Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Lyssa Bates snaps her journal closed. Her brow twitches. "Not again," she spouts. "Typical...so typical." The words seep out like a noxious fume, leaving a bitter taste in her mouth.

A fuchsia cord dangles from her nightstand. She glances at the attached long, sleek case."Ah, Vibrizzio. At least you know how to treat a lady. In a swift movement she loses herself under the covers...

She is greeted the next morning by an unexpected surprise at work. Hayden King. "Just when I've given up on men," she mutters under her breath as a delicious chill tingles down her spine. She shakes his hand. His pitch eyes blast away the un-penetrateable wall she had spent the past six months building.

She pulls her eyes away from his. I have Vibrizzio...he's never disappointed me. Not once.

As fate would have it, Lyssa and Hayden spend the next few months touring around the Midwest for their company. Their flirtatious relationship turns into something more...

Will Lyssa cut the electricity between her and Hayden, or will she cut the cord?

Time can be breathless....

VIBRIZZIO by Nicki Elson

What a fun chick lit, story.... Sometimes we just need to read for pure entertainment and Nicki has supplied us with a fresh spin on a woman who takes charge of her "Romantic" life.  Sometimes it's just easier...

Today is the debut of Vibrizzio... if you need a fun read and moment to escape your tense world, why not pop over to Amazon and by your copy!

Congrats Nicki! All the best!

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  1. Hi Michael .. yes congratulations to Nicki - but I like your promotional idea .. need an escape, a fun read and time away from the real world .. then pop over and buy the book .. so oftne we need a few of those times ... cheers Hilary

  2. Yay! I'm clapping over here. That was fabulous---totally captures the story. You are the absolute best & I'm honored to have received yet another one of your treasured intros.


    1. P.S. Thanks Alex & Hilary for the congrats. :)

  3. Congrats to Nicki!
    Thanks for giving Jezebel free rein with your weather, Michael. You might regret it... ;)
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  4. Vibrizzo? lol! Good one. I've heard all sorts of 'names' for those electronic wonder gizmos. :-D

    Congratulations Nicki. We all need fun reads to take our minds off of the pressures of life.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  5. Ooh, sounds like an excellent read. Love the cover.

  6. Ha! I like calling is a Vibrizzio. ;)

    This sounds like a fun and sexy read. Congratulations to Nicki!

  7. Lyssa, I think the man would be a lot more fun.

  8. interesting title. Good luck to the author

  9. I see you and Diane are on the same AA path today!

  10. Greetings human, Michael,

    Hearty congrats to Nicki. This seems like a fully-charged read.

    And Nicki, if I could clap, I would. Although my paws to make an interesting sound.

    Thanks for highlighting her, Michael. And thanks for your kind email to my alleged human.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  11. Sounds like a great story, Nicki and Michael. Go!

  12. Hi Michael! Congrats to Nicki; the book sounds fun.

  13. Oh, I love it. I'm old enough I remember when such "devices" would have never been mentioned aloud, now we've got books names after them. Congratulations to Nicki.

  14. I love entertaining reading. It's nice sometimes and a good way to relax.

  15. Great promo, Michael, and a lovely cover!

  16. Congratulations and good luck to Nicki.

  17. I saw Nicki's book on another blog this week. Sounds like a fun read!

  18. What an entertaining introduction, Michael! This sounds like the perfect beach read! Congrats to Nicki!


  19. I have always wanted to read a chicklit story, so Vibrizzio is joining my TBR pile. Congrats to Nicki.

  20. Hi Michael, I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well in your new home and you are celebrating~
    @>------------- I hope your day is filled with love and laughter~

  21. Congrats to Nicki and Happy Birthday to you!!!

  22. Congrats to Nicki - sounds like a fun story!! :)

    Happy Birthday to you Michael - hope you find a few treats throughout your day :)

  23. Congratulations, Nicki!
    Happy birthday, Michael! Your book intros are always such fun!

  24. Sounds like quite a lot of fun to read. Congrats, Nicki. :-)