Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hi, everyone,

If you looking for the Never Surrender blogfest post click here....

Today was my scheduled day to host Elana Johnson and her new book SURRENDER. After a few attempts to contact her, I believe her to be way too busy to answer my emails. I understand completely. Launching a new book is a time consuming effort.

Well, I wish Elana all the luck in the world with her new book. Drop by her blog for the latest SURRENDER NEWS.

At some point I hope she contacts me. Until then check out her new book.

She is also hosting an amazing blogfest. My entry was posted yesterday. Just scroll down ...

I would like to thank all my blogger friends for their comments and support from yesterday's post. They meant and mean so much to me. The illness I have will never go away, but at least I can live with it now and have some sort of a normal life.

Never take your health for granted. It is our MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE. Never surrender when life is at it's most difficult. This is what makes us stronger. This is what shows what we are truly made of. This is LIFE as we know it.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Elana was found... YAY. Our interview is scheduled on the 26th of June... SO DO DROP BY!


  1. She might not have realized you did a Never Surrender post if you didn't sign up. But I know she appreciates it.

    And you're right. We can't take for granted health. That's so true.

  2. Michael, you are so awesome. I'm sure it's just a mix-up and Elana will contact you soon. Anyhow, nice of you to keep spreading the word about never surrendering. ;D

  3. Sorry the interview fell through, M. Guess she missed a great opportunity to hang with a great blogger. :)

    (I'm told his followers are pretty awesome too. Just sayin' ...)

    "Never take your health for granted. It is our MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE."

    Hear! Hear!

  4. You are very gracious and open-hearted about this. Like you said, she was probably overwhelmed with the book tour.

    Hey, I still visit you. Oh, you were hoping for Olivia Wilde, huh? Don't blame you there!

    Come say hello at my blog, why don't ya? I appreciate you, Roland

  5. Elana is going to love your No Surrender post and I have no doubt she'll cry just as much as I did when she reads it.

  6. There must have been some sort of mix-up - Elana is very careful! Off to read your last post...

  7. Hey there! Loved your story from your last post. Can't wait to see you and give you a hug!! :D

  8. Was looking forward to this! Guess she has her reasons.

  9. Too bad with the interview :/

    But your words are so meaningful. I have a little boy who is a cancer survivor... I know that fight for his life has changed mine and so many around him. So I know that any time someone opens up (like you did in your last post) it can put perspective right where it's supposed to be. Loving your blog, Michael!

  10. Yep, I can only imagine how busy Elana is, but it's so wonderful seeing her new book all over the blogsphere.

  11. You're so right away health. I try never to take mine for granted.

  12. I promise to make it up to you! I'm so sorry.

  13. Yay! So glad you found Elana--LOL! I can't imagine how busy those guys are. I know Tami Hart's been MIA of late as well, and now she's a bestseller. Here's wishing all our friends w/new "babies" the best of success! And you, too, BB! <3

  14. How wonderful are you sharing something so amazing and yet so incredibly personal with us.
    You are inspiring. I am completely amazed at your story and I'm so glad I read about it.
    You're a good man, sir!

  15. Hi Michael, I've been reading some Surrender posts (i'm not in it) and being touched and inspired. I read yours below. It is AMAZING! Goes to show we never know the pain from someone's past. It was so brave of you to share it. It touched me greatly and leads me to admire you even more than I did. As you say you have INSANE determination and that's what got you through.

    Just a footnote and you might think this is ridiculous (but I'm sure the doctors will discover it down the track). Do you drink a lot of fresh-squeezed orange juice? I used to drink gallons of it as we had trees growing. I got a build up of uric acid in my knees - they swelled and ached and I could hardly walk. One specialist was going to operate, the git. Anyway, I gave a lot of thought to my diet and realised that the oranges could be a problem as they're full of acid. I quit oranges in any form, even my favourite orange cake, and voila, never a swelling, pain since. Viva la difference!

    Just sharing IN CASE it might be helpful, if not for you, maybe someone else.


  16. I was lucky enough to have her sign my copy at our local B&N. She's an amazing author. :)

  17. Michael, Elana missed an awesome opportunity. But I am sure she is busy. You know I understand about never taking your health for granted. I am so sorry about all of that, but I cannot help but think if this didn't happen then we would have never had you in our blog circle. That would have been our loss. Praying for you, friend. Your Never Surrender post was the most beautiful I have read yet. Write the picture book!!!!!!!! (((hugging you)))

  18. Just feeding the fish again. Hope you come home soon Bro =)