Friday, September 27, 2013


Sunlight filters through a lush, green forest. A subtle breeze catches blonde, flowing locks off guard. 

A twig snaps.

“So, it’s a chase you want. I’m game.” Liesel flings her panties and races through the mighty oaks at record speed.

A massive shadow slowly approaches and bathes the delicate lace in darkness. “Ha! Not on your life, sister,” he grumbles. If it wasn’t for my father ...

An hour passes, the light shifts west and disappears behind the horizon.  A deep voice calls out “Liesel. Darling, where are you?”

A spiked heel punctures his forehead. “Catch me, Hans.”

He rubs his head and glances to the top of a tree. “Are you mad?! You’re no little kitty.”

“My hero. Some hunky fiancé’ you are ... Are those muscles of yours just for show?” The branch snaps, and she drops onto Hans like a piano from a second story window.

Flattened, Liesel laughs and kisses him on the nose. “Enough fun for the night. Time to take me home.” 

Hans extricates the dead weight, stands and peers into the dark night. “Without the sun, I haven’t a clue where we are. Your playful antics got me all twisted around.”

“You’re not suggesting we sleep here?” Her sultry lips contort into a scowl.

“Any better idea?”

She picks up her shoes. “Let’s head back the way we came.” 

Liesel steps into the direction Hans is sure is the wrong way ...

*     *     *

As dawn breaks the parting trees reveal a hilly carpet of emerald. Butterflies and bumblebees flutter and buzz around colorful wild flowers. An enchanting, thatch-roofed cottage welcomed them.

“Hans. Isn’t it perfect? I swear it’s made of gingerbread.”

Hans pulls Liesel back. “We don’t know what kind of people live here.” 

“Don’t be silly. We need to find out where we are and perhaps get a bite to eat.”

Hans furrows his brow. “True, we don’t know where we are, and I am starving, but we can be near the Undead Thicket, smack in the middle of that zombie infestation.”

“That happened years ago. Don’t be so paranoid.” She yanks her hand free and heads toward the house. 

Birds chirping and the babble of water stop Liesel in her tracks. Hans joins her. 

“Listen.” She grabs his hand and drags Hans to the others side of a small hill. “A brook! I knew it! My friends’ would give their eye teeth to have a brook on their property.

“Someone else’s property, Liesel.”

“Our property, darling. Everyone has their price ...”

Is this the cottage of Liesel’s dreams? 

Or is Hans’ paranoia justified?

Who’s lurking behind that gingerbread? 

A sweet old lady. 


I know I can’t wait to find out.

Hans & Greta

A wickedly fun twisted Fairy tale

Nicki Elson

Are you ready? On October 8th, All will be REVEALED...


Hans and Greta is a sexy zombie fairy tale that asks the question: what’s in your basement? Hans and his contentious and spoiled fiancé, Liesel, are just two warm bodies who wander too far into a forest that was once the site of a zombie infestation. When they stumble upon a romantic cottage, Hans is completely unaware that the woman who will capture his heart—as well as his meaty flesh—is hidden away inside the charming home. Liesel’s plans for a classic fairy tale romance gradually turn to the stuff of horror stories and dark fantasy, and she’s the last one to see it coming.

In order to claim true love, Hans must endure captivity, unraveling mystery, and a brawl with zombies. You may have read romance books and adult fairy tales, and you may have read zombie books and horror books, but you’ve never read a zombie romance quite like the sassy and quirky Hans & Greta.

Visit Nicki and enter here for a chance to win a copy of HANS and Greta!

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Thank you all for stopping by. I hope you all enjoyed Nicki's cover reveal and the intro. Please drop by Nicki's a wish her well.

AND... if you have a free moment, I have a ONE-WORD-Interview with Tyrean Martison @ Tyrean's Writing spot.... 

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  1. Hi, Michael! Hope you're well. Tweeted and shared this!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Nicki, that cover is awesome! Wow, just amazing.
    Intro was great as usual, Michael. You had my attention when she flung her panties!

  3. This sounds super cool. Adding it to my TBR list. Love the cover too.

  4. Hooray!!! I'm so happy to have this cover finally revealed -- I'm so happy that you all like it as much as I do. :)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michael for the totally fun intro - I'm going to take a screenshot of the after part & tweet it. So awesome.

  6. Love the cover! Congratulations, Nicki!

  7. Amazing!! Love the cover. Can't wait for this one.

  8. Gorgeous cover!! Carol does amazing work! Can't wait to read this!

  9. I love new takes on fairy tales. Sounds like fun.

  10. This sounds like a fun tale! Have to check it out.

  11. Love the cover, love your introduction and love the blurb. Zombie Romance has me hooked big time.

  12. Love the cover; love the color and action. Draws one in to want to read the book.

  13. A great intro, Michael. Good Luck to Nicki!

    Zombies, and forests and missing underwear, oh my. That should definitely catch some interest.

  14. Michael - as always, you give just enough detail in your presentation to hook the reader! Nice job!

  15. Hey! I'm here throwing all kindsa confetti for you!!

  16. I love your introduction. This books sounds so exciting. I can't wait to read it. :)

  17. Congratulations to Nick. I do like that cover very much. And still fan of your intros, Michael. I think we should make the Michael DiGesu fan club, I and my dwarves. :)

  18. Great intro, Michael!
    Happy Weekend :)

  19. Very interesting, indeed. And quite the burp, um blurb.

    I got here by throwing down bread crumbs. Now I shall go back to whence I came. Oh no....

  20. Amazing cover and very intriguing blurb. I can't wait to read the book.

  21. Thanks everyone for stopping by & for your nice comments - at this point Michael and Carol deserve all the credit. We'll see what you think of my part of it after you read...

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  22. Wow, what a beautiful cover! (And a rather spicy snippet.) Sounds like a fun read.

  23. FANTASTIC cover and enticing write-up. Sounds absolutely terrific, and just the thing for a spicy Halloween. Great job, Michael, and here's to much success for Nicki.

  24. Hope you're feeling better, this week is one of those weeks for me, Blogger took away my blog, still waiting for the shots in my painful shoulders , reset up a blog but Chrome is playing up. I did get your comment and appreciated it very much.
    Have a good week-end.

  25. Great intro bro! Twisted Fairytales are all the rage now, good luck Niki!

  26. LOL! What an unusual take on the tale. This sounds fun and I love that cover :)

  27. What a fabulous intro! And I love the mishmash of fairy tale and zombies!

  28. This sounds amazing!

    Congratulations Nicki! And Michael, great introduction as always! I'm ready to read this even though zombies give me nightmares!

  29. Nice twist of genres to create an interesting storyline. Congrats to Nicki. And I'm glad you're doing so well Michael! Writer’s Mark

  30. Hi Michael! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog yesterday with the Blitz Team. You all really made my spirits soar! My recovery has been phenomenal and I hope yours has been as well. Good luck. Lily

  31. Hi Michael and Nicki .. as you say interesting twists and turns - especially based on the gingerbread fairy tale -

    Good luck to Nicki .. I wonder what lies at the brook - or perhaps another twist comes along ... those lanes can be pretty deceptive ..

    Cheers to you both - Hilary

  32. Nicely written with an interesting twist on a classic tale. Nicki is quite a diverse talent.

    Wrote By Rote

  33. This is fantastic! I bet this version is way cool :)

    I love to take well known stories and shake them up!!

  34. Hi Michael. Love the premise of Nicki's book. I love fresh takes on classic tales. The cover is great too. Your intro rocked as always.

    I'll be here all day accessing these links, but thanks anyway!


  35. Another perfect cover! Congratulations to Nicki!