Monday, May 14, 2012


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Time has certainly slipped away for me these past few weeks. I can't believe it has been this long since my last post, but that will change this week...

I am featuring blogger and novelist Michael Offutt. You all know him from his blog ....

Slipstream by Michael Offutt 
Several months ago Michael had asked me to be part of his blog tour for his new novel SLIPSTREAM. Of course I agreed. I enjoy helping out fellow authors and I try to do as many reviews as I can prior to the actual post. 
Today I am pleased to post my review. On Wednesday, the 16th, Michael’s post will be aired, so please stop back and show him some blog love. 
SLIPSTREAM is an amazing conglomeration of high fashion, suspense, mystery, science fiction, and young adult trials and tribulations.
Michael’s keen descriptions add layers and layers to this intriguing story of a boy named Jordan. Not the usual hero, he is blond, buffed, and sensitive ... and ... did I mention gay? What a great role model of young gay teens. 
Jordan is a jock, a scholar, and the boy next door all rolled up in one. What I really loved about this novel is the dynamic between Jordan and his sister, Kat. They live alone, and apparently very well, with no means of parental support. However, Jordan’s best friend Rob, and his parents, seem to have adopted Jordan into their family. This adds a nice balance to Jordan’s unsupervised living situation.
Another very interesting aspect to this novel is the way Michael weaves Einstein theories, physics, and a host of other subjects quite foreign to me, into the story. Of course, as a former fashion model, I identified with that aspect, but I learned quite a bit of the sciences, a subject of no interest to me, but .... Michael made it interesting and fun for me and will for other readers not familiar with this subject.
For those of you who know Michael and his blog, you are aware of his passion for right and wrong; this is woven through the novel as well. I see much of Michael in Jordan, their spirit is one in the same.
I hope you will all have an opportunity to read his novel, it is time well spent.
Have a great day ALL and GOOD LUCK MICHAEL!


  1. Michael has the bonus of a double feature today as well!

  2. Wow thanks for the review, Michael. If you wouldn't mind, could you post it to Amazon with a quick cut and paste? I'd be eternally grateful sir.

  3. Missed you host-Michael! Wow, that was unintentionally sic-fi. :)

    As for Slipstream author Michael, another great review my friend!

    I thought the, " Michael made it interesting and fun for me and will for other readers not familiar with this subject." bit was particularly important. Lots of folks (me included) are sometimes intimidated by science fiction or high fantasy stories. Many of them are so grounded in the lexicon of the genres that it's easy to be overwhelmed to the point you miss the actual story. Sort of like the thinking/reading balance is off. (I want a good mix of both, not all or the other.)

    Certainly sounds as though Slipstream is accessible and fun!

  4. I've been seeing Michael's book everywhere! Congratulations to him and it sounds like a really good story!

  5. Great review! Michael's book, SLIPSTREAM, was a great read.

  6. Looks great, Michael- and I love that there is a gay main character :) (btw, haven't talked to you in a while- hope you are well!)

  7. @E.J.: Great comment sir. I tried really hard to present science that was both engaging and fun. I'm a quantum mechanics nerd. In real life I'm atheist. In the book I take the approach of an intelligently designed universe. I thought it made it kind of fun.

    @Johanna: I'm glad to hear that I have at least a little internet saturation at this point.

    @Cherie: Oh you are kind. That means a lot coming from a professional editor.

    @Abby: Hi!!! I'll swing by your blog in just a sec.

  8. Great review and a book worth checking out from a fantastic guy. Nice to see you back Bro :)Ph mustn't forget to feed your fish before I check out Michaels blog today.

  9. Super-great review!! Jordan sounds like a well-rounded, awesome protagonist, which teens NEED today. :)

  10. A great review for what sounds like a very interesting book. That cover while wonderfully clever though, still gives me the shivers in a bad way.

  11. I'm still waiting on Amazon to mail this thing to me. You can tell someone is getting impatient, right? :)

  12. @Siv: Thank you :)

    @Candilynn: I really like him.

    @Heather: lol not a spider fan eh?

    @DPK: Thanks for the support sir! I hope that Amazon doesn't drop the ball.