Tuesday, June 7, 2011


TODAY's the day to purchase your copy of POSSESSION by Elana Johnson. Here in the blogosphere were are supporting our good friend and fantastic friend Elana. Drop by her website and purchase your copy! Or go to Amazon, B&N, etc. THEY ALL have copies! Support ELANA here!

Here's the first line "Good girls don't walk with boys ..."

Today is also a the day to write down how you broke the rules.... For other bloggers participating drop by ali cross's blog here.

As a guy who rarely breaks the rules, I found I had to strain my brain to come up with an answer to this.

Every autumn during grade school our school district had a poster contest. Every year I'd enter and come in second or third never winning that coveted trophy for myself. In my last year I needed to do something drastic, after all this was my final year to win and I had to!

I decided to "bend" the rules and do a three dimensional peace. Well, it still was on poster board .... I used multi media and did this wacky sculptural thing. My peers grumbled, stating it wasn't a poster at all and that I should be disqualified. Luckily my teacher at the time thought it was amazing and entered it.

To my surprise and delight I WON! I was thrilled. And when I was awarded my prize at the assembly a week later they handed me, not the trophy I so longed for, BUT, a first place blue ribbon. I was outraged! I croaked out a thank you and whispered to the principal what happened to my trophy. She flushed a bit and whispered back, "Budget cuts."

I still have the faded blue ribbon. LOL. Oh, well, that's life!

What's you favorite rule-breaking story? I'd love to know.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and don't forget to buy your copy of POSSESSION!


  1. Aww! You bent the rules and everything and only got a ribbon. And as long as it was on the poster board, it isn't quite rule breaking. :) I have my rule-breaking story on my blog. This has been a fun bloghop, and I'm so excited for Elana. Now if the mail would send my copy of POSSESSION a little faster...

  2. I love that you bent the rules and ended up with a ribbon! Too awesome! I'll have to think on a rule breaking story of my own... Congrats to Elana!

  3. Yay for Elana! I really like that girl--she's a lot of fun and I'm proud to know her. (=
    And cheers to breaking rules! (=

  4. Hmmmm, now that you had to wrack your brain to "figure out" a time when you broke the rules, in answer to your question I would have to plead the fifth amendment. I think I got confused when I heard somewhere that rules were meant to be broken.

  5. Congrats to Elana!

    As for me, you know my opinion on rules... can't abide them.... at least not for their own sake. I follow some coincidentally because they happen to be good ideas... and I DO practice a 'no harm' policy. The rule i break most though... probably jay walking. I mostly walk down the middle of the street. When a person reads while walking, that eliminated the threat of uneven ground.

  6. Great to see that breaking the rules can pay off!!! (sort of, lol on the ribbon...ain't that the luck? :))

    So happy to see so many bloggers supporting Elana!! I've got 3 copies on hold, I just need to go pick up. Can't wait to read POSSESSION!!!

  7. Oh no, if your school had budget cuts back then, does it even exist now?? ;)

  8. Budget cut?!! Hahahaha! I've been a victim of that. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid at a "friend's" wedding until... I became part of the budget cut!

  9. I don't break too many rules either. I bent a few family rules. Congrats on the ribbon though! I won a drawing contest in Junior High. After I got my 10$ prize, they informed me that there was only one other person who entered and they got disqualified. Boy did I feel good about my win! Haha :) Thanks for sharing. Do you have a picture of that 3D poster? Sounds great!

  10. That cover of the butterfly in an ice cube is symbolic of lost freedom, and maybe even beauty. That alone would make me buy this book--I love stuff like that.

  11. Congratulations on your rule-breaking win! I probably have an old trophy around here somewhere you can have.

    And hurray for POSSESSION!

  12. haha love your 'bent' rule win. Awesome. Shame about the lack of trophy.

  13. Loved this! Congratulations to Elana! I'm so excited! I've ordered my copy and patiently waiting for it in the mail!

    I'm with you, I don't break too many rules. I wish I could have come up with something so I could have joined the fun. I consider that you've covered me ;)

  14. Bummer there was no trophy Michael, you deserve one! This was fun. I'm sorry we didn't hear about the celebration-blogfest sooner. Thanks for sharing yours though! Congratulations to Elana, we're happy to be celebrating with her.

  15. You were seriously jipped! A stinkin ribbon? Are you kidding me? How is that supposed to compare to a shiny golden trophy?

    Great rule-breaking win though.

  16. Budget cuts, man those do stink. But I suppose a win is a win, right? As for the rules, sometimes, those are meant to be broken, because otherwise how would they have seen your creative genius?? Nice story :)

  17. Congratulations to Elana and Possesion!

    Great tale, Michael - I can imagine your gritted teeth at receiving the ribbon, though!

  18. Congratulations to Elana.

    I was such a good kid. I never broke rules and was stifled by them as a result. It wasn't until I got older that I realized rules should be used as long as they had value and then you needed to improvise.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  19. Ahhhh! That's so so sad! I've seen the same thing happen to my Charlie and it just broke my heart!

    Your poster sounds amazing ~ plus, that sounds like the kind of rule-breaking a parent can get behind.

    Thanks for playing Michael!