Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Hi All,

Today I am posting a new work from a close friend who had the time to create a short essay for the WEP challenge. I know It's posted a day late, but I'm sure my friend Denise won't mind, since the link is still up.

I had hoped to write something wonderful, but since I am in the throws of a MAJOR revision for Mommy Kay, I really didn't have the spare time.

Thanks to Denise and the wonderful ladies at the WEP for hosting this challenge, as well as a special thanks to IWSG...

Since he doesn't have a blogger or Google account, I will be commenting for him on the other entries...

I hope you enjoy Ulises's essay... 


                     A Wish for Twenty-eight days of Magic 

It is not easy to see the difference between one day or the next at any given time. That is unless an event has strongly impacted our lives…that it has actually changed our way of thinking or living.

I, like many others, try to keep abreast of all that goes on in this world. Even though I do not have the power, the means, nor any idea of how to stop or change world events, I certainly wish I could. 

In my mind, I fantasize a genie has granted me the power to go back twenty-eight days from now and change the most recent events affecting our way of living.

I would stop Venezuela and other countries from collapsing over despair of poverty and hunger because of the greed of politicians…

I would change the minds of those who think construction is more important than protecting the planet…

I would stop the dissolution of treaties that have been put in place to protect our world…

I would stop and reverse global warming…

I would stop all types of discrimination…

I would wish for equality and freedom to lessen the burden on ours and other’s society…

These and many other events that have developed: to correct as many as I can accomplish in twenty-eight days.

It is believed that God created the world in six days, but it has taken centuries for humans to destroy it. 

So, my wish for twenty-eight days of magic may not be enough to reconstruct the damage that has occurred, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to try?

Have a wonderful Weekend everyone!



  1. What a thoughtful take on the prompt - using hindsight to prevent catastrophe.

  2. Wouldn't that be nice. I guess your friend is a romantic and a dreamer, Michael. I don't believe in miracles myself, but maybe once in a while, a miracle would be so welcome.

    1. Yes. He is at times, but he's very much a realist, too. Sorry you don't believe in miracles, Olga. Perhaps if you kept an open mind, one reveal itself to you. I totally believe in them. I have seen them time and time again.

  3. Hi Michael and Ulises - your magic ideas would be just wonderful ... it's all going wrong and we need some proper leaders with decent standards to bring us all back into giving the world what it deserves ... people with humility and care, while just as importantly looking after life on earth - otherwise we won't be here anyway ... well done - cheers Hilary

    1. I agree, Hilary. It's sad that world leaders are so dense and narrow minded. It has and will continue to ruin our world if we keep voting them into power....or allowing them to take power.

  4. Good thing God will fix it up again for us again!
    Nice of you to post for a friend.

    1. I hope so, Alex. But I believe God is testing us and waiting. He gives us free will and allows us to make mistakes and also allows us to clean up after them...

    2. I understand Alex's thought but feel that your friend's piece is where I start. I love the sentiment and feel that we need to embrace this thinking. Your are right to say testing. I believe the test is for us to act and create heaven on earth - not hell.

  5. That's a lot to fix in one short month.

  6. Nicely done, Ulises.
    If we all work to improve our own corners of the world, I hope those actions spread and we can make all of these things better. Too bad it takes so little time for greed, selfishness, and shortsightedness to unravel the good.

  7. If only! Love this idealistic viewpoint. I wish more people would embrace the concept and not be ruled by avarice, apathy, self-absorption. We can all do something, however small, to improve the planet.

  8. Yes, it would be nice to have 28 days to try. I think if we all made an effort towards kindness, love, and generosity, our world could definitely take a turn for beauty in 28 days. It just takes doing something.

  9. A idealistic idea that makes the phrase of "Hindsight is 20/20," to a new level. Well done.

  10. Thank you to your friend for writing such a thought-provoking piece! It would be nice to have the chance to go back and correct some of the things that have gone wrong in our world. If only.

    Best of luck with your revision!

  11. I couldn't agree more. Thank you, L.G.!

  12. Hi Michael. I read your friend’s impassioned plea the minute you posted it for him but this is my first chance to comment. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the good, moral and wise people took the reins from the corrupt, amoral and selfish ones. Faint hope. But we never give up hope do we? I’m sure there’s more good people in the world than bad, just that most aren’t in politics. Tell Ulises not to give up hope. Maybe the good guys will find their voice.

    Thanks for a powerful contribution to the WEP this month. A lovely surprise. Now back to MK.


    1. Hi Denise! Glad you enjoyed Ulises's entry. We certainly can't give up, that's for sure! Very true...We can only hope they do!

      NO kidding. Working like crazy with the edits. I actually spoke to my editor last week and I have my work cut out for me to take MK where she needs to go. UGh...Going into chapter 7 now. Once I get through the rest, I can add the additional four to six chapters. Kim is sending me MORE stories and feelings since we are continuing the story to include the whole circle. We stated out for this to be a fun romp through pop culture, but I was informed that much more depth is needed for it to really SPARKLE. Ugh. Anyway, I'm moving it right along. LOL

  13. The world could definitely use a little magic to correct such abuses. Good hearted people rarely are able to make a difference, but magic would certainly help. I hope someday you (Michael's friend) can accomplish some of the more practical tasks listed here.

    1. I so agree, Donna. There is magic around, but it's suffocated by all the hate and corruption. I really hope that we can discover it soon because the world really needs it!

      I'm sure Ulises will try his best. He has a humanitarian's heart and once he retires and has free time, I know he'll put it to good use!

  14. Yes, it would be a great thing to snap a magic wand and cleanse the world of much that is ailing it. I too wish you could go back in time or just have the 28 days to 'fix' things. . .when one lets business or business minds run the show, it's always the bottom line that counts and humans and the Earth are just pawns. Kudos!

  15. You're a good man. 28 days of magic and you didn't even cheat the lottery.

  16. We could use a bit of that magic, but words have a lot of magic/power in them, so putting your thoughts out there is the right step to take.

  17. This is such an amazing and powerful post, thank you for sharing!

  18. Such a passionate plea for positive change. We could use that magic for sure. I wish more people thought and felt like him!

  19. This is a cool take on the prompt. A wish for magic, to go back and fix things. Too bad I don't have much faith in the idea of changing the past to fix the future. Still, it would be nice to simply wish for a better world and get it.
    Pretty cool you posted for your friend.
    Nice entry.

  20. Such a nice thought. While not able to reverse damage caused for centuries, 28 days certainly ought to make a huge difference.

  21. Please congratulate Ulises on his thoughtful piece. We share many of the same wishes. If only we could reverse time and put things right.
    I hope your revision of Mommy Kay goes well, Michael.

  22. We're on the same page when it comes to the current problems with the world. All of which is caused by the greed of a few in power.

  23. Oh it would be nice to have a genie who could fix the wrongs of the world in to the rights.

  24. I resonate with your wishes. Nicely said.

  25. I’m still doing the WEP rounds. Better late than never, right?

    That's quite a load to fix in just 28 days!
    However, when a genie grants a wish, then it's special... and powerful... and beyond human understanding, so 28 days would be sufficient... I suppose... if only...

    Hope MK is moving along smoothly!

  26. Aww, Uly! That was beautifully written.

    It's absolutely tragic - and terrifying - how quickly Venezuela became so poverty stricken and violent. I hope the rest of the world is paying attention, lest we repeat their mistakes.

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