Saturday, June 9, 2012


zpHi all.

Well I have to say it has been AGES since I have done a post for Sunday, but this morning (Saturday) amongst the threatening skies and mild drizzle an AMAZING creature came across my path.

As most of you know I have been STRANDED in Central Florida for months working on a design project. This past week has been HELL. Not to get into to much of a rant here, let's just say that what could have gone wrong did.

Thankfully it will all wash in the end, but the news of another two or three weeks stuck here DID NOT thrill me. This is my fifth month away from Chicago. I usually return the first week of May. Now it looks like July. AND as many of you know Florida is sticky, rainy, and miserable in the summer months. BUT... I do have a beach two blocks away... the wonderful ocean breezes and salty air are welcome on these 90 plus degree days.

This morning I was astonished to meet a new friend and here he is...

Quite the funny fellow... he actually "Struck a pose" for me.

Well my new feathery friend was over my waist in height. I'd say about four feet tall... almost disturbing at 6:30 am to find him sache'ing across the beach when you are half asleep. (My coffee hadn't kicked in yet, but the sight of him certainly woke me out of my stupor.)

After a few more Madonna-like poses, he worked it down the sandy runway.

The next pic will give you an idea at how wonderfully strange this experience was to me.

After this awesome meeting, I decided to make the best of my present situation and enjoy my surroundings in Central Florida. You just never know what to expect with each new sunrise...

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday.

Tomorrow I will be the intro to my post for Tuesday. I have a special guest visiting... ELANA JOHNSON!

But first drop by tomorrow for the my NEVER SURRENDER post featuring Elana's new book SURRENDER! I will also be posting a review of it on Friday... so this week will be dedicated to this AWESOME author!

photos are property of Michael Di Gesu


  1. When I sit out on my terrace, over-looking the bayou running by the apartment complex, I always look for egrets. They are much like your Madonna-Bird ... but sleek and bright white. They glide gracefully on the winds to settle along the banks, looking for the unwary fish.

    I do not get to sit out there much due to the oppresive heat and the lack of free time. But I pray that your luck turns to the better this new week.

    Have only happy surprises tomorrow! Roland

  2. Your friend is awesome and a good reminder to be prepared... I mean look at you with your camera (or cellphone) at the ready when the moment came! The other day we were in the woods and a Hummingbird flew right up to Mo and looked him in the face. Priceless but there was no way I was going to capture that! Of course Hummingbird's fly like the wind... lol

  3. Nothing like an early morning strut to wake up the day :) I love your new profile picture too Michael.


  4. Sorry your project isn't going well.

    Glad you're spotlighting Elana this week. Can't wait. I interviewed her on Monday and am doing a Never Surrender post on Friday. Can't wait to read yours.

  5. Sorry you're still stuck in Florida. Hot and sticky is an understatement. But you wouldn't have met that crane!
    Will be back for Elana's post. I'm hosting her later this month as well.

  6. Sorry you're still stuck in FL! I know how hot and sticky it can be as I was there last year toward the end of June and It was TOO HOT!!!

    I like your friend :)

  7. That bird looks like a Heron to me. The birds in Florida are fantastic. Yes it can get muggy, but I find the salty air relaxes me. The warm breezes help.

    Write about it Michael, describe how HOT and MUGGY feels. Then drink something cool.

    I thought Chicago was hot and miserable in the summer, too. Am I wrong?

  8. Cute bird! I actually love Florida even with the heat and stickiness. There are lots of pretty areas there.

  9. Ew, I could not handle the humidity - but I too would have taken some solace in the meeting with this feathered guy :) He's cute! and quite impressive with his height!

  10. I loves him! So funny and quirky and cute. Keep looking at that bright side. And send some of that rain up here, would ya? It's soooo dry, too dry.

  11. It's been mid-90s and humid here for two days, I'm ready to send it back your way (sorry!)! Good luck finishing the project!