Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hi, All,

Well if feels GREAT to be back within the community again. You can't even imagine how much I have missed commented and posting on a regular basis. I feel connected again. These past few days visiting old and new friends has really inspired me to rev up the old engine and jump back into writing again.

I have a wonderful new idea. I have figured out a way to regenerate my first novel by changing the format completely. Once I work out the bugs I will definitely share it with all of you.

In answer to several of your questions about my current design project, YES, I will be posting pics as soon as I get the befores from the contractor. I made the mistake of not taking any myself, because I had been away for my birthday week at that time and missed my opportunity before they began demoing the place.

By Saturday the newly plastered walls with be painted in my colors of choice and by the end of next week the new hardwood floors should be installed as well as the new fireplace hearth ... YAY! I can't wait.

There has also been another very important inspiration in my world these past few months visiting central Florida... I do manage to take a power walk on the beach at the first light of day. The incredible vistas and nature that most people sleep through, I have managed to retain in my brain as well as in my iPhone.

Today's pic is extraordinary. Sea birds are a constant affinity for me as you can certainly see why.

Take flight my friends and live everyday to the fullest ...

What has inspired you lately? I'd really like to know....

HAVE a safe and wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Great picture! Good luck on your restructuring. Hope it goes well!

  2. Friends like you always inspire me, Michael. The drive along the Creole Nature Trail is a fantastic time to recharge for me, Roland

  3. Great image capture in that photo, Michael!

    It sounds like you have some wonderful new things on the horizon.

    Just finished browsing your beautiful book illustrations--really stunning!

    Many thanks for leaving such a beautiful comment for me. I truly appreciate it. (I answered your questions there in my reply.)


  4. Well, that picture was worth getting up that early for. I think. Your energy and love of life inspire me Michael :)

    So glad you haven't given up on your first novel.

    Have lots of fun this weekend :)

  5. Re-writing your first novel? Excellent idea! I should do that. Oh wait, I did. Bet yours will turn out even better than mine.
    Glad you are with us again.
    Excellent photo. Now I'm ready for a relaxing weekend. Hope yours is the dame!

  6. Great picture. Glad your design project and your writing is going well.

  7. Awesome picture! Lately I have been inspired by other people- just hanging around friend and family. The conversations are entertaining and there is no homework involved- LOL

  8. Hey Michael! Glad you're enjoying the coast! When I lived in O-town I drove to Cocoa every weekend. So nice.
    ANd yeah let me know when a good day for you is. I will be in Orlando on June 16 for the SCBWI conference... but other than that, no plans to go anywhere. :)

  9. Glad to hear things are going well, Michael!
    I love sea birds too, especially puffins. Hoping to get some bird and beach shots myself in South Carolina soon!

  10. Good luck with restructuring, Michael. I'm sure it will turn out great.

  11. Welcome back and best of luck!

  12. Can't wait to read your re-write! And love this photo of the gulls on the beach...lovely composition from one with a true artist's eye! Thanks for lovely comments on my blog!

  13. Beautiful photo! I love the shadow of the bird that is flying.

    Something that has inspired me just lately is my grandparents...They are the most amazing beautiful people.

  14. Hope the restructuring goes well Michael and thanks for the visit.

  15. Love the picture. Love seagulls. Love the sea. Love the sand. It's all there. Can't get enough of it. It is inspirational!


  16. Excellent picture! Hope the regeneration goes well. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  17. Hurray for your revision idea! I love it when the brain suddenly sees new potential in an old project!

  18. Love that photo! Nature is chock full of inspirational moments! :)

  19. Actually your going to think me silly since I just met you but you have had a lot to do this week with inspiring me to start writing again and to commit also to the vegan diet which I start in less than a week. lol
    Also like you I walked on the beach and reflected on life and what I need to do to get mine jump started again so I can live the life God wants for me.
    Looking forward to seeing your reconstruction it sounds lovely and to read your writing.
    Have a beautiful Sunday

  20. Than is a great pic indeed! Way to time that click!

  21. I commented on your comment on my blog and then realized you might not get around to reading it so here it is on YOUR blog!
    I would love to do something for you prospective client and my website is You can click on my picture on my blog page and it will take you right there! While November seems a ways off I guess it isn't in the world of book publishing! Hope the contract goes through for you.
    You are welcome to visit us here on the island any time. Good place for writing as well as painting.

  22. Awesome photo. I love Florida. It is and has always been my comfort place. I feel so peaceful when I am there. I lived in Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater with my ex husband right after we graduated law school. My family has taken our summer vacations since I was a child in the Panhandle. Destin and Seaside have the most beautiful white sand beaches.

    I am eager to read more about what has you revved up. I seemed to have abandoned my novel and I need to find my way back.

  23. oh I wish I was walking on a beach like that, maybe finding a few shells...

  24. Ooh, you know I love pictures! So I'm looking forward to seeing your current design project :-)