the crazy days it brings!

  18. Hee hee! Too funny! I adore Tammy's interviews too. And I'm lovin' her runaway tale. Wow, now I wanna go to Whidbey island!! Sounds gorgeous. Ahhh the Pac NW. Le sigh ...
    Glad you're getting some nice weather up there, Michael! :D

  19. I have visited Chicago a couple of times now, and visited the lakeshore (well, the bit I was on was concrete, not really a proper shore :D). Loved it, and I think Chicago is a shiny, pretty city - at least in the downtown area.

  20. Fun interview! It was kinda nice to see the tables turned on Tammy for a change. Great job, you guys.

  21. Hilarious Michael. One never knows what you're going to dream up next! Hear you better with your shirt off indeed! Naughty Tammy. Loved the interview...and can't wait for Friday.

  22. Hi Michael and Tammy - well so pleased the summer has hit Chicago at last and brought across a north-west brunette to sparkle the shores even more ... chasing the waves - be they hair or watery ones ..

    The city waterfront sounds lovely - as would a walk or run everyday ..

    Fun time you had 'meeting up' with Tammy .. bet you're sad she had to fade back west ..

    I enjoyed my visit to Whidbey Island too ..

    Friday comes too soon - cheers for now Hilary

  23. So much fun! Love it - and the blurb for the story sounds spooky and awesome!! :)

  24. From a lovely time of experiencing your day, to a wonderful interview with a blogging buddy. Thanks for that ride! Writer’s Mark

  25. I feel like I'm getting to know Chicago a little bit at a time. Tammy makes me want to dig in that messy stack I have of some manuscripts I've meant to get back to.

  26. You know it's crazy, but I hear better with my shirt off... No, not really but I like your strategy Tammy! Love the interview Michael, you both are too funny and this was a perfect way to wrap up hump day. (:

  27. Great interview. It brought a smile to my face.

    I need to try a blowout the next time I'm in Chicago.

  28. *LOL* Hilarious interview! Tammy always makes me laugh too.

  29. I was beginning to shout at Tammy when she told you to put your shirt back on. Thankfully, she changed her mind. I should've known she's got a gal's back, so we can eye a guy's chest. She's a hoot. This interview is very fun, and Tammy's book intrigues me.

    Happy Friday and weekend to you both.

  30. Shirtless interviews with words such as hump and blow are the best.

    Ahem. Off I go...

    Take care