Monday, September 29, 2014


Greetings, All!

First I'd like to thank all of you who have shared you stories, positive vibes, prayers, and LOVE for the BIG C BLOG HOP! As I always say we are an AMAZING community. I know Melissa is overwhelmed and grateful for all of your generosity and support!

THANK YOU, My dear friends!

For those of you who have submitted for the Anthology, if you would please email Melissa @ melbwrites at gmail dot com and me @ mculi at aol dot com. We hope to compile it soon and have it ready for formatting sometime in late October.

And now for another announcement. Once again I am teaming together with Stephen Tremp, our own Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and the lovely, L. Diane Wolfe for another very important blogfest  about HEALTH!

As many of you remember our HEALTH Blogfest in May of 2013 was a HUGE success, so Stephen approached us this time with a really
important theme...


The Survive and Thrive Bloghop is meant to bring awareness of disease prevention and early detection regarding medical conditions that may be averted or treated if caught in the early stages.

Our desire is to motivate people to go in for early screening, and if a condition is caught early and treated, then our world just became a little better place to live.

The topics are wide open.You can post about a particular cause you support. Or you can share a personal or family experience that is near to your heart. What’s great about this Blogfest is you can inspire people to take care of themselves and their loved ones early enough to make a difference in their lives.

As you can see this is something we ALL need to do. Our health is our MOST PRECIOUS commodity...NEVER take it for granted. And pre testing is the best prevention. ESPECIALLY those of you with children. They NEED YOU. Who be there for them if anything happens to you? By taking the necessary precautions now, you will never have to even think about what a tragedy that would be. Isn't that reason enough?

I know, I fought crippling arthritis for over a decade and by eating right and staying fit, I am still walking today. We must be diligent and smart about the future of our health. We are all getting older. Many of us are middle aged and older, so more health issues are just around the corner. Don't get caught off guard ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Big C. Do all you can. Think of Melissa and so many other blogger friends who are or have been inflicted. Cancer is evasive and spread quickly. Get check ups... Ladies PLEASE have those yearly mammograms. It can and will save your life!

Okay... I am done. You know what you have to do... sign up on the linky below and join our Blogfest!


  1. It is important! Hope we get a great turnout for the bloghop.
    Glad there were so many entries for Melissa's anthology.

  2. Just came from another site, which made me consider signing up for this blogfest. You've convinced me, Michael. All signed up!

  3. I told Stephen this was good timing for me, as I'm in the middle of being poked and prodded to see what's wrong with part of my body.

  4. Good luck with the anthology and blogfest, Michael. Some news for you. I got raves for my book cover at the International Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Sex Worker conference and it seemed to translate into book sales. So, thank you for your phenomenal cover art! Also, I swore I scrolled through your awards but I obviously missed that you have already been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award seven times. LOL. Change it to eight. . Maybe we can start an award for the artist who has received the most nominations for the same award?

  5. Hi Michael and other hosts: For this bloghop, I'll focus on heart health and my experience with hubs attack this summer. I hope no one else has to deal with what can happen. Our health starts to pay us back in the forties decade, so start now to pay attention to your body. The date of the bloghop is just after our anniversary in October, and I'm glad hubs is still here, very grateful.
    Also glad Melissa and anthology are on the upswing.

  6. Hi Michael .. I'm glad Melissa is utilising the positivity expressed during your Big C blog hop - and that the stories will be encouraging to others along their journeys.

    I can see the Healthy blog hop of 16 months ago has turned out to need a boost into the Strive and Thrive Hop - I expect I'll sign up ...

    Kim's ecstatic with her book cover ... congratulations on that ... cheers Hilary

  7. Sounds like an awesome blog hop. I was sorry I didn't do the healthy living one so am excited to participate in this one. Thanks so much for organizing it.

  8. I think it's wonderful the way you use your blog in such a positive and upbeat manner! Go, man, go. :-)

  9. What is that saying? "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure My grandmother said this all the time. She was a smart woman. Much smarter now that I'm older, than she was when I was fifteen. How can that be?

    Great idea for a blog hop, especially now that the holiday season is coming.

  10. I remember this bloghop from last year. It was really helpful, so many good advice. I am just waiting on some news and then I will know if I can sign up for this one or not. I am also glad there was a positive good response for Melissa's Bloghop. That's a tough girl. Very proud of her.
    Dragon Hugs!!

  11. It's a great blogfest. Unfortunately I'm snowed under right now so I won't be able to take part :(

  12. I'm on holiday during the bloghop but hope it's a huge success. Great idea. Can't wait to see the finished anthology, hope it goes a long way towards helping Melissa and others.

  13. What is with October 20th? This is the third bloghop I've found scheduled for that date, and I'm already signed up for another. *sigh* Definitely a great one.

  14. October 20th is a busy day for blog hops. I'm co-hosting the Bucket List Blog Hop on that day. Survive and Thrive sounds like a good bloghop. It's great that so many people participated in The Big C Hop.

  15. That list is really growing. I already have my post planned.

  16. I'm looking forward to this meaningful Bloghop! You've been on a wonderful mission to help people follow healthier lifestyles, which says a lot about your character! Thanks for all you do, Michael!