Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since I am only ONE new friend away from 400, I'd like to thank all of you for all your words of encouragement, for your laughter, for your tears, and just for being the AMAZING people that you are!

It is my great pleasure to welcome some new friends. The Thumber, Renate, Pam. Ann, Donna, Dave, Eva, Julie, Nicole, Jennifer, Empty Nest Insider, Arcadia, Steven, Liz, Jeannie, Kimberly, and Eliza.

It is so wonderful to meet all of you. I'll drop by soon to catch up. Life's been a bit nuts lately. Know I'm wondering who my 400th friend will be.... WHO? I hope to find out soon, so we can have a party...

I'd also like to play a bit of catch up this week. I have been awarded a while back and awarded again this week.

A while ago the FROST LORD himself was kind enough to bestow on this humble blogger The BLOG ON FIRE award. It is totally awesome! Thanks T. D. For anyone who doesn't know this funny, charming, and full of life, superhero, make sure you drop by his blog. His effervescent boyish enthusiasm is the perfect writer for m/g for young boys, since I believe he's still a boy at heart.

Since I am honoring all of you today, I would like to offer this unusual and hard to find award to all of you, BUT for only 24 hours. LOL. We must put a little twist on this, right?

My next award is from Erin Kane Spock of the blog Hold On to Your Bloomers! The name of her blog says it all... Drop by and read her edgy and insightful posts. She nominated me for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. So I need to tell you seven random facts about myself.... Gee. Blushing.

First ... I have become obsessed with getting healthy by eating right and exercising like a maniac.

Second ... I am diligently working at meeting as many of my blogger friends in person as I can. We all need this connection. TOO FUN~

Third ... I don't read nearly as much as I should. I have a PILE of books to read this summer.

Fourth ... I am currently redesigning my very formal living room into a personal showroom and work area for my writing and design business. Pics to come.

Fifth ... I'm going to visit Canada in August to see Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Montreal.

Sixth ... I love to BAKE and am planning on creating healthy and organic recipes to enjoy without gaining weight. Look for future recipes.

Seventh ... I am becoming a Techno Geek... I never would've believed it. I am having too much fun with my new toys, especially my new IPad two.

Now for  my Nominees.... drum roll please ...

Lisa M. Potts @Pursuing Love, Laughter and My Elusive Muse. Lisa is one of THE sweetest people in the blogosphere!

Siv Marie @ Been there, done that.  Siv is my adopted Norwegian sister. She writes and translates charming folk stories from the northern lands as well as writes heartfelt, soulful poetry. Her sweetness exudes from her blog.

Mooderino @ Moody Writing. Mood writes amazing thought provoking and powerful posts on writing. I have learned a great deal from his amazing insights. Mood is so sweet for helping all of us analyze our own writing. Thanks Mood.

Donna Hole @ Donna Hole. Donna is The most helpful and amazing blogger. She is the first one to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She'll write a review for you, advertise your blogfest, spend time to polish you ms or story. I wish I had Donna's drive to continue to push in all aspects of writing. Thank you Donna.... You can't be any sweeter that those goodies.

OF course there are many more of you who deserve this award, but I would listing all day....

So on this very dreary day in Chicago, I have time to give tribute to all my wonderful blogger friends.

Don't forget to post Elizabeth Mueller's MC Blogfest entry for tomorrow... HAVE a GREAT DAY EVERYONE!


  1. Thank you for the mention, very kind of you. I'm a guy by the way (technically speaking).

    Moody Writing
    follow me!

  2. Canada! I'm from Toronto/London and my dad lived in Montreal ~ I've been there many, many times! Niagra Falls is always fun. What a fun trip!

    Congrats on the awards Michael!

  3. Congrats on your awards (hugely deserved ;) and congrats on getting healthy! You are an inspiration!

  4. *checks* congrats on your 400 followers!

    It's a great milestone to reach. :-)

  5. Congratulations on your awards and I see you have your 400th follower too. An awesome milestone!

  6. you're totally on fire...such a perfect award for you! can't wait for the healthy recipes!!!


  7. Michael- Congrats on all your followers and the awards! You really are sweet! I'd adore participating in more blogfests but my class homework just isn't allowing it. I'm going to try to get to a couple I have on my blogfest tab- but they are rewards for getting homework done. Have a fairy wonderful day!

  8. Congratulations! And did I make it under the time limit?

  9. Congrats on the 400!!! :) And on the awards!

    Toronto & Niagara are fabulous cities. Montreal's on my wishlist, but I haven't made it there yet. Hope you have a great time!

  10. Yaaay, you made 400! Big congrats. And also for the awards, very nice. I fed your fish while I was here; I bet they missed me! I've been snowed under by revisions, and am just now coming up for air. Have a great rest of the week!

  11. Woot! You've made 400! Congrats, Michael! And for the well-deserved awards as well.

    Absolutely can't wait to see the pics of your newly designed showroom. I turned my formal living room into a library if that tells you anything about me. :)

  12. Thanks for the sweet award!

    Looking forward to your healthy recipes (my treadmill is still being used to hang clothes on). Ooh, look. 400!!!!!

  13. Congratulations Michael, on the awards and the 400! (Applauding and raising a toast)well deserved.

    I love cooking and baking too, it's hard to keep the calories down, but worth it :-)

  14. Hello Michael:
    We are so very excited to have discovered your eclectic, varied and interesting blog [and not least to have learnt random things about yourself] through the comment which you had left on Hektor's post.

    Although we only started our own blog in April of this year, we do agree with you about the number of wonderful people who one 'meets' when travelling the Blogosphere. And, as you say, it is the dialogue which ensues which makes for so much interest.

    We shall look forward to returning and wish you a happy and relaxing weekend. Perhaps making a 'healthy' cake?!!

  15. Congrats! When is the party? Here is a plane ticket for you brother, enjoy your flight :)

  16. You're beautiful Michael, and I love you. Thanks for all the sweet words.