Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi, All.

Imagine. An eighth day. Another day of the week to do whatever you'd like. A day all to yourself. Just think about it for a moment.

Ah. Great idea, right?

If only there was...

But there is... (insert sinister laugh here.)

Imagine the possibilities.

Can you?

I did this weekend. I took a trip to The Eight Day.

Only a select chosen few were able to visit. And I was one of them. Imagine the world, our world, suspended in time. Clocks remain still. Electricity is no longer in service. Your family is gone, and you are left alone to fend for yourself.

What would you do?

Leave the darkness of your house for an empty street. The pink sky mocking you with every step. You search frantically for your neighbors who are no longer present. No cars bustling down the street. No cute, little squirrels racing up a tree. Nothing but you...

This happened to my newest friend, Jax. A thirteen-year-old boy. Also chosen.

He was taken away from a safe life with a family member to live with a stranger. A teenager himself.

Odd. Don't you think?

But it was his father's dying wish.


We can only guess.

The Eight Day holds many mysteries. Many unanswered questions. Who lives in this altered world? Friend or foe?

Again, we can only guess.

Soon. Very soon. You, too will have some of the answers. It's a trip you'll surely want to take. I'm glad I did.

The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni

Well, all.  I hope you enjoyed my bit of fun on this intro for Dianne Salerni's newest novel. I was lucky to be able to receive an ARC of this novel and I am THRILLED to give you my review. As you can see from my intro, I truly enjoyed this book.

Can you imagine living on a day between Wednesday and Thursday?

Dianne is brilliant!

She weaves a tale of mystery, excitement, magic, and oh so much more. Her MC, Jax is a sweet, thirteen year old boy, but with an extraordinary gift. He, with other gifted people live on the Eight day, an extra day of the week.

On this day, he meets a young girl, living at his neighbor's house, but she is not there by chance. Is she a prisoner or a ghost? And why does she only appear on the eighth day?

Well, Jax is convinced she is just a cute girl a year or two older than he is and insists on becoming her friend.

Jax's guardian, Riley, has a different view. He practically orders Jax to leave her alone.

Why? you ask. Hmmm. This and many other intriguing aspects keeps the reader engaged until the very last page.

What I really enjoyed most about this story was the amazing cast of characters all linked to the Middle Ages and King Arthur's court. We see a wide spectrum...Odd. Mean. Dangerous. Funny. And yes, Cruel. Almost all vying for power in the Eighth day.

The climatic scene was an unexpected and original surprise with many twists and turns. Ms. Salerni truly has a the gift for the fantastic.

The Eight Day is the first in a trilogy, and I'll be waiting anxiously for any news of book two.

Both adults and middle graders will totally enjoy this tale.

All the best, DIANNE! And THANKS!


  1. Excellent intro, Michael! For a moment, I thought you'd really found an extra day. No electricity? What would I do?
    Congratulations, Dianne!

  2. Excellent post Michael, and it sounds a wonderful book.
    What would I do with an extra day? I don't really know , I have trouble getting through seven days.
    Have a good day.

  3. Interesting premise, I would probably just sleep, no, really. Then I would be able to keep up with the other seven days.

  4. I, too, received an ARC and read it one sitting. Wow. It is so good. I can easily see TPTB making a movie out of this one. Congrats Dianne on writing a wonderful story!!!

  5. What a great intro. You have really made me want to read this book. Like Alex, can't imagine doing without electricity.

  6. I have an ARC and can't wait to read it. It'll be up at the top of my list soon. And I could definitely use an extra day.

  7. Sleep!!!! lol I already pre-ordered Dianne's masterpiece. I can't wait to read!

  8. Well my eighth day would obviously be for cake, and other cake related activities.

    Great intro. For a moment my hopes of a cake filled 24 hours were about to be fulfilled! <3

  9. Wow! This sounds fantastic. Not sure what I'd do with my eigth day. Sleep all day? :)

  10. Michael, thanks for the wonderful post and the great review!

    It's funny how many people say they'd use their secret, extra day to sleep, especially considering that Jax gets hardly any sleep on the Eighth Day. He's too busy trying to stay alive, LOL!

  11. You really make the story appealing. What would happen to hump day if there was a day between Wednesday and Thursday?

