Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sunlight streams through the center bay window where a young girl holds tight to a book. Her eyes race across each sentence as if her life depended on it. Something scampers into the room and hits Kitty with a force that knocks the book out of her hands.

“Spade! Why did you do that?” 

The miniature schnauzer’s tail wags so fast it almost propels him off the floor. He takes hold of the cuff on her jeans and tugs her off the window seat.

“In a minute ... let me finish this last page.” She picks up the book, reads the last page, and snaps the book shut.

“Let’s go ... but if I run into that prissy, little Miss perfect, Jessica Jones, I will never forgive you.”

Spade runs downstairs, pulls the leash off the closet door, and waits with leash-in-mouth.

As they stroll down the street toward the park, Kitty doesn’t see Jessica, but spots a dog, whizzing around in all directions. Spade pulls her closer to the black and white pooch, who stops in mid turn. Spade barks.

The stray cocks his head and plants his feet into the grass. He looks up at Kitty.

She slowly approaches him as Spade keeps in step with her. The dog sits, wagging its tail ...

*     *     *     *     *

A few days pass and Kitty tries to find the owner of the lost dog. Even after putting up posters all over town, and placing an add in the local paper, she is no closer to finding the owner. She needs help and the only person she really knows is Jessica. 

What happens next?

Could there be foul play?

Kitty and Jessica find themselves in the middle of a deadly mystery.

Will they solve it?

Only time will tell.

DOGNAPPED by Charmaine Clancy

Hi, Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed my newest intro.... 

Charmaine is having THE MOST AMAZING Giveaway. A KINDLE FIRE and a $25.00 Amazon gift card. HOW GENEROUS.... HOW AMAZING.

All you have to do it buy a copy of her book for one entry and Blog about her giveaway for another entry. SO simple.

This cute caper is on my list to be read next... I can't wait!

Drop by her blog to enter here.

Below is more info in Charmaine's words...

Dognapped? A dog show detective mystery, featuring Kitty and her mischievous miniature schnauzer, Spade. In this adventure, they unravel the mystery of the missing dog -- simply lost, or something more sinister?

A lost dog

A stolen dog

A mysterious will

It all equals murder!

Meet twelve-year-old Kitty, friendless bookworm and amateur sleuth. All Kitty wants is to gain her mother’s attention, spend time with her miniature schnauzer Spade, and avoid Miss Perfect, Jessica Jones. 

Kitty’s world turns upside down when she finds a lost dog, and she needs Jessica’s help to find the owner, hunt down a dognapper, and solve a murder.

Introducing Kitty Walker and her mischievous dog Spade in the first Dog Show Detective Mystery.

Dognapped? is a mystery novel perfect for curious girls aged 10-12yrs. There are funny and cute canine characters, but also an element of danger! 

To celebrate the release of Dognapped?, I'm hosting a competition! I'll be giving away a Kindle Fire! (Kindle Paperwhite if winner resides outside the US - Amazon won't ship the Fire to non-US countries). That's not all, one lucky runner-up will receive a $25 Amazon gift voucher!

There are two ways to enter:

1. Purchase your copy of Dognapped?, then fill in the entry form below. You'll be asked for your receipt number from Amazon (it will be on the receipt Amazon email you - keep a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase if you win). Dognapped? will be FREE May 22nd and 23rd, and yes you can still enter if you downloaded your copy FREE
2. Blog about this competition or about Dognapped? (you can review, talk about or interview) then fill in the entry form below. You will be asked for your blog post link in the entry form. If you'd like to review the book, I'll be happy to send you a free review copy, simply email: charmaineclancy@gmail.com

If you blog and purchase the book, then yes, you get two entries.

Too easy! This competition runs from now until 7 July 2013.

Isn't this AMAZING?!!!

Don't forget tomorrow is the GET HEALTHY BLOGHOP!


  1. A great postI really enjoyed it from start to finish.


  2. Another clever introduction, Michael!
    Charmaine is on a roll with her books about dogs.

  3. Oh how cute! And what a generous giveaway! This is the kind of book I'd have loved reading when I was young. Best wishes to Charmaine on her new release!

  4. Your intros are great, Michael, and this book sounds cute!

  5. This sounds like a fun read. Another great intro to your credit!

  6. I love animals, most especially my dogs and everybody else's dog. My husband said if I bring home one more animal I'm out the door.(He's kidding, I think) Dognapped sounds like a great read.

  7. Love the intro! Sounds like a very fun book! Will have to check it out :)

  8. Sounds like a hit for the many animal story lovers out there. Great intro and giveaway. May it be a success. Writer’s Mark

  9. LOL; I posted this reveal on my blog a few days ago and even I was intrigued by your rendition. Well done Michael.

    And I hope the launch is going well Charmaine.


  10. This intro earns 4 Paws from me:)

    Congrats to Charmaine and nice job, Michael :)

  11. This was so so cute! I've seen this book a few times. Looks and sounds like a charming read. Thanks for sharing it, Michael.

  12. Thanks so much Michael! I like your intro so much, I wish I could sneak it into the book! You captured Spade and Kitty perfectly :)

  13. Well done Michael-I like the sounds of this new caper! Congrats Charmaine-
    I will be to visit :D