  12. Great intro! I like the premise of this book! Now, personally I wouldn't even notice an extra day. :(

  13. Oh, interesting premise and nice intro. I was all... well I'd write... until you threw in the no electricity thing and I panicked. I'd probably take a stack of supplies (snacks, a notebook) and hide somewhere... I was always very good at hide-and-seek--so good people gave up looking for me... that is a pretty good skill when things are dangerous.

  14. I'd love an eighth day, especially if it's all up to me. . .
    only one thing concerns me though, how easy is it to get out of that 'hanging time'? Sounds like a good story! Excellent intro, as you always do, Michael!

  15. Nice intro, I had no clue where you were going...I also have no clue where I'm going. Sounds like a great read.

  16. Great cover, awesome title, and intriguing review-- thanks, Michael and good luck Dianne!

  17. I don't think I want to go the the eighth day. But reading about it in a story is intriguing!

  18. This is a fabulous book and may just be my next favorite MG series :)

  19. Thanks for the review. Sounds good!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  20. Wahoo! Can't wait to read this one--but if I had an 8th day, no people or clocks, I'd totally be in heaven, book heaven that is. Waste not, right?

  21. If I had an 8th day, my blood center would find a way to make me work it! Great intro as always. Like Alex, I thought at first that you had found a way to get 24 more hours, and I was going to ask you for a loan of a few minutes of extra sleep!! :-)

    1. Isn't that the truth, Roland. I think of that, too. Others would find ways for me to spend my eighth day :-)

  22. Dun, dun, dunnnnn! :) This sounds fantastic!

  23. It sounds as if Dianne has got an intriguing book here. I wouldn't mind another day, as long as it didn't make me an extra day older.
    Nice to meet you, Michael. I meant o join your coffee hop but I was too late!

  24. It sounds as if Dianne has got an intriguing book here. I wouldn't mind another day, as long as it didn't make me an extra day older.
    Nice to meet you, Michael. I meant o join your coffee hop but I was too late!

  25. Michael, once again, an impressive intro to Dianne's book. You hooked me immediately. You're so good! And Dianne's book (as well as the cover) sound and look incredible. BTW, I'm always telling my family how I need either an extra day on the weekend or an extra me.

  26. Greetings Michael,

    So very good of you to highlight Diane's book. Your in-depth thoughts on her book are greatly appreciated. Wishing Diane and your good self, all the best. Suddenly, I'm thinking of a Beatles song....

    Take care,

    Gary :)

  27. Awesome review, dear sir and I hope you're ready for what's about to hit your in-box :)

    It is officially Friday in Chi-town, so it with pleasure that I take this first opportunity to say Happy Blitz Day - and I can't think of a more worthy recipient :)

    Cheers and here's to Spring (Training :)

  28. I would most definitely sleep my 8th day away! Sounds blissful! Happy Blitz Day! :)

  29. Can I have that 8th day now, pretty please?

    Also, someone is being blitzed ;)

  30. If I had an extra day to my week I would spend more time at the day job. Or get to play more games to distract me from writing.

    But, sleeping the day away sure sounds inticing.


  31. What would I do if I had an eighth day? Catch up on my sleep, I'm afraid to say.

    What an intriguing idea.

    Wonderful intro. I hope I succeed in finishing & publishing my novel for no other reason than to have you write an intro!

    Best wishes,

  32. If I had an eighth day all to myself I'd try and spend as much of it writing as I could. Then I could feel less guilty when I do very little on the other seven days.

    Thanks for the introduction to this book, it's added to my Goodreads list.

    Oh, and happy Blitz Day!!!

  33. What a fun premise for a story! Hmm, if I had an eighth day in my week, I think I'd probably fill it with writing or maybe kick back with a cup of tea and a good book. Enjoy your Blitz Day! :)

  34. The cover looks great! I have don't have enough time to get through 7 days, I don't know how I would get through 7.
    Hey Michael, you are being blitzed today! Enjoy!

  35. I have an ARC and look forward to starting this in the next couple of days.

    : ) Happy Blitz Day!! : )

  36. What an intriguing intro, and I LOOOOVE the cover of the book! This sounds like a great read!